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Old 06-09-2021, 05:23 PM #64
Join Date: Jun 2021
Location: Alberta Canada
I'm 40 and I've just kinda caught the bug again and want to go out and play this year. I used to play back in the late 90's to about 2004ish.

For myself it was about the camaraderie and friendships. I eventually worked my way up to speed ball /hyper ball and I enjoyed that way more. The players were more honest and sportsman like. People were not using markers set too hot etc so you got shot more but hurt less. But being in your early 20's in my town and guys start getting married which gives them new priorities. Next thing I know they are not showing up and if you didn't have a full team you were stuck playing with walk-on's and sometimes they would be a good bunch, and sometimes they were just jerks. But I mostly missed the team play.

I think a big problem is a lot of youth these days are simply broke. When I was a kid my paper route bought me my BMX, then as a teenager my gas attendant job paid for my paintball gear. These types of jobs that gave youth extra spending cash are gone now.

Coming back into the sport it's surprising to see the return of mechanical and pumps. I think that is a good step to keep the cost down for beginners.

One thing that used to stop players returning was markers breaking down. I'm kinda surprised at the lack of video's on youtube on the subject. I never understood why paintball fields / businesses never had a "maker clinic" where once in while players could get their markers tuned up cheap and be taught how to do it themselves. Kids get discouraged when repairing something is too expensive and beyond their means.
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Old 06-13-2021, 01:44 AM #65
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Originally Posted by LAXplosion7 View Post
uncapped rate of fire and 7 man formats.
finally a real player
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Old 10-13-2021, 05:07 PM #66
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Growing paintball is a pretty complex issue, and I think there are a several factors in what would need to be done to grow the sport.

-First, we need better sportsmanship in the sport in general. It's a high-octane and adrenaline pumping sport, so it becomes very easy to slip up and talk trash. I always go out of my way to introduce myself to newcomers and help them feel welcome. I also make sure to congratulate any player that eliminates me or vice-versa. Giving a player, old or new is vital to ensuring that they come back next weekend.

- Paintball isn't dead, it's "divided". I feel that there are too many parks that opened up 10-15 years ago, and paintballers have a lot of options of where they can play. This isn't a major problem, but when players have more options, you're still dividing paintball, which will noticeably shrink the player base of some parks and fields.

-For this argument, I'm strictly talking about heading out to the field for open play over the weekend. I feel like players bringing their expensive high bps electronic markers are a bit detrimental to growing the sport. There's not need to bring the big guns for a casual open play, and you're only going to intimidate newcomers. I have a lot of respect for skilled players who play pump or mechanical when they come out on open play.

These are just my two cents, of course. Once again, I believe that paintball is more "divided" than dead. I strictly play scenario and woodsball at my local field, so you may disagree with me on some points when it comes to tournament play and whatnot.

Best way to grow the sport is to keep playing, invite your friends, and be sure to let people know what you do on the weekends. I love the amount of paintball content that can be found on youtube, but I think we can put much more content out there to show others how fun the sport can be!
Just came back from a 15 year paintball retirement. Woo!
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Old 10-14-2021, 12:35 PM #67
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Need to invest as much as we can in rec. That is how the sport will grow.

If paintball prices can come down, they need to. New players really feel the pinch when they buy their paint and really cant afford it.

Find away to get more FREE tournament content on the web. I understand companies need to make money to produce content, but if we want more people to play, they should able to view all the various game styles to get them hooked.
It does not matter the SETUP if the player just SUCKS!
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Old 10-17-2021, 05:49 PM #68
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I see and am part of making sure renters and noobs are having a good time or at least providing them information to do that. This might mean explaining the map before the start of the game, making them feel a part of the team by directing them on the field, shooting and tactical tips between games.

Renters, many first timers, have paid a lot of money to come to the field and play. That doesn’t mean i have to dial it way back for them, but instead include them and demonstrate what a ‘good’ player is.

Some of my most memorable experiences this season of rec ball have been leading a squad of renters down field to flank the opposing team.
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Old 11-22-2021, 09:48 PM #69
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It's all about the noobs/rental crowd. Let them barrow your back up....Let them use your gear on the field... Nothing cooler than seeing the look on a kids face when you thrust your $1500 set up at them and say "here, swap me for this game".... The look at first is confusion... next its total excitement! I also bring several of my markers to the field and loan them out to anyone that wants to use them. LV1.1, CS1, Insight, Cyborg, Karnivor.... all of my markers get put into the hands of noobs (all except my adrenaline Luxe lol). Want to keep PB going? Lower paint cost, treat noobs like they run the field, let them barrow your gear... Most important.... NO RAMPING ON REC FIELDS!!!. AirAssualt out.
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Old 11-24-2021, 07:09 PM #70
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A good economy. People with a disposable income. The housing market has inflated me out of paintball. Team asked to play a world cup tournament with them, I said I was skipping this year, but I think I might be out for a long time if not for good. Setup the pump for stock class. I'll sandbag the local fields and eventually disappear. Pretty much invisible already.

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