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Old 06-14-2020, 12:48 AM #358
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My 2 cent review

I played with it stock and also with the ramps and NTR speedfeed. The weirdest thing is that the "upgrades" actually made me not like it.

Positives: Seems to feed faster than a Spire with the new feed logic. Similar feed system to a spire so it'll be really hard to jam. Very easy to disassemble. Easy to install N-charge. Small/ light.

Negatives: Capacity is a little low which makes it harder to get a full pod in especially with the ramps installed unless its near empty. I almost thought it was better without the ramps for this reason.

The rain lid is a little difficult to open at first (The trick I found was to almost bend it as you open it) and the power button is a little hard to press but none of these were a dealbreaker for me.

The BIGGEST issue I had was with the speedfeed. There is a little looseness in the fit when installed (compared to a spire3). The piece of plastic where the lid latches onto is too skinny and it can get dislodged very easily if the speedfeed is not pulled all the way back. Just the force of shaking a full hopper up and down was enough to pop mine open if it was bumped forward slightly.

With the lower profile/capacity I felt this loader was geared more towards the front player so it's got be able to stay closed during aggressive moves. I want to say like 50% of my dives/slides this thing was popping open. Unacceptable and very frustrating. This never happens when I use a spire or rotor. I thought about gluing the speedfeed down to solve the issue but decided to just sell it instead.

Hope this helps someone with their decision.
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Old 06-15-2020, 09:10 AM #359
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If there were ever a loader that could benefit from a hi-cap top option, this is really it. I really do like the loader but wish the capacity were higher, and it seems like a no-brainer for an option.
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Old 07-01-2020, 08:13 AM #360
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Originally Posted by Paul77 View Post
Update on this, I talked to them and they said that they had a few of the early production units they sold at cup, but they are still waiting for main shipment of them to arrive. They told me to sit tight and they’ll be out someday.
old post I know but the vids had me dealing with other stuff for awhile. Thank you for the update, I will hold tight. =)

Or by spray paint as suggested up thread. =)
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Old 07-07-2020, 08:44 PM #361
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Ok, so figured out two easy fixes that cause no damage to your gear, are dirt cheap, and moronically simple for two of the major problems people have with the loader---the speedfeed and the on/off.

1. Speedfeed- Grab an o-ring that's two sizes down from the bottle o-ring. Take your speedfeed off your loader. Stretch that o-ring over the receiver for the speedfeed on your loader so that it's over the logo. Click in your speedfeed and pull it up. Slide that little o-ring up onto the neck of the speedfeed. There. You're done. It will have enough give to allow you to open and close it, remove almost all movement from the speedfeed, push the speedfeed down far enough to lock into place, is barely visible, and cost roughly $.10 to do.

2. On/off- just toss any round spacer that will fit onto the inside of the button in the shell and the board. I used a hole punch (actually leather punch) and flat gasket rubber that's a couple bucks a sheet. Done. Superglue it if you're feeling frisky. Now it turns on really easily. I may make more out of turned delrin later, but problem solved.

Wouldn't be shocked if these solutions were elsewhere, but hadn't seen them, and they're both cheap and easy, and solve two of the issues people seem to complain about with virtually no effort.

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