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Old 01-08-2017, 12:40 AM #442
Pittsburgh Stinkbugs
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I apologize if I repeat what anybody else said in the thread, but I'll outline my favorite Woods Paintball Gametypes:

28-minute 2-Flag CTF, with 7-minute re-spawns
Basic capture the flag except every 7 minutes those who are out can come back into the game when the ref calls them / uses horn -- refs communicate by radio to each other

15-minute Attack & Defend No Re-Spawns
Attackers must outnumber defenders by one extra player, and must either eliminate all the defenders or pull down their flag within 15 minutes. Defenders are confined to a certain area but are allowed to hide along the outside walls of this confined area to avoid prowling attackers.

Intense 10-minute Attack & Defend, Infinite Re-Spawns
Attackers must outnumber defenders by one extra player, and must either eliminate all the defenders or pull down their flag within 10 minutes. Eliminated attackers need only go to their remote starting point and touch it to re-spawn. Defenders are confined to a certain area but are allowed to hide along the outside walls of this confined area to avoid prowling attackers.

Grab and Drop Center Flag
There are two sides. The fastest player to reach the center flag, raise it from off the ground or pull it down the tree branch, wins the game. Ref ends game after 7 minutes if everyone is too scared to get it. No re-spawns.

End-of-Day Zombie Tag (Zombies infinite re-spawn)
Red and blue teams join forces against the zombie scourge. The ref chooses one or two of the regulars, or whomever they decide, to become zombie. These one or two zombies must infect everyone with their virus-infused paintballs in order to win the game. An infected player takes off their red or blue arm band to indicate they are zombie, and must touch-and-go on the zombie spawn point. Game could be half an hour, or whatever the referee decides is fair for the amount of people playing and the skill level of the beginning zombie(s). New zombies get half-points for winning while original zombies get full points. If there are remaining uninfected players, they instead win the game and the zombies are left to eat each other.

Originally Posted by memorex View Post
Played the dumbest and most dangerous game type ever at a place today...

It was called Iron was every man versus each other, sometimes teams of 6v6. The fields weren't very big to begin with which made it even dumber for the free for all games.

Anyways you basically played a deathmatch style game. Teams or free for all. The objective was to shoot the other players. But instead of 1 hit for an elimination, the player decided when they wanted to go out. They could be hit 200 times and still stay in the game until everyone else called themselves out. Usually a person ran out of paintballs or air before calling themselves out. Was such a stupid game and dangerous. Some idiots who I was playing with decided to get within 10 ft of each other and just unload on each other. It sucks to see a nice shot you pull off to mean absolutely nothing, and you basically needed to inflict so much pain on the other person for them to raise their gun and call themselves out. Honestly this field was so poor run. The group consisted of 12 people, all above 21. I just called myself out if I got hit at all and it broke. It sucks to know after the game someone says "you hit me 3 times when I ran over to this bunker" and yet they continue to play. I know it was part of these rules but such a stupid game variant. My one buddy got lit up 15 times in the back. Real smart owners and refs there
Those uncivilized brutes

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Old 01-08-2017, 05:18 PM #443
80's Player
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PS, that zombie one sounds cool. I've seen it a few times on utube & it looked fun. I think a local sports place did something similar for halloween.
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Old 04-10-2017, 08:03 PM #444
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Name- 1v1 Centerflag (Or something creative)

Number of players- This is meant for just you and a friend! But, of course, you could have any number of players.

Field type- Any. Speedball works best, but Woodsball, hyperball, airball, anything works.

Basic Centerflag principals, except players return the flag to their OWN base. Players who are hit can respawn at their own base.

We have played this a few different ways, and they all have been very fun for us. It may have helped that we are still new to the sport.

Today we played where a player who is hit remains where they are and audibly counts down from five seconds before respawning right where they are.

A player carrying the flag who is hit drops the flag and counts down from seven or eight.

This made for really fast paced games with high intensity. Perhaps more experienced players would be able to see some problems with this variant, and I would love to hear/discuss/troubleshoot these.
Thanks for your consideration!
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Old 04-11-2017, 01:29 AM #445
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At my field we do this thing where we are at opposite ends of the field and when the game starts, you cant go forward, you just shoot across the field from spawn, there are still bunkers, but they are hard to utilize since you cant go up to them.

-off topic
this thread began before i was born, and now i'm typing on it, the internet is crazy.
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Old 05-10-2017, 09:13 AM #446
Pittsburgh Stinkbugs
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Pac-Man Paintball Game Type

Referee introduces three players to each other: Inky, Blinky, and Mr. ***hole (or Ms. ***hole if the player is transgender). The story goes that Mr. ***hole forgot his or her gun at the starting position at the other side of the field. Inky and Blinky are unarmed and must apprehend Mr. ***hole before he reaches his weapon and goes on a shooting spree. There's also a flag a short distance away from the 'gun where if Mr. ***hole grabs that he is immune to being apprehended. If Mr. ***hole is successful in either case, then and only then can it be that Inky and Blinky must run for their lives to the opposite starting position -- the side where Mr. ***hole entered in from. Once there, whoever gets there first gets their hands on some firepower sitting there and must use it to defend the helpless life of the remaining player from a raging Mr. ***hole (there's only one gun available for the two for their side).

3 points goes to the player that apprehends Mr. ***hole. 1 point goes to Mr. ***hole if he grabs the immunity flag. 2 points go to Mr. ***hole if he grabs his 'gun without the flag. 1 point for each elimination Mr. ***hole makes by shooting and subtract 1 point from the eliminated player. If Inky/Blinky eliminates, they get 3 points. They lose 1 point if they themselves are eliminated.
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Old 07-28-2017, 04:50 PM #447
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Originally Posted by Kustom Kid View Post
Name of game: Terminator
Number of peeps:5-12 (roughly)
Type of field: Any
Rulesne guy is the Terminator (or more depending on the number of players, figure one Terminator per 4 guys on the other team) and everyone else is on the other team. Start on opposite sides of the field and play a normal game. The only way a Terminator is eleminated is if he gets hit on the head. Anywhere else doesn't count.

1: Head shots don't count for terminator, he is only out when he calls himself out (normally after getting hit a bazillion times in succession)
2: Any player on the opposite team that the terminator takes out goes to the terminators starting point and is now a terminator. It makes the game last a little longer and kind of helps balance things out towards the middle of the game.

It's pretty sweet becasue if you're the Terminator you can just hang your marker out the side of a bunker and keep firing. Just have to make sure to keep your head back. Dude, my marker, hopper, and body was covered in paint today when we played, but is was so much fun.

We'd dress a guy up in my dad's old goalie equipment...he'd be indestructible
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Good info
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Old 04-04-2021, 06:50 AM #450
Paintball Universe
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well,i my view, there are many types of Paintball games. After doing little research, i found following blog best to understand types of paintball games.
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Old 04-05-2021, 09:27 PM #451
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I’ll bite on this necro thread, this is what we posted up at the field for rentals this year.

Capture The Flag Center Flag
From your teams starting position you must capture the flag in the Center of the field then take it to your opponents starting position.

Capture The Flag 2 Flags
Teams must attempt to find the opponents Flag Station and capture their flag, Then return it to their original starting location. The winner must be in possession of their own flag and the opponents flag at the same time at their original starting position.

This is the most basic of games where any number of teams can begin at the same time from various locations. The last player or players from any one team are declared the winners.

Freeze Tag
This twist can be added on to most games, once you've been eliminated you hold your hand up and say “Frozen Player”, any active player from your own team can tag you back into the game. Once you have frozen the entire other team your team wins.

Tag Up
This is a game where everyone starts alone at random locations on the field, once a player is eliminated they stand still and hold up their arm. Any active player can go and reactivate that player by tagging them. Teams will grow in size but there will be one large team left at the end.

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