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How do I become a Forum Captain or even a Moderator?

Becoming a Forum Captain for a specific forum is usually rewarded to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum they are moderating. We are always on the lookout for users who would make good Forum Captains. We look for knowledgeable users who both understand and follow the rules, are helpful to other users and have been active on the site for a long period of time.

Please don't ask (this is a biggie) - Forum Captains are picked from the users by other moderators. Want to stick out so you are noticed by the mods? Make sure you posts are friendly, helpful and contribute to the site. Report posts that break the rules. Sure there are a lot of users but those that truly want to help the site grow stick out among all the other users.

Become an Annual Supporting Member - Although its not required it shows that you really do wish to help the site grow. All and all its just a good thing to do if you are active on the site since it allows you to search anytime and comes with Gold Ups.

Put in your time. Forum Captains are not picked from new users. It takes months or years of helpful posting to get noticed among the 100's of thousands of registered users. So keep posting and make each count.

Keep your nose clean - Bans and numerous warnings will significantly decrease the chance of a user becoming a Forum Captain.

Know your stuff - New Forum Captains are picked based on how much they can help in a particular area. Again, keep posting on something that you know a lot about. Use the forum report features to help the forum mod see any bad posts in their forum. Don't type like an eleven-year-old. Make sure to take your time when writing out your posts. Taking the time to use proper punctuation and grammar shows us that you are really putting an effort towards helping other people on the site and that you are trying to make sure that they can fully understand what you are trying to say. This also shows that you care about the website, the people on it, and the future of the site.

Generally new Mods are chosen from our pool of active Forum Captains, but occasionally a Mod is selected without ever being a Forum Captain first. Also, not all Forum Captains ever become Mods. Some are too busy with real life while others just don't have what it takes. Often Mods have to put their personal beliefs aside when helping users. We expect a lot out of Forum Captains but we expect even more out of our Mods. You must be over 18 to even be considered as a Moderator or Forum Captain.