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Thumbs up Sim-4 Elite Review

O.K. here we go. First off let me start this review by saying I could care less who the real Armotech is. I own a Sim-4 and that is what this review is about. If you want to debate who the real Armotech is go to another post because I donít care.

Here are my thoughts. When I purchased the Sim-4 elite my plans for it was to play rec woods ball. I feel a gun for this purpose should have a high NIF ( newbie intimidation factor), be accurate, easy to take care of, and fun to use. Out of the box this gun scored a 10 out of ten on looks and NIF factor. I took the Sim-4 out when I was playing at our local indoor field to see what f.p.s. it was shooting and there were a couple of kids that went to the front desk and asked if I was allowed to use a gun like that here. It definitely gets attention and you will have people coming up to you asking about it.

I purchased 2 16oz. chromemoly Co2 tanks to use as my air source. The gun was a little heavy with the 20 oz so I went with the 16 oz. tanks instead. The balance with all of the tanks I tried was good so this is jus a matter of what you feel comfortable using. The gun was not cumbersome with the 20 on it but it was a little heavy. In my opinion I feel like the gun uses quite a bit of air. This is not a speedball gun that needs to shoot 2000 shots per game on one tank so to me this is not a big issue. The gun feels good in the hands. It comes to the shoulder nice and the rubber grips give you a secure hold on the gun. I like the thumb button for the laser but you need to put it on the fore grip to use and then you run into having to pull it off when ever you take the barrel off to clean it. This means that eventually it will no longer stick to wherever you have it placed. During use though it works very well. The peep site on the gun is very nice. The only problem is that even if you take off the scope and laser site you can not get down close enough to the gun to use it when you have your goggles on. This is a shame because it is a real nice peep site. The scope is your run of the mill 4x scope so there is nothing to complain about and nothing to brag about. It does what it is supposed to. I know that the picture of the scope on the site shows a variable scope but this one is not and the description on their web site states this. This is just something that was mentioned to me so I will pass it along. The trigger is not one of the present day mouse click triggers. You will not be walking the dog with the double trigger on this gun because of the long travel and the mildly heavy trigger pull. It reminds me of the trigger on my Pro-Carbine but it not as heavy. I tend to use two fingers at a time when I want to shoot fast and I would rate the speed at 8-10 bps. This is not a trigger that you will be changing to a 50gr. switch and shooting 20 bps. but it is fine for what the intended use of the gun is. I plan to use this gun more for sniping than assaulting so I would like to see it have way less travel but it will work for now. Accuracy was were I was a little disappointed. I would rate it in the just ok category. At 30 yards I was getting about a 2-Ĺ foot group. I am getting an 8-inch group with my Pro-Carbine with an All-American barrel. The Sim-4 is good enough for hitting a full body but I tend to see more face masks than bodies when I play so I demand a little better accuracy than this. This is with the stock barrel and evil paint. I am in the process of trying other paint and looking at ways to improve the Sim-4s accuracy so I will post more on this when I find out what works. Most guns have less that perfect stock barrels so this may be the only issue. I did notice that though the barrel had Spyder threads, the amount of metal between the threads and the end of the barrel is shorter than most stock Spyder barrels. I did put another barrel on and it stuck out a little but did screw down tight. This was not a good after market barrel so it did not improve the accuracy and I canít hold that against the Sim-4. In my opinion other than the barrel that accuracy problem may be in the bolt. It looks like it is a roughly made bolt. I will be trying to polish it and add a chamfer to the inside of the bolt face to see if this will help. I also have a Phat barrel kit that I will be trying out on the gun to see if that helps also. I am not impressed with the guns accuracy stock but I do believe that it can be improved upon. Once this issue is solved I would not hesitate to take the gun on any field against anyone. Filed stripping the gun is not to bad. All you need to do is pull out the quick strip pins to remove the trigger assembly that houses the hammer and main spring. Then you need to remove the stock by unscrewing an allen screw and that allows you to pull out the
bolt assembly. Nothing to difficult to deal with at all. One thing to remember is that if you remove the ball detent you have to be careful not tighten it to much when replacing it. It is soft and can be ruined if you crank down on it. Once you have removed the scope rail the barrel just unscrews and comes off with the front site and foregrip attached. These may be remove but you can clean it with them on. You will just have to allow the barrel assembly time to dry or blow it off with air before you put it back together.

Well thatís my review. Overall I am happy with my Sim-4. Like all paintball guns at any price there are issues that need to be worked out. I am looking forward to playing with this gun once the summer gets here and I am sure by then that I will have this gun in tiptop shape. If you think that this gun is going to shoot like a $1000 tournament gun you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a gun that will draw a lot of attention and
will make you the King of your scenario games this is the gun for you.

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I also have the SIM 4 RIS and ... it's solid ... you are right about newbs ... or really anyone coming up to ask what the hell you think you are bringing on the field. The SIM4 ? it rocks .. I don't care who the hell owns the rights to it

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I honestly dont know how well it performs, but I would like to see reviews of it compared side-by-side with the WG-65 or WS-66.... I think it would look like a stock 98c compared to a Cocker.
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Trashdog : It would be hard to get side by side reviews.

Anyhow enjoy your new gun and keep us posted.
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