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Old 05-04-2005, 02:37 PM #64
blindsideballer655 (Banned)
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Originally posted by jakertaker2
Didn't they have a comfortable lead in points to get into pro anyways? And using RL just made sure it happened?
pretty much
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Old 05-09-2005, 07:42 PM #65
On weeeeeeed?
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Originally posted by Takedown
To all the haters (Huntero, Rush96, etc)

Those are not the teams Robbo was worried about, it's the teams like:

Platinum (Legacy players)
Naughty x nature (Legacy and Ironmen)
Bob Long's Ironmen (2nd team for bob)
Famous (Infamous's second team)
The Men (Ironmen/Aftershock/NYX)
Ice Men (Legacy and Ironmen)

These were 6 teams, filled with talented players, that had no chance of making the top 18, that showed up just to play because they could. Any one of those teams could have bumped Nexus down a spot or two, keeping them out of the top 18. Some teams that had played the NPPL all season were knocked out of the top 18 because these new teams showed up, damn it sucks to be them, I bet they wish they had the brains or connections to do what Nexus did, but now they either do not exist as a team or they are forced to play the Semi pro division with out much hope of ever making it back into the pros. You know what would have really been tough, is if the Russians entered a team at S.D. just to play, then the teams fighting for a top 18 spot would have had to deal with both Nexus and the Russians, fact is by the Russians playing as Nexus that was one less team to deal with

It's the PRO division, meaning anyone can play, there is no sandbagging or stacking rosters, the only people complaining are people that will never play in the pros, or did not think to do it first and were kicked out of the pro division as a result. In fact what Nexus did still isn't illegal, they could field Russians at the remaining events this year and it wouldn't be a problem. The rosters are locked after Denver, so what's to stop any team from putting star/guest players on the field for Tampa or Denver?

You can bet your dollar that there are pro teams in the top 18 that are currently juggling players between their Pro and Semi pro teams or using players from NXL teams, trying to find the best players to put on each squad. The reason for this you ask? To earn another Top 18 spot or to keep an existing spot, nothing different then what Nexus did.

Other teams have done this very thing and this big of an issue was not made. Dynasty put in most of their 1st string to play as Entourage. Icemen didn't play well at the first couple events, then hired Legacy and Ironmen players to play Las Vegas, they would have placed in the top 4 if they were not dq'ed for an illegal gun. Again nobody made a big stink then.

Robbo did what any *smart* pro captain in his position would do, make sure that some circumstance would not remove them from the Top 18. The team and their sponsors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars playing the NPPL for two seasons and were not going to allow some fluke to knock them out.

What they did was not against the rules, many other teams had guest players, some teams were filled with them to make a throw together team.

Whether Nexus made the cut because of RL or because of their placings in Euro events or because of some other factors, it doesn't matter, the fact is they made the Top 18 cut within the rules. They obviously placed high enough at the rest of the events to make the cut. Nobody can even say whether they wouldn't have made the cut without the Russian's. A 7th place at S.D. would have put them through. Robbo's guys would have been more upset if they didn't make the top 18 and lost sponsorship or found themselves unable to come to the US. I'm sure it sucked to sit out San Diego, it was a sweet event, but because they sat out S.D. they now get to play all the events this year including S.D.

I'm confident that Nexus will make the cut for next season as well. There are plenty of teams in the Top 18 that are worse off and if Nexus keeps up the way they are playing they will make the cut for next season when 3 of the Semi pro teams come up and the bottom 3 pro teams get dropped.

Nexus placed 7th in HB with their own roster, that looks like top 18 material to me. I watched many of their games while waiting to play, they were playing pro paintball. They placed 2nd in Germany, beating out Arsenal, top 18 again. Some of their players are now playing xball with the Russians, seems like the RL think there is top talent there. Perhaps by some off chance Nexus won't make the cut this year, then you all can come back and rub it in our faces, but I don't see it happening, they've started out strong already. They may not make top 4, that's a tough nut to crack, but those that don't play pro will never know how tough is to make the top 8 let alone the top 4. There are a lot of teams that won't make the top 4 this year, does that mean they don't belong in the top 18? Hell no, we wouldn't have a pro division if that were the case.

To Nexus, good job on constantly improving, you guys have done what so many other Euro and American teams have tried to do. Building and keeping a pro team alive, it's not easy! You guys have come a long way since I played against you at the beach and Portugal in 03, and an even longer way from when your guys were playing novice in Europe. Keep doing what you are doing!!!
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