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Old 01-06-2005, 05:42 PM #22
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Re: ughh

Originally posted by Death_Taco
Ok, yes Small Pox is dangerous and scares many people, but the more dangerous virus is one that is more likely to happen.


Ebola is a primate virus and can be trasported through the air, sex, fluids, and especially blood.

Ebola not only kills you, but literally liquifies you to the point where your insides are nothing more than goo.

Why is this so scary? Because although mice are one of the most tested lab animals, monkies are the most commonly imported test animals/pets you can find.

Ebola has a 7-14day incubation period, which means a monkey could be captured in Africa, shipped to america, and be sitting on your lap feeding you cheetohs in less than one week, which is the minimum incubation period for this virus.

In fact, if any of you were alive back then, perhaps you would remember the breakout of Ebola Zaire (90% casualty rate) in Reston Virginia. How did this happen? ONE sick monkey, not two, not three...but ONE!!!

Ebola is a level 4 biohazard "hot virus" (fair treatment, yet no cure, and are almost certain to die if you catch it).

If i were you, id be worried about those damn monkey importers and wtf they are bringing over here. Yes, the chance is low, but MUCH higher than the chance of Small Pox.

So, forget about small pox, Ebola is the baby you should watch out for.

PS: If you suspect small pox, ureia is the best defense. WIp it out, piss on your shirt, and cover your nose/mouth with it.
Sounds disgusting, but first thing they will teach you about anti-biological in the military.

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the problem with ebola is that it is too efficient. It kills too fast in other words. The outbreak would literially last maybe 4 days and kill a total of maybe 40 people. Because we also have better Medical Facilities than Africa Does.( better Equipped anyway with a lot of Equipment to keep anone from getting exposed to it.)

point being Ebola never was and never will be an Effective boilogical terror agent like small pox would be because it works too fast.
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Old 01-06-2005, 05:50 PM #23
Flesh Eater
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it might be efficient but it would deff kill more then 40 people and last more then 4 days.
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actually haga is right, the ebola virus burns out far too fast to be considered a deadly weapon as a stand alone viral payload

that is why there were so many attempts to, for lack of a better word, splice it with other pathogens to create some sort of super bug

as far as the old small pox vaccinations, they are only good for like 15-20 years, most people who got the shot are no longer immune
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Old 01-06-2005, 09:45 PM #25
Dinkers Sidekick
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Yea I heard the movie on FX wasn't true but it looked so real it freaked me out.
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What was that movie with Dustin Hoffmann and Cuba Gooding Jr. called?
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Old 01-06-2005, 10:37 PM #27
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Im not sure
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i think i kno what ur talkin about

Originally posted by mulletmadness
What was that movie with Dustin Hoffmann and Cuba Gooding Jr. called?
you talkin about chill factor? where they have that crazy virus thing and when it gets to a tempurature(sp) above a certin degree it iniciates and like vaporizes everything...and ebola could be an insanely effective virus, if someone were to get on an airplane with the airborn form of ebola, everyone on that plane would be infected, then they would go infect almost everyone in the air port, and everyone they work w/ would kill millions, even in just a short period of time...small pox worrys me cause i live in frederick, literally 20min away from fort detrick where they have small pox... they also have anthrax and all that crap
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Not About The Game
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I watched it, it was a good show. Weird how one man can cause so much chaos
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Re: Re: ughh

Originally posted by Not_Werty7373
Ebola is harder to catch than Small pox. small pox is airborne. certain strands of ebola are airborne. see you have read The Hot Zone. it is a wake up as to what could happen if an airborne strand that infectes humans started spreading. But a terrorist would use Small pox before they ever used ebola (people dont want to get near that ****). Ohs Noes watch out for Aum and Sarin!/!?!!
Do you really think the terrorists care about catching ebola? They blow themselves up daily!
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Old 01-07-2005, 03:11 PM #31
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I watched it but never saw the ending.

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Old 01-07-2005, 03:13 PM #32
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All russians are innoculated against small pox and other potential viruses so im not worried at all
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I would hate to live around the places where they keep small pox
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