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Old 09-07-2015, 08:10 AM #1
Join Date: Aug 2015
Any good tips for a new pump player?

Hi im new to pump and bought my friends kp pump off him recently. I played pump a couple times now with it and really enjoy it but im still really new at pump and wondering if there's any tips you guys have for a new player like me. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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Old 09-07-2015, 08:32 AM #2
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don't get shot
hit them first
show the smallest target area you can
move very fast and be sneaky
be aggressive but not stupid
always remember to cock the paintball gun after you fire so it's instinct and never have to worry.
don't be intimidated.
most of all have fun
take some time to target practice and learn your gun.
keep moving and get the best angles as possible without sacrificing yourself.
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Be patient. I've been playing pump exclusively for about 6 years and I can tell you I'm still learning. The first couple of years for me were spent understanding the fundamentals of being a pump player, and the intricacies associated within. I.e. Paint choices effecting shot quality, barrels and their significance to perfecting your shots, etc.. I took the time to understand pump and watched the way other pump players played, after a few years you start to develop your own style and then the game opens up all over again for you to pick apart and take away what you need to become a better player. I will say this, don't be intimidated by other players, or the lack of fire power you may think you have. Just remain confident in your abilities, and try new things often. And lastly just have fun, you'll learn allot when your enjoying just being out playing.

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Old 09-07-2015, 11:36 AM #4
Mr Idiot Box
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Snapshot is everything! Work accuracy first then speed. If there spraying like a Wagner let em spray paint stick em when they reload and you know they are out and posted.

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Old 09-08-2015, 12:25 AM #5
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To repeat what Yoder916 has already said, just get out there and have fun. Skill with a pump will come with time and play, but as long as you're having fun, that's all that really counts.
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Old 09-08-2015, 10:35 AM #6
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Originally Posted by honculada View Post
be aggressive but not stupid
Yep. I've found that lots of folks get spooked and panic/do dumb things when pressured by a pump. Their brain fizzles "That guy can't possibly be pushing up that hard to do a run on me with a PUMP!"
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Old 09-10-2015, 05:50 PM #7
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Don't be intimidated by your lack of firepower or overwhelmed by the ramping electro guys with tons of it.

Though everything you do needs to be quicker i.e. Snap shooting, running between bunkers, scanning the field... So on... Mind set wise it's a slower game. Take time to think about how much your opponent is giving you and take advantage of every bit of it. Playing pump is much more of a thinking mans game, trying to gain that upper hand strategically. Head on you probably won't win the fight against a guy throwing 10-12 bps at you. If you can keep moving and gain better position on him without him noticing then you're gonna get the kill. Smart aggression is definitely your friend. Oh and lastly learning to shoot what you aim at. You don't have a line of paint to help guide you onto your target if you're off the mark a bit. That first shot may be all you get before you're noticed and suppressed. If you can get to the point where you're consistently hitting what you aim at on the first shot, it'll make a difference.
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Old 09-10-2015, 06:16 PM #8
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Lots of great advice here but I would say 2 things are key aside from straight up paintball fundamentals. 1) don't feel like you can't compete with electros, remember that it only takes one paintball to get someone out. And 2) it takes time to learn but remember since your bps is vastly diminished aim first and then shoot, moving from an electro you can easily start shooting at someone and correct your aim as your stream flies in the sky, but with pump you don't have that luxury, aim, then shoot.
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Old 11-09-2015, 11:14 PM #9
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My rule of thumb is that you MUST buy the very best paintballs you can get, especially if you want to play pump. With great paintballs, you will drastically reduce the difference between your shooting of a single well aimed ball and the semi-ramping- high volume kind of accuracy that you need with lesser quality paints. If your field allows BYOP, get something as good as Redemption or Inferno, or even Graffitti or Marbs. If you can't get the higher end paints, then practice a LOT of shooting with the paint they have. The closer you get the better your accuracy will likely be with field grade paint, but the tighter and smarter you'll have to play.
By tighter, I mean you have to try to learn snap shooting tricks like the One With The Gun style.
By smarter I mean you have to learn that spots to get to on the fields. You can also do stuff like blind shots, which means you know where people are likely to be and if you can see the top of their bunker (and maybe not them or the actual human height of their bunker) you can lob shots to the sides where someone might be. You can even lower yourself into better cover and lob em in. Later check your shots to see if you were at least coming close.
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Old 11-10-2015, 12:01 AM #10
It's not brain science.
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Provide cover fire for semi players when they ask.
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Old 11-10-2015, 12:32 PM #11
Clark Gryphyn
Bad Juju
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Lots of good info here. Definitely gotta aim first before you shoot. That might be the biggest adjustment when coming from an electro.

Best advice I think I could give is Don't Give Up. I mean that both in games and on pump play in general. It takes time to learn and adapt your game away from "winning through rate of fire." There are so many posts on the BST because people bought a pump gun, tried it once, and gave up.

In game, use your stealth, mobility, and non-reliance on vast amounts of ammo to your advantage. You're not going to waste time on a reload. You're not going to give yourself away. You're not going to give them a stream of paint to track back to its source. You're just going to keep coming at them, ball after well-placed ball, and they won't know where it is coming from next or how to counter it.
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Originally Posted by toofless916 View Post
Provide cover fire for semi players when they ask.
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Old 11-17-2015, 01:21 PM #13
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Originally Posted by toofless916 View Post
Provide cover fire for semi players when they ask.
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Old 11-17-2015, 03:37 PM #14
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that's funny because the other day I was pushing the tape in this village field and had gotten pretty much to their 20, bypassing one fellow in a cross field building at their 40, and facing two in the center home building. A chap pulls up next to me, and I'm trying to get him tucked in because of the bad guy on the far tape who'd been throwing strings at me, and keep his head down from window shots from the guys in front center to us who I'm not exactly sure where they are in the building.
Then he says, Cover me. I laugh and say okay, but I don't know where they are exactly, and the guy behind us will have a bead on your back as you move. I said, maybe you can hose him down first since we were technically behind his position and he couldn't be too comfy.
So while he's doing that I shoot one of the two in back center, but while I'm looking the wrong way, the other rushes to their back tape bunker, which I pickup, but can't put a fast enough ball on him.
So I'm telling my pal that there's a guy right in front of us now, and I know he's going to pop out blazing and all I have is the pump to maybe get him before his finger starts, but I doubt it. And he does, and I miss, and as I'm walking off, he LIGHTS me up albeit trying to get my friend, but that made me feel the necessity to return to my luxe for the next few games so I might repay the favor if possible.
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Old 11-30-2015, 01:04 PM #15
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shoot at a very very small targets in you backyard (if you can). Practice makes perfect.
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Old 12-04-2015, 07:58 PM #16
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Hey I wrote a Book! lol

Accuracy: The Human Element
Note: this is in regards to the human side of accuracy only as we all know quality paint and a clean quality barrel are essential to a straight flying paintball.
Accuracy is your ability to hit a target with the fewest shots possible. Preferably your first shot. To develop this skill you will need to develop your Sight Picture. Sight picture is your ability to “see the shot” before you shoot. This can be developed by learning the flight path of your pump. Every pump is slightly different so the more you play the faster this skill will be learned. The target range at the field or back yard if it is big enough (and legal to shoot there) is a great place to start. Seeing your flight path and knowing the flight path is two different things. I.e. Seeing: I shoot 1 pb(paintball) and I “see” how my pb flies to the target. I missed short and to the left so I adjust my aim a little higher and a little to the right, I shoot 1 pb and it misses short but in line with the target. I adjust slightly higher, shoot 1 pb and Bang hit my target. Knowing: I see my target and I know that my shot will drop slightly and veer to the left. So I aim a little high and slightly to the right shoot 1 pb and Bang hit my target.
Start this exercise by shooting at the closest targets first. Start by shooting 1 shot slow and aiming (with both eyes open) slowly (this creates a “first shot” experience). Watch the pb fly to the target each time. Reset after each shot with your gun down, then bring it back up to your shooting position aim and shoot. Shoot about 5 – 10 pb at each target. Soon you will be hitting your targets 95-100%. Next, move on to the farther targets and continue until you can hit the farthest ones with ease. By doing this slow your eyes will start to recognize the flight path of the pb. Once you can hit the targets consistently on the first shot it is time to speed up the process. When you are comfortable with your first shot accuracy and are consistently hitting what you are aiming at you are already developing your sight picture.
Sight Picture: more or less is a point and shoot skill. In competitive speed shooting (handguns) shooters don’t necessarily aim. Their goal is to hit multiple targets as quickly as possible. So, they learn to “point and shoot” and not aim. They can do this because they have already spent countless hours working on aiming and their accuracy and know by the position of their body where their shot will go. They can simply bring their gun up into their line of sight and fire and hit their target. Their body mechanics and muscle memory adjust automatically to hit each target. In most cases they don’t even look at their sights, they are on auto pilot.
Start this exercise by looking at your target w/ both eyes, have your pump shouldered and ready, but the barrel at a downward say 45deg angle. Bring your barrel up into the target picture and shoot when you think you are on target. You will see your barrel come into view but you should not be aiming down it. You want to feel the shot with your body. As you become consistent with this, move on to the farther targets. Advance this exercise by picking 2 targets that are the same distance from you but ones that are a few feet apart. This will help with Target Acquisition. Shoot 1 pb at each target going back and forth. If you have already been working on the previous exercise you should be able to hit these easily. The goal is to develop speed between the targets. If you are not hitting the targets consistently slow down. Once you have mastered this, work on “shooting around the world”. Try shooting 1 pb at each target. Work in a circle, start at the farthest on the right and work your way to the closest on the right and then over to the left closest and back to the farthest on the left finishing on the one you started with. Once this has been mastered the muscle memory and body mechanics you have developed will help you immensely when learning one of the most important skills in pump play- Snapshooting. I will not go into Snapshooting as there have been countless videos on YouTube covering the subject by people far more skilled than I.
Movement: Turning pumpers into Ninjas one bunker at a time.
Movement after accuracy is your best weapon. Learn to use this skill well and wreak havoc on the opposition. “When you are near make it appear you are far off, and when you are Far make him think you are near” Sun Tzu. In paintball angles are everything. With a pump this is true tenfold. Pump will often give you a mental advantages as well use this to help you move (people often think pumps are more accurate and tuck in a little tighter). One well placed shot at your foe will often put them in their bunker with their heads down. You must always be looking for a better angle or bunker to shoot from. And as soon as you put them in bust out to the next bunker. When they pop back out to shoot or post up waiting for you at your previous spot. WHAMO hit them from the side. This can also be used to scare people into not moving at all. Shoot a few well placed shots, when they tuck, run away. You would be surprised how long a player will sit in one bunker because they think you are still there. If you want to see great movement from a pump player check out Darwin FPS on YouTube. He never really shoots more than 10 paintballs from any one bunker. Remember when playing pump if you are not moving then your dead.
Mental: Confidence and Fun
Remember playing pump is more about having fun than anything else. Hopefully the exercises above and the skills learned will give you the confidence to go out there undeterred with the sole purpose of having a blast. You chose to play this game at a disadvantage on purpose. To challenge yourself. You will get shot! A lot! You will get bonus balled A Lot! You will get laughed at sometimes because you walked on a field w/ only 50 paintballs when everyone else has 4 pods. But when you walk off that field w/ 10 kills and 35 paintballs left in your hopper – Legen(wait for it!)dary! The feeling you get, the pride, the look on the face of that guy that was shooting ropes at you from his Geo with your paint dripping of his lens, that kind of fun cannot be had playing any other way… Welcome to the Darkside!
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