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not frodo
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surf shops dont hire randoms
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Valar Morghulis
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Originally posted by Led Zeppelin
Well yeah I'm planning on going to a CC for the first two years in civil engineering and then transfering to a SUNY school or if my grades are good enough to RPI/Private school.
for SUNY schools take a look at Binghamton, its engineering program is on par with Clarkson/RPI/RIT but it is actually harder to get into binghamton's watson school of engineering than it is to get into any of the private schools i mentioned above
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who cares
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Good luck it can be a ***** in socal, greatest paintball place ever though. You might wanna try the valley, it can be way cheaper than being near the coast and you are pretty much surrounded by fields its about an hour drive can get you to any field anywhere, a lot are closer than that sc is about an hour though.

:edit: It depends what part of the valley and I actually have no clue how much apartments are, certain areas can be really really expensive too so choose wisely.
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a semi decent house (2-3 bedrooms) where i live (30min from SD and about a mile from the beach) is like $1200 a month for rent, not including gas or utilities. you can find better though.

gas is floating around a little above $2 a gallon, some places are cheaper but very few are.

there are more jobs than you can shake a stick at.

insurance is all realative isn't it?
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Harlems Finest
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rent is expensive out in this bithc now.A one bedroom cost like 850$ a month.

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Old 01-08-2005, 12:07 AM #28
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Wow... I thought Cali was supposed to be expensive. The prices you guys list are nothing compared to Boston.

That does it I'm moving.
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Boston's expensive because it's a college town and there are a **** load of young people looking for off-campus housing.
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I used to wanna live in cali, not after looking at the rent prices. Damm.

I would have to work 2 jobs that pay good money in order live any kind of decent.
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Re: Costs of living in SoCal?

Originally posted by Led Zeppelin
I've been thinking about it for a little while and now I'm wondering if it would be possible. Mainly I want to move near San Diego because I want to get the hell out of this cold stuff and that area is like the mecca of paintball. So what I'm asking it bascially how much to 1 bedroom apartments go for, is car insurance insainly high like New York's and are there alot of jobs out there for a 19 year old.

same plans when i get done with school

i cant wait
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ZeR0 EVOlution
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I'll show you based off my expenses (everything is monthly):

Car: $406
Insurance: $300
Phone: $80
Food: $40 (Jack in the Box has $0.99 burgers that are good but you must excercise or else you'll get fat).
Bills: $500 total
Left over: $74

That is with a job that pays $7.25 an hour. At $10+, you can easily live a comfortable life. These are my expenses that I'll have to deal with in the next few months. Don't worry, you can do it. Just don't expect to ball much unless you get a good job. Try working at a supermarket. They pay roughly $15 an hour.

Just to add on, the car is an '05 'Stang and the insurance provider is the same one my mom is using. I'll find out which it is. Progressive is incredibly cheap so you can use that as well. Consider getting a motorcycle license. Bikes are $8000 and get 30+ miles a gallon and hold roughly 10 gallons. Insurance is about $300 on them too. Just my 2 cents.
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