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Old 03-08-2002, 02:22 AM #1
Bohn Eikhi Tohn
Join Date: Mar 2002
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Which would you preffer?

Right, I just play recreational, don't plan on stepping on a field again if I can help it, it's just more fun for me to sit in a tree and put a shot in the small of the back of an unsuspecting victim from 70 yards or more.

I'm currently considering these models: Bob Long Intimidator, Defiant, Or an Indian Creek Bushmaster 2000.

I know basically nothing about this industry, I picked up a gun last summer to play with my friends and have been content, that is until it almost blew up in my face and took half of it with it. (Rebel Deluxe, go figure.. I always liked mine but reading a few forums I'm finding that they have quite a few shortcomings.).

Basically I'd like to know the pro's and con's of each, and how they apply to my situation. I don't spray paintballs, as a matter of fact I consider it excessive if I use more than 50 at any outing. I'm looking for the most distance I can get, and an accurate barrel to match it. A silent barrel isn't nescesary, it's just never been that much of a factor in my games.

I'm also willing to listen to reccomendations of other markers in the 5-600 dollar range. But no autocockers please, they're just not my type. Looks are important too, it's fun to have my friends ogling my gear. =)

Thank you for your time and patience.

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Old 03-08-2002, 09:57 AM #2
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well to get the most distance possible.... you have 3 choices
m98 w/flatline barrel
cocker w/ flatline barrel
zbody mag w/large bore barrel

these 3 will impart a spin on the ball allowing it to travel farther....

as for every other marker out there..... range and accuracy all come down to the same thing

1. paint to barrel match
2. how consistant is the air useage shot to shot

with these 2 things figured out the only difference from on marker to the next is the effective barrel length for each marker for runnin efficent(sp?) and the ROF each marker can be capable of.... and you stated you didnt care about the ROF.... at that rate just get a quality pump, ie sniper2, phantom, sterling

and for anyone that sayes one marker out shoots another a simple question for you.....

2 objects wieghing the same are propelled to the same speed and angle out of a barrel... which travels farther.......

simple physics at work

if they say other wise they must belive in magical elves that make there paintballs go farther

Virus, King of the Basement Trollz hath spoken

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Old 03-08-2002, 11:21 AM #3
Black Ice 72
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Hey, out of the guns that you are looking into, I highly suggest the Bob Long Intimidator. It comes stock with an ACE, I believe 5 firing modes, and a nice aray of available upgrades. Also, Bob Long provides great customer service.

Bushys and Defys are good, but IMO not even close to the intimidator.

For the money, the intimidator is the way to go.
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Old 03-08-2002, 02:57 PM #4
Twisted Angel
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You are wanting everything that is in a Flatline Autococker but you dont want a cocker??? If u like a really nice looking marker then get a Anodized wash for like $200 for everything. Maybe a ANS Gen-X that doesn't come with a barrel and then get the Flatline.

And if you dont like to spray paint then why do u even want an electro???????? Ahhh....n00be bliss I was there once, then I played in a sceniro game.
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Old 03-08-2002, 04:17 PM #5
Crazy Neighborhood Asian
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Is there something not wrong with sitting in a tree and shooting people without masks on in the street?
I quit paintball to open up a chain of WoofWoofBurger fastfood restaurants.
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Old 03-08-2002, 05:52 PM #6
Bohn Eikhi Tohn
Join Date: Mar 2002
 has been a member for 10 years

I probably shouldn't have made it sound like I ONLY snipe, I mean.. Come on, when was the last time you got to sit in a good position before 3 or 4 different people rushed you? We also play scenario's, and I'm a ditz so I occasionally do one of two things, pull the trigger too fast, or in such a pattern that I successfully kill the wall that was strangely stalking the opposing team. Lucky them. I want an electronic so that I can worry about dodging shots fired rather than getting off the right amount of rounds in the right place. And I really wasn't sure if the defiant and bushmaster had the same options, I couldn't really find alot of information on either of those two.

Also consider this, if you could get any barrel rifled that you buy, excluding of course carbon fiber and ceramics. What would you then want? I considered freak barrels, but I'm uncertain if the inserts are thick enough to survive being CnC rifled.

Of course whatever I get I'll be including nitrogen, regulator, and anything else fun and perhaps useless that I find for maintaining airflow. Also a gun that can go well above 300 FPS would be nice but not nescesary. Don't even start griping, I'm very safe about setting my velocity, I use a chronograph, and if I can't shoot myself point blank in the chest without screaming, I turn it down. And I consult with my fellow players about it also. You want an explaination as to why I do it, send a private message.

I've read alot of good things about the M98 on this board and others, but frankly I've had a bad experience with them. A friend I play with has gone through 2 so far, and is like me looking for a new gun. They have both just fallen apart in a matter of a few games, but that's just my experience.

I'm interested however in the zbody mag, but upon searching can't find alot on that specific type. Perhaps a link? And if you can name a cocker with the ability for semi auto or burst fire for the price range, it's also a consideration.

I have a legitimate reason for not wanting a fully automatic weapon, myself and the people I play with like to simulate real combat situations every once in a while, including weapon limitations, and electronic guns are really flexible due to their wide range of settings possible. This isn't just a hobby, we're a part of an organization that trains people in these situations in hopes of, when they get to the point they feel their skills are adequate. The army's special forces divisions will review them for enrollment. We've had two make it so far, very exciting. I don't plan on joining the army, but it'd be nice to be able to play in the combat scenario's so that I don't keep getting stomped in our rec games.

Thanks again for your help!

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Old 03-08-2002, 11:02 PM #7
Twisted Angel
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OK, if u insist on electro. A V2 Revenge then get the Flatline. Villa
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Old 03-09-2002, 06:54 AM #8
Preppy Little Rich Kid
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buy the intimidator (timmy). I own one and i like to play rec ball too, its never shut down on me and even if it did Bob Long (yes himself) has exelent customer service. U will not regret it, also if ure gonna get a timmy but it from http://www.countypaintball.com/ or http://www.paintballkingdom.com/ they both have exelent customer service and very competitive prices
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Old 03-09-2002, 09:06 AM #9
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The bushy, timmy, and defiant are all high-end very good quality markers; hard to go wrong. You should also check out the impulse, especially the customized ones like the "RAT" from epaintballoutlet.com or freak factory impulses. They're in the same class as the other markers you're considering. The stock impulse to me is a bit blocky and has a sloppy trigger, but I have a RAT impulse with vision, which comes with a trigger job, delrin bolt, vertical maxflow reg, and some other internal upgrades, and I love it. Try to shoot one of each if you can, it'll be mostly a matter of preference.

To me, the least fun thing in paintball is breaking paint in your gun, which is why I chose the impulse. The vision anti-chop eye, along with the low operating pressure of the impulse and a good paint to barrel size match (see below) virtually eliminates chopping.

Increased range with accuracy is the holy grail of paintball, but unfortunately nobody's yet been able to alter the laws of physics. The only way to get increased range on a paintball leaving your barrel at a given FPS is to spin it - thus, the flatline barrel. Unfortunately, this leads to greatly diminished accuracy. I think the freak barrel system is a much better choice, because with the inserts you always get a good paint to barrel match which leads to the best accuracy and efficiency, and eliminates broken paint caused by "pinching" in the barrel. The freak, by the way, comes standard on the rat impulse, you only have to buy the inserts for it. Personally I'd rather be dead accurate with the freak at 50 yards than be able to sling paint 80 yards with the flatline and not hit the side of a barn.
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Old 03-09-2002, 11:10 PM #10
I bent my wookie
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Location: Brantford, Ontario
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Get the timmy. My buddy has one.
It kicks ***. 'nuff said.
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