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Old 12-04-2021, 06:07 PM #1
Join Date: Nov 2021
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Why an Automag?

Hey all,

Just getting back into the sport after 12 years and so much has changed. I just scored my son an Empire mini gs and now Im shopping for myself. I used to shoot cockers primarily but also fell in love with the shocker which Im guessing a mag shoots similarly based on design. I preferred those guns because they were very accurate and ran well at lower pressures. With that said, the Automag was always a popular gun back in my day but I never met anyone that shot one nor have I shot one myself. Why do you love your auto mag?

** Id go back to a cocker but my home shop closed and theres nobody near to help me get back up and running if my new cocker were to have an issue which we all know it would

Appreciate anyones 2 cents as I get back into this sport that I love!
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Old 12-05-2021, 04:38 PM #2
luke-AO's Avatar
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 has been a member for 10 years
If you decide you want to build a Mag or pick up a custom ready to go, hit me up. Check out AO for pictures of some new Wave builds we've done over the past few months.
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Old 12-06-2021, 05:08 PM #3
Join Date: Nov 2021
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Right on, Luke! I stumbled across your site the day I made this thread. I'll check it out now.
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Old 12-06-2021, 05:10 PM #4
Join Date: Nov 2021
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Luke, your millwork and anodizing is freaking dope man!

What's a fully custom mag like those cost?
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Old 12-09-2021, 04:57 AM #5
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Location: Austria
Cocker and Mag owner here. While Im fairly new to Automags (1 year and already 4 mags in) Ive broke the pros and cons down to:

- Mostly airefficient similar to newer markers (well tuned and with standard springs/parts and settings!)
- Maintenance is not that easy, you will need a bunch of tools and a lot of time to disassemble a cocker without ruining the anno --> most of the time dont even think about on field maintenance - switch to a backup marker
- Needs underboring to prevent rollout (closed bolt). Detents only prevent double feeding. You could still shoot overbore if you dont mind blank shoots from time to time
- As long as the LPR isnt turned to high it is super soft on Paint. Even shooting eblade cockers blind isnt a problem
- Needs some time to get used to shot without short stroking the trigger

- Less efficient
- open bolt --> no rollouts, detents prevent double feeding as long as the balls arent too small for your detents....stupid small paint nowadays
- Super easy and fast to maintain, only one allen key and a wrench or coin needed to disassemble the valve
- Needs a well tuned lvl 10 bolt if you want an anti chop feature
- Fast feeding hoppers are preferred if you want to shoot fast without chopping (lvl 7) or the anti chop (lvl 10) to kick in too often (not shooting)

I love mags for their simplicity compared to cockers. I always go out with at least one mag and a cocker in my bag and switch if i want or have to.
Markers i currently own (From newest to oldest):
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Old 12-09-2021, 01:39 PM #6
luke-AO's Avatar
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 has been a member for 10 years
It looks like these will be the last two builds for the year because my anodizer has more builds than can be finished. Both have full pnumatics and come with all necessary parts except for an X Valve, rail bushing, field strip screw and RTPro sear, all those parts are available direct from AGD, you'll also need XL barrel inserts. Send in the necessary parts and the marker will be build and tested ready for the field.

Email me if interested, I dont come here often..
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Old 12-09-2021, 03:57 PM #7
cyberpyr8's Avatar
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Location: Statesboro, GA
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cyberpyr8 owns a Planet Eclipse - Emek
Regardless of what you get, I would suggest an Emek as a backup for you guys. I know everyone says get an Emek but honestly, it is rock solid and easy to maintain. They are also super efficient on air. It will give you a mechanical marker that will always work if your primary goes down. Just get a stock one with no POPS or anything fancy. Throw it in your bag and have a great backup for you or your son.

I tried an automag (albeit, a cheap classic Automag) and really didn't enjoy it. The ones Luke posted above are beautiful but I wasn't really into it enough to spend big bucks for one. You could also pickup a cheap RSX Shocker for cheap and they work great and have a soft shot. Low maintenance and works if you want an electro. Didn't sound like you were looking for one but you did mention the shocker.

If you aren't able to tune an autococker yourself I would stay away from them. They can be great but if you don't have someone or can't do it yourself, they won't work half the time.
Markers: PE Emek w/FLE | 2012 G6R | Insight NG
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Old 12-12-2021, 10:19 PM #8
Liquid Plummer
Just a guy
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A well set up Tac One served me fine. It took a bit to dial in the Lvl10 how I liked, but ended up trading it off loooong ago. Regrets are had about that now. However, if you get a Mag tuned right, problems will be minimal compared to other markers of the era. If you like to tinker, get a solid tuned Lvl10 or 7 mag with a good hopper. If you like to tinker & tweak, get a cocker.
I am no one of concern. Neither are you.
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Old 01-03-2022, 03:48 PM #9
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Automags Qualities and Disadvantages

+ Stupid easy to maintain
+ Once set up, Lvl 10 Bolt is second to none for not chopping paint
+ X-Valve with right setup and Intelliframe shoots crazy fast and with a Dye Ultralite Barrel its sooooo quiet.
+ Can rebuild entire gun in under 15 minutes with 2 tools.
+ Very accurate and consistent.
+ One of the most reliable markers ever created.

- Can be gas hogs depending on setup, but with all day air, who cares.
- Not as many ways to customize as other markers.

+ Consistent
+ Great on air.
+ Very customizable.

- Nightmare to work on in the field
- Requires toolset.

I've had both and i'll take an Automag any day of the week. Absolutely amazing markers.
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