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Why should I buy a mag?

I see threads like this once in a while. Someone new comes to the forum wondering about automags and why they are so great. The question of "Why should I buy one" comes up often so I thought I'd go ahead and list some reasons why exactly mags are so great.

Automags are synonymous with reliability. The very simplicity of the mag is the reason why. Mags are simple by nature, the design is simple and upkeep is even simpler. A few drops of oil in the ASA can keep a mag running for a long time. Ask any mag user and they'll tell you that their mag never gives them problems. This makes mags perfect for a backup gun or a primary. When the gun works perfect, you days will go by much easier.

This goes along with reliability. Mags are a simple design. Look at an xvalve or classic valve and you see pretty much the whole assembly of moving parts neccesary to fire (not counting the sear or body). Check out the mag animation here and compare it to the others on the page. The simplicity of the design aids in its reliability and the abiltiy to customize easily.

Customizability(is that a word?)
Mags are freakishly customizable. There are so many parts and upgrades on the market today that it will make your head spin. Whether they be from private dealers or straight from AGD, you are sure to find something to make your mag even better. If you want to build a gun from the ground up, a mag is a perfect alternative to the custom cocker.

WIth all those custom parts out there, mags have become a breed of their own. These days its come to the point where no two mags look the same. Theres vert grips, custom bodies, y grips, z grips, custom rails, foregrips, feednecks, you name it. If you want to stand out at the field instead of blending in with another bland generic gun, a custom mag is for you. You can build something totally unique or contact a private dealer to aid in the creation of your badass machine. Today, the only thing relating the custom mags out there is the valve.

I know that accuracy is based on paint to barrel match blah blah blah but i must say mags can be pretty damn accurate. They never let you down and with a properly tuned level 10 bolt, you'll never worry about chops again. This all translates to a fun and worry free day of paintball for you.

Not much. The mag has about 1oz of recipricating mass (love that level 10 bolt) which ends up translating to less kick. Way way less than a cocker but a tad bit more than say a timmy or a matrix.

Xvalved mags are capable of 26bps which in no way means that you can pull that fast but still its there if you need it. You wont be outshooting a mag anytime soon. Theres videos out there of mags clearing 30bps (not legally of course) so they are definately capable of great things. Mech triggers on mags are somewhat heavy but fast firing rates can easily be acheived with a little practice. That not your thing? The ULT drops the wieght of the pull down drastically. Still too much? With promising new developements such as the PTP pneumatic assist frame (hopefully coming soon), the devilmag frame, and PBX's mQvalve, eventually mags will be ripping just as fast as hgih end electros
Got girly arms? Not enough meat on yer bones? Mags got you covered. Yeah some people say mags are heavy but those people are living in the past. Its called ULE. Ultra light engineering. Mags are wicked light when properly set up with ULE bodies, rails, etc. Just as light as an 03 shocker when ULE'd.

Well resale value has gone a bit down lately, which translates to cheaper mags. You can pick up used mags for under 200 if you have a keen eye. Also, AGD offers great packages, as do the private dealers on AO. You can build your dream mag without emptying your pocketbook.

I built a custom mag to fit my needs over the summer. You'd be suprised what a comfortable setup can do for your playing skills. If you are comfortable with your gun, you'll feel a lot better on the field. A custom mag can be made to fit you like a glove.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little guide. If i missed anything, feel free to add. I hope this helped anyone out there who is considering buying a Mag. Remember to check out if you have any questions about mags, or feel free to pm me. Now i must do my homework!

here are some gun animations how the gun and lvlX works site)

Also check with local fields and pro shops, if they dont carry AGD products you should reccomend that they do.

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