New Shocktech Judge SFL<\/a><\/h2>\r\n\t\t
\r\n\t\t\tJohn<\/a>\r\n\t\t\tApril 11th, 2020<\/span>\r\n\t\t<\/div>\r\n\t\t

\r\n\t\t\t\tThe JUDGE SFL Autococker finally is here. The gun also comes with all the other features you've come to expect from Shocktech including: LPC, Bomb 3-Way, FGP Regulator, Ram, Gunfighter 1.5, and the AFTERSHOCK barrel system. Put it all together and you have all the weight savings and tournament-winning performance you're accustom to with a Shocktech gun. Pictured here in Locktite Green.\r\n\t\t\t<\/p>\r\n\t\t<\/div>\r\n\t<\/div>\r\n\t