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What is spam?

There are too many kinds of spam to even begin to list them all, but here are the most common types you need to avoid while posting on PbNation:

Commercial Spam - Commercial spam is not just limited to users who have legally established businesses. Any user who attempts to use PbNation resources for financial gain is subject to PbNation rules governing commercial spam. The protection of our users is our priority. Discussions should be free of unsolicited advertising and promotion. For further explanation of advertising spam, read the Advertising and Business Guidelines

  • B/S/T Spam - These are posts trying to sell something be it a cell phone, paintball gear or a website. We limit all B/S/T threads to the B/S/T section. We limit new items and services to the New or Unused Equipment / Services forum. We do allow signatures to display B/S/T items you have listed on PbNation, but posting "check my signature" or something of the like is not allowed outside of the B/S/T area.

  • Contest Spam - All contests must be approved in writing. No design contests. No "name this" contest. No raffles or lottery contests of any type even held in conjunction with a paintball event. No exceptions. If it is not approved, please do not post it.

  • Social Networking Spam - Promoting a forum, blog, website, business or telling people to join virtually anything can be considered spam. This includes promoting a social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or more. Add them to your signature but please don't make posts or threads encouraging users to check it out or join.

  • Corporate Spam - This is spam perpetrated directly by a business. This is taken very seriously and often ends with the user being banned and sometimes the business being added to the word filter.

  • Link Spam - These are any type of unsolicited links posted on PbNation. If you see a user looking for something like directions that aren't on PbN, you can post a direct link. Please don't just post a link to another forum and say "check there." Please also avoid posting links to paintball items for sale, especially if you have an interest in the company selling.

  • Pre-order Spam -No pre-orders of any type may be posted on PbNation. Too often these items haven't even been made yet so we do not allow them to be sold here. Our B/S/T rules are very clear - you must have the item in hand to sell it on the site and you may not make B/S/T posts outside of the B/S/T section.

  • Email or PM Spam - These are any type of unsolicited PM's or Emails sent to our users offering a product, service or advertising a website. If you see a user looking for an item you have for sale, feel free to PM or email them with a direct link to the item listed on PbNation. Never PM or email users who have not expressed interest in buying that item. Please don't ever PM or email users asking them to check out a website. If you PM or email users with offers to sell them New gear or a service, that is also spam (even if they expressed an interest in that item) unless it is a current link to a thread in the New or Unused Equipment / Services forum.

  • Promotional Spam - Promoting a forum, blog, website, business, team or telling people to join virtually anything can be considered spam. Make sure you read the sticky rules in a section to see if this type of post is allowed before you post. If it doesn't say it is allowed, please avoid doing it. Starting a new thread to promote something or making multiple posts to promote something is an easy way to get banned.

  • Website Spam - Promoting another website is prohibited here without explicit permission. There is a fine line between posting a link to useful and relevant information and promoting another website. Starting a thread with a link to another site is often crossing that line. Encouraging others to visit another site is often crossing that line. The key to not spamming is providing a specific link to the exact information you want to share as well as how you post within the context of the thread itself. The alternative is to just go ahead and post the information directly on PbNation.

Post Spam - This is spam posted by a normal user not trying to sell something.

  • Excessive Spacing Spam - This involves adding spaces to a post that aren't needed forcing other users to scroll down.

  • Filtered Site Spam - Filtered websites show up as *******. Adding spaces or changing the site's name so it is not filtered is not allowed. Promoting the site but not naming it is also not allowed.

  • First Post Spam - Do not post "1st post", "1st", "First post", "First Page" or anything similar (or with any other number) at any point in a thread, even if you post a comment too. It is really annoying and not tolerated. It can often result in an immediate ban.

  • Misleading Links - This is a link that claims to be one thing but actually goes somewhere else. Sometimes these are done as pranks. This applies to signatures too.

  • Malicious Links & Code - Malicious code can include embedding code into posts or links that generate unwanted actions when executed. Malicious links are links that take control of a user's browser or operating system, or cause the download of unwanted software. Malicious code can include embedding code into posts or links that generate unwanted actions when executed. This includes forcing style changes.

  • Multiple Posts - Multiple posts or threads about the same thing, even posted in different sections, is spam. Posting several times in a row in a single thread is also spam. You can always edit your post, there's no need to make several posts all in a row.

  • Non-contributing Spam - This can range from stating the glaringly obvious to posting just "lol," "in before close (ibc)," "pwnd," "drink bleach" or any other comment that doesn't further the thread. Putting an excessive amount of spaces or repeating the thing said by a previous poster can also apply as non-contributing spam.

  • Picture Spam - This involves posting a picture that adds nothing to the thread or starting a new thread with an off-topic picture. . Often people try to do this to be funny, but it's mostly annoying.

  • Quote Spam - This involves quoting a post that adds nothing to the thread. Quoting an inappropriate post or one that breaks the rules is not allowed and can earn you an infraction or even a ban.

  • Repetitive Post Spam - This involves posting the exact same thing, or even slightly modified versions of the same post, as previous posters in the same thread. This applies if you are making the same post over and over or even if you are just agreeing with other users or trying to be funny. You can always agree with other users but please say why. PMing the same thing over and over to either the same user or other users is also not appropriate.

  • Repost Spam - This is reposting the same thing a moderator just removed. Posts don't just disappear, if a mod deleted something, please do not repost it.

  • Site Features Spam - This is using one of the site features to spam other users or the site itself. This includes but is not limited to the Video section, Review section, Field and Store section, Private Messages, Email this User, Talk to Mods forum and even the "report this post to a moderator" link. These are all part of PbNation and may be used at the appropriate times in moderation, but abusing them will result in an infraction or ban. Spamming using the Feedback system is generally considered Feedback Fraud and often ends in a perm ban.

  • Text Post - Some threads are dedicated to pictures only. Some allow some text after the picture and some allow no text at all. Read the first post in the thread for rules. Quoting a previous picture in the thread then posting text is also not allowed. These threads are not for discussion.

  • Trend Spam - You'll notice various trends or fads on PbNation that will come and go. Try not to get caught up in them. There have been way too many to list, but just because "everyone else is doing it," doesn't mean it's OK.

  • Up Spam - Posting in a thread just to bring it to the top is spam. This is especially frowned upon with old threads or with inappropriate threads that violate PbN rules. If you find a thread a mod should see, just report it, don't post in it and take it to the top.

  • Video Spam - This involves posting a video that adds nothing to the thread or starting a new thread with an off-topic video. Often people try to do this to be funny, but it's mostly annoying.