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SIM-4; My Impressions

Just reposting this review in the proper section since my "Armotech" SIM-4 is now an "Ariakon" SIM-4.

Well guys I got my SIM-4 a few weeks ago, and yesterday was my first day at the field with it. I'm going to give my Impressions of the gun. It's highs, lows, etc.

First the cons:

-The gun is finicky. I spent nearly a week (most of that waiting on a new spring though) fixing random things on it before I got it firing properly. Either I had a bad Gun, or Armotech doesn't check these things enough when they leave the factory. See the bottom of this post for a list of problems I encountered and how they were fixed.

-It's fairly heavy. While I was at the field today I was wishing I had a remote system (which I conveniently bought on the way home).

-It can be a pain to clean if paint gets into the wrong parts. i.e. the sight adjustment knobs or into certain areas of the gun.

-The gun shoots entirely too hot. Even turned all the way down, I had to cut three rungs off my firing spring to get it firing under 280fps.

-The gun is too bulky for speedball. There were a few scenarios even in woodsball where it was a bit too bulky for my bunker and firing it was awkward.

-The velocity adjustment screw must be taken out to access the spring, striker, etc. This means you must chrono again EVERY time you open you gun up to clean, oil, or whatever.

Now the Pros:

-It may be that the gun is just new, but my gun was shooting considerably farther then even the high end guns at the field. (I had 3 guys swearing I was shooting hot because of how far my shots were going and when I went to chrono I shot a 256, 262, & 259)

-It's far more consistent then my Pirhana or my friend's Spider. (for those who say that it's just a Spider in costume) While I'm not going to lie and say it's better than an angel or timmy, because I didn't get a chance to compare closely, it's definatly was pretty good.

-It's extremely quiet for a paintball gun. While it's not the QUIETEST gun I've ever heard, it was pretty damn quiet. I managed to pick a guy off from thick brush at about 20 feet without his friends knowing exactly where I was.

-The gun is fairly easy to work on ONCE you get the hang of it. As I said it is finicky, but once I got used to it there's nothing too hard to fix.

-Obviously the gun looks amazing. I had a good 1/3 the field stop by to look at my gun. Even the people who knew what it was were checking it out. When I asked my friend to hold it while I adjusted my throat mike, 3 or 4 guys behind me who I didn't even know were like "I'll hold it!" Even if everyone didn't actually come over to look at it I think everyone at LEAST stopped and did a double take when they first saw it. Finally, there's nothing like newbies who think a the gun makes a paintball player good (not vice-versa), having their jaws drop and a look of awe come over them when they see it.

-The one time I had to call tech support (about the tangled spring I talk about below). They were EXTREMELY kind and helpful. The man sent me 2 replacement body pins without even thinking twice cause mine were a bit loose. Likewise when I told him about my spring (again discussed below) he sent me a new spring no problem (I had to pay for a second one, but still).

Now the problems I encountered working on it

-When I got the gun the two pins that held the body halves together were loose.
(Armotech sent me replacement body pins free of charge that work beautifully)

-The first time I fired the gun, it burped my entire tank dry before I could disconnect the air. When I opened it up it has trashed (tangled) my firing spring and shredded the O-ring on my striker. (Again armotech sent me a replacement spring. However, I had to pay $5, for a second spring, since I asked him to send me 2 springs)

-After I got the new spring I realized that the problem lies in the velocity adjustment. If it is in too far, it messes up the spring and causes the gun to burp like it did (i.e. the end of the spring is in farther then the face of the thingy you screw it into)(No real solution for this, however it's not really a problem if you just understand that the gun is shooting at nearly 500 fps when it's set that high and it CAN'T be good for the gun) (Likewise Ariakon now ships their markers with a 2nd lower velocity spring to deal with this issue.)

-Since I got the new spring and got the gun firing, air leaks out of the barrel when I have the gun uncocked with air on. As soon as I cock it it stops and it's fine, and obviously it recocks itself so this isn't really a problem. (I have found no solution to this yet. However it's more of an annoyance then a problem.)

-The parts are very rare. I went to 4 paintball stores looking for a spring and even a hardware store to see if I could have one MADE before I broke down and called armotech. (I plan to solve this by machining the gun to take Spider springs after my 90 day warranty is up)

-The gun shoots too hot out of the factory. Even with the velocity screw as low as it would go, I couldn't get it firing under 400 fps. (I clipped 3 rungs off of the velocity spring and now it fires at 280 when the screw is about about 3/4 of the way in. Also, as I stated above, Ariakon now ships their markers with a 2nd lower velocity spring to deal with this issue. )

So yeah, there are the problems I've had with it. As you can see it IS extremely finicky, but I've managed to get past all of it, and now (aside for the air leaking when it's uncocked) the gun works wonderfully.

Was the gun a pain in the ***? Yes. Was it worth it for how cool the gun is once I finally got it working? Again Yes. It performs beautifully now, and I have a friend considering getting one after seeing mine.

While I can't reccomend it as a first-time gun. I would whole-heartedly reccomend it based on my experiences so far, for someone looking for a milsim gun or a good woodsball gun.

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I also recently got a SIM-4, didn't have any problems with the spring or anything, but yes it was a lil bulky and heavy(even with the remote line kit.) However I love the gun, scared the **** outta people at my local field, also I got some amazing accuracy out of it, didn't have any balls curving off to the right or left.

Quick Story: I saw some guys moving at the opposite end of the woodsball field and jsut lobbed a few random shots at them not expecting to hit anything knowing they were far out of range, I ended up hitting 2 of them(they were in the open.) Maybe it was just me but that range makes me happy, this is definitely a great gun for you scenario and woodsball players.

just my .02
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i got one 3 days ago and it works somwhat
#1 i bought the e-grip for it (because im usuly the guy that sits down and lays out paint), i would shoot fine on semi but right when i turned full-auto on it would shoot 1 shot and i would have to re-cock it with was a pain in the a**, so i figurd that mabye the battery i put in was died so i went to the store and got 2 more brandy-new ones put one in and it wouldnt work at all i was pissed so tryed the other new one and that didnt work ether so i put the old one back in the grip and no luck so i called ariakon and told the guy my problem and he said that they have never had that happen before and to send it back for a new one so for there service i give them a A+, and when i had it shoting good it was awsome it whent farther and more accurate than a A-5 with flatline and yes the velocity is very righ
Its 4:20 somewhere so celebrate

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warhamster; You knwo you can call Ariakon and they will send you a free low velocity spring...give em a ring.
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Well technically I can get any parts I want for my SIM-4 for free, but that's a different story.

This is just the review I wrote for the gun right after I got it (i.e. months ago). I was just reposting it here since we're no longer posting under the Armotech section.
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Leaking air out the barrel while the gun is uncocked is normal in ANY gun. With the gun in the un-cocked position , the hammer is setting up against the valve pin causing the pressure of the main spring to push the valve open a very little bit. Causing the leak.

You have already found the solution , just cock your gun BEFORE you gas it up.
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