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Old 09-07-2001, 04:09 PM #85
Victims... Arent we all.
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Well... (grandpa gets his cane and favorite rocking chair) The first gun I ever fired was a thunderpig pump action. Don't remember that one eh... Wel after that I used an Air Power Apex "elite". Still no bells....hrmph... whippersnappers..... Then I tried the holy grail of paint ball guns... It was 1991 and it was as... hot... as... ZZZZzzzz..... Huh!? wha!? Oh yeah.... The Tippmann .68 special. What a beast of a workhorse that was! Anyhoo.... all fo these had been loaners from friends, and when I finally bought my own marker in 1994, I bought a 1993 Air Power Vector. It was the biggest piece of $h!+ I could have chosen!!!! What a mistake. Consistency and efficiency were as poor as could be! Luckily Air Power updated the marker and fixed it for me, after that it worked like a champ and AP went out of the paintball business. I regrettably sold it when I moved to Dallas in 1998. I was out of the sport for 2 years after that, and when I had a little cash to spend I went to Paintball Games of Dallas and bought all new equipment. I chose the Tippmann Model 98. (Yes believe it or not this actually does have something to do with the original post!!) The 98, much like the .68 special is a workhorse. I upgraded the barrel to a flatline, and that was it. It shot great, and I enjoyed every minute I used it. I then bought a 1994 AP Vector, and a Bushmaster 2000. Now let grandpa... get... some... sleep...ZZZZzzzz

My point is, get something you like that is affordable, and will not break down everytime you use it. The spyders, phirranas, F4's, and model 98's will suit you well. If you have friends who play, borrow their markers to play. Heck, I did that for the first couple of YEARS that I played! Paintball is about having a good time and enjoying friendly competion, so pick a gun that suits your needs, and not what everyone tells you. Pick one and go for it.
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Old 09-09-2001, 12:10 PM #86
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My first gun was an ACI F4 Illustrator DX, and it treated me quite well. It is easy to strip, reliable, and performs very nicely. It was also more consistent than the spyders that I have used. I recommend an Illustrator above the spyders and spyder clones, but those are also fine guns. I don't have any experience with Tippmanns, but hear good things about them.

Now, on to the topic of starting with a pump. I started with a semi, but bought a phantom a few months later because I heard people saying it would improve my game, which it has. You can learn the same skills with a semi, but it is very difficult to force yourself to control your shooting. At my field they separate the higher end guns from the rest, so you can play pump against lower end semis. However, I don't think I'd recommend starting with a pump to anyone playing against any guns autococker or higher. They will just become intimidated and learn to camp instead of learning to aim. I also recommend that everyone tries playing pump several times before giving up on it though. It gives the same rush as playing semi, it's just different.
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Team Organized Kaos
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hey..i got an angel, and I've had my *** handed to me on several occasions by a pump..
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Old 09-09-2001, 05:28 PM #88
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Tippmann's are great. Very cost effective, simple, good, reliable, and lots of upgrades to make em sweet.
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Old 09-09-2001, 08:32 PM #89
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Originally posted by Organized[Kaos]
hey..i got an angel, and I've had my *** handed to me on several occasions by a pump..
Congratulations, I guess. Are you just saying that you aren't very good at paintball? Here is what I said: "I don't think I'd recommend starting with a pump to anyone playing against any guns autococker or higher." I don't recommend anyone just starting out in paintball to play with a pump gun against high end semis, unless they are in incompetent hands, I suppose. A new player will not have fun in that situation. I'm assuming that you got taken out by a more experienced pump player, but I of course don't know. I think it is safe to say that a team of good semi players will beat a team of good pump players. The firepower advantage is so huge that for equally skilled teams, the semis will win. There is no significant difference in the accuracy of the guns, but one team can fire 8 times as fast. I do think that a pump is a reasonable starting gun against lower end semis though. That's basically what I did.
Sorry, I don't want to trade for your game system ... even if it does come with a rumble pack.
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Old 09-12-2001, 03:06 PM #90
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a 98 or a SL-68 2 pump
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Old 09-14-2001, 08:31 AM #91
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personal experience

From my personal experience, if you are sure that you want to get into the sport, ie you have played many rental days, and are sure that with your own equipment you will play at least as often, buy whatever you can afford. If this is an Angel then buy one. This will stop you from going through the time and cash consuming hell that is upgrading, selling, getting next best thing, upgrading, selling and so on. Just be sure that you use your investment often. Regardless what people say, getting a top end marker won't make you less of a player, paintball is basically the same with a pump as it is with a fast electro. Trust me, once the bug bites (usually after first game with your own kit) it is very difficult to resist getting the next thing. So pick a marker you like, try it if possible to make sure it fits you, then buy it. Play with it, and be happy. You will have saved yourself hundreds if not thousands of $$$ in useless upgrades.
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man that was poetry spite =)
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Old 09-19-2001, 06:00 PM #93
Mr. Crowley
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I'd say some good markers for a newbie would be:
any of the spyders (except for the spyder compact 2000 and the spyder sonic), model 98 custom, inferno, or any of the pirahna markers.

Some of the ones I don't like are (mostly b/c of their poor quality and/or reliability): the entire Rebel series of markers, the point zero, anything from brass eagle (including the JT & Viewloader markers), the sheridan xts, diamond GT, the griffin, the bruizer line of markers.

And while there are a few quality pumps on the market like the the maverick, pgp, sterling,etc... I recommend against them simply because you'll be constantly out gun by the majority of the players. (And people who talk about how they shoot players with high end tournament with their trusty pump is either full of it or just playing people who suck. So don't fall for their tired old lines.)
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