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MGMO 4 (taking orders) Save 15% off any new PPS marker!


Well here it is guys, the long awaited 4th edition of everyone’s favorite mass order! Well as most of you have heard, I have had several problems with past MGMOs (MGMO II especially), so to eliminate those problems I’ve made some minor adjustments. These adjustments have been made to a) prevent me from having to pay for anyone’s marker out of my pocket b) use a more reliable shipping service c) protect me from any potential problems and d) to save everyone as much money as possible. So here’s the deal (starting with the good stuff):

1) All orders are due by Thursday January 3rd. No exceptions!
2) CF Blazers ARE AVAILABLE for this order!!!!!
3) Orders should be sent via email and should follow the approved format. Any order that does not follow my guidelines will NOT be placed.
4) A NON-refundable $100 deposit will be due within 30 days of the order being placed. This is non-negotiable. Any order that I have not received a deposit on within those 30 days, will be cancelled.
5) Payment for each marker is due ASAP. You do have time to pay off your order, but for sake of argument let’s say that a Blazer order should be paid off in 60-75 days (from time of order), a Typhoon based marker should be paid off in no more then 90 days. I think that is pretty fair guys, and no I will NOT front anyone the cash to pay off your marker.
6) Shipping will be handled via FedEx. Shipping fees will be $30 (total) for anyone who lives in the lower 48 states. That shipping fee includes shipping from PPS to me and then from me to you. Alaska, Hawaii, and International orders will pay exact shipping costs (we’ll figure it out however we have to).
7) In the past I have charged an additional fee, however, this time I will be waiving that fee, as I want to save you guys as much $$$ as possible. However, any donations will be excepted.
8) Speaking of discounts, what will yours be? For those of you who are just tuning in, assuming we get 10 or more markers in this order, you will receive 15% off. That’s right 15% off! The discount applies to ANY brand new Palmer marker. This includes all Typhoon based markers (Phoon, Squall, Houndstooth, etc), Blazers, PUGs and Strokers. Craig Palmer Cockers are NOT included. IT MUST BE A PALMER MARKER FROM THE GROUND UP!
9) In order to participate in all future MGMOs, all participants will have to sign a waiver. This waiver will simply state that the buyer (you), will not seek legal action against the seller (that’s me) and that the buyer fully understands that any damage done to a marker during shipment is not the responsibility of the seller. In short, if your marker arrives damaged, you must IMMEDIATELY FILE A CLAIM WITH THE SHIPPING COMPANY. As well, the manufacturer will assume NO responsibility. It is up to you to accept responsibility for your marker.

Now for some disclaimers!
1) If you have a deadline that you need your marker by, do NOT place an order with me please. I respect the fact that you have a deadline, but more than likely neither Palmer’s, nor myself will be able to satisfy your needs.
2) Rough time frame for delivery (if everything goes right @ PPS): 6-8 weeks for a Blazer (non-annodized), 8-12 weeks for Typhoon based markers and annodized Blazers, 12+ weeks for any Typhoon based marker that has a “Classic” finish. Again, these are ROUGH estimates. Delays in previous MGMOs were quite extensive and truly beyond PPS’ control. Nickel plating and annodizing are NOT done in-house (PPS) and therefore, PPS has little control over the quality or the speed in which their platers work. However the end product will be guaranteed to satisfy.

And now, some really important stuff:
Please email me @ for any comments, questions, or concerns.
When placing your order you need to put in the email title: MGMO ORDER.
If you have questions the title of your emails should read: MGMO?
If all else fails, just title your emails: MGMO.
Guys, I delete all email from addresses I do not recognize, so don’t let this happen to your email!

When placing your order you need to follow this simple format:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip Code:
Country (if other then US):
Email Address:

Barrel Options:

Barrel Options:

*Only if you require special directions, this usually pertains to annodizing parts and/or a specific classic finish.

Here’s an example (from MGMO2) of a Blazer order:
Marker: Blazer
Color: Black with Gold Splash (Polished)
Feed: RH
Barrel: Vented, Matched
Accessories: Male Stabilizer Kit w/Quick Disconnects, 2x Trigger w/Replacement Guard, Pro-Touch Trigger Job, HV/LP, Delrin Bolt
*Misc: Anno ALL parts to match, Pro-Touch should be setup as short as possible, with a snappy return and as little side to side as possible

Here’s an example of a Typhoon based marker order (again from MGMO2):
Marker: Houndstooth
ASA: Backbottle
Feed: RH
Barrel: Vented
Accessories: Nickel Plated Sight Hood

All and all, this format works the best for Palmers and I. So I would like to keep it to this format when placing orders.


1) If you’re getting a Pro-Touch trigger job, it is up to YOU how you want it set up. If you have questions about the terminology to use, please contact PPS immediately. Lori can usually grasp what type of trigger job you need, and she’ll tell you what you need to ask for when ordering. You can also try to contact Craig or Glenn via email (their addresses are posted on the Palmer website – and the number of the shop is 916-923-9676). I highly suggest calling Lori; it will take less then 5 minutes!
2) If you want a specific color annodized onto a Blazer body, PPS and I suggest that you get a color tile (places like Sears, Home Depot, Scotty’s, etc. has them) or a photo of the color you want. PPS can NOT guarantee that your marker will come out exactly how you planned, but they will guarantee your satisfaction (if you don’t like it, you can either get a refund or they’ll send out another body for annodization). Either way PPS will do their best to satisfy your needs.
3) All correspondence needs to be with ME (Movie Guy), unless otherwise noted. Any email to PPS asking “can I change such-n-such on my order?” or “what can I get with the MGMO discount?” will be answered by Glenn and Craig as follows: “Email Movie Guy.” So please don’t waste their time, and your time. If you have any questions/concerns, email me first. If I can’t answer your question, I will try to get your answer for you. If you have to speak with Glenn/Craig directly, I will then let you know. *note* If you want something super special, please work it out well before emailing me. Do your best to describe what you want, and how you want it. I will submit your requests, and if it can’t be done, we’ll go from there.
4) If you have a specific design that you want done in a Classic finish, I suggest you draw it up somehow. The guys at the shop need some frame of reference, and the best way to do this is through illustration.
5) I will do my best to answer your emails in an orderly and timely matter. However, with my wedding coming up (I’ll be away from a computer starting Thanksgiving day until the 3rd of December), please be patient with me. These orders usually take about a 100 or more hours of my time, and considering this will be (by far) the longest ordering period I’ve ever had, I do expect the workload to be enormous. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Other then that guys, there really isn’t much to an MGMO. LOL! For the most part, these things run very smoothly. However, when things do come up, I will notify all of you collectively. Guys, you can expect a wait, that’s the price of CUSTOM work. To sum up guys, if you want a work of art, a custom beauty or a well tuned machine….at a DISCOUNT…then MGMO is for you. Email me (Movie Guy) @ with any comments, questions or concerns. So go forth, tell a friend, let’s spread the Palmer name! I hope to hear from you all soon. Let’s beat the MGMO 2 record of 23 markers ordered (I expect at least that many CF Blazers).

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