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Old 06-14-2013, 07:28 AM #1
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Is it illegal to carry a paintball gun in public.

I was just wondering if it was illegal to carry a paintball gun in public. More specifically, I was thinking of using a blue .43 ram pistol with their self protection pepper balls. I live in Indiana.
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Call your local police department for the answer.
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But why... Why a paintball gun? Just saying?
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Do not consult the police dept except as one source of many. Do not trust that the police have the first clue as to what is legal and what is not. This is like asking a grade school teacher about rocket science. MAYBE the teacher is interested enough in the subject to give a good answer and maybe they just give you their opinion and what they saw on the news last week.

Generally speaking you have two problems with carrying a paintball gun in public. Even if the marker itself is not restricted from being carried you will face the potential for th various "Disturbing the peace" type charges if someone thinks it's a real gun when it gets noticed. Yes, concealed means concealed, but you might find that ANY device designed to launch a projectile falls into a particular category when you conceal it. Again, this is state and then often city specific, do your research, consult an appropriate attorney and talk to the state/city department of public safety or equivalent.

If things look like the answer is that it's legal, ask that person for the relevant codes and any cases related to it. Document those, read them yourself.... Then maybe note the key legal code and specific phrase on a card that fits in your wallet for when you wind up dealing with the police anyway. It'll still be a headache but maybe it'll keep you from going for a ride before it gets sorted out.

This isn't a dig at the police, it's simply not possible for them to know every specific regulation and they will almost always err on the side of taking you in and letting the rest of the system figure it out. This is particularly true when it comes to possible weapons violations. They are also not there as a resource in terms of research, so the person you get on the phone is most likely going to give you what they think is correct and not even clarify that it's an opinion.
If you do get what sounds like a solid response, ask for the relevant section of law, regardless of the source. In the end, the only person responsible is YOU, that other person won't be the one facing the judge even if it's a police officer who put it in writing.

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Originally Posted by anson14 View Post
But why... Why a paintball gun? Just saying?
its a non lethal protection option. if you shoot someone with pepperballs or resin balls they're gonna stop whatever they're doing and deal with the pain

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Pepperballs are also 6000$ a case.
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Old 10-13-2013, 08:20 PM #8
Arctic Wolf
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Even if it was legal, some nutjob will call the police on you or think you are a bad neighbor and start spying on you. I always pack it in a bag and take it out only on the field or the house for this very reason. Avoid the drama.
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Name's Ball,Paint Ball
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Pepper balls?
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Originally Posted by liquidfiretibby View Post
its a non lethal protection option. if you shoot someone with pepperballs or resin balls they're gonna stop whatever they're doing and deal with the pain
don't you have to be a member of law enforcement to get pepperballs anyway?You would also have to deal with your state's consealed carry laws and whatnot.
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Old 10-18-2013, 03:49 PM #11
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There is one other thing to think about when it comes to this topic, what is legal and what is rational.

For instance, what do you think would happen if I carried any one of these down the street...

Now sure, those are all designed to look like REAL guns...but understand to the lay person if it's black and has a barrel it's a gun. Also, to many people the color part is only an option. If it has a barrel and looks similar to a gun, it's a gun (think of real pistols that are silver or "chrome" rather than black.) The first time I showed one of these guns to a friend of mine who is a police officer the very first words out of his mouth were "Oh yea, if I saw you walking down the street with this I'd shoot you."

Remyrw is right as far as researching what the law is in your area but you'll also want to use some common sense when it comes to carrying your marker in public. My guns all have cases and I treat them as though they were real firearms because, while this may be overkill, it means if someone assumes they are a real gun I'm not going to be in a position for them to think they need to be worried or call the police.

Side Note: I may be a bit more sensitive to this than most. In the mid to late 80s here in SoCal, some boys were playing laser tag one night at a school. At that time, they sold a laser tag set that came with a shiney black plastic gun with a red stripe down the side and a red light along the side that would light up when the gun was fired. The gun is the one at the top in the picture below. The white was not offered until after this incident. You can see where the red light on the front of the gun is in this picture especially on the white's where the bright red line ends towards the front and you see what looks like a darker red line.

Someone called the police and reported there were "figures in black running around a school with guns". The police came and, taking the call seriously, got out their shotguns. While they were on campus investigating the call, one of the boys came around a corner in front of one of the officers and, believing the officer was one of his friends, aimed his lazer tag gun at the officer. The officer, not knowing in that split second whether or not the gun the boy was holding was a real gun, fired his shotgun and killed the boy.

A few months after this some friends of mine and I were playing with the same guns at a school. Before hand we had called the local police and informed them of what we would be doing, where we would be doing it, and between what times we would be doing it. Unfortunately the dispatcher we informed did not pass this information on to the dispatcher who releived her early in the evening. When the call came in that there were "people in black running around a school with guns", she dispatched a unit to investigate. The unit pulled in the parking lot with lights off.

As I was chasing a couple friends of mine around a building towards the parking lot, my friend in front was lit up like a Christmas tree from the spotlights on the cruiser and shouts from the officers to, and I quote, "Drop it, Azzhole!" who were behind their front doors with their weapons drawn, ready to fire. My friend spiked the gun like a football, raised his hands, and shouted with deathly fear in his voice, "It'slasertag! It'slasertag! It'slasertag! It'slasertag!" Thank god the officers didn't shoot and everything was fine once we had straightened everything out.

This was before 9/11, before North Hollywood, before Oklahoma, before Columnbine, before Boston...before people would go on a shooting spree in a mall, movie theater, or school. Today, with these kinds of shootings becoming more commonplace, police are far less likely to verify you're carrying a toy gun rather than a real gun before they make the decision to fire.

Sorry for the long post, guess you struck a chord.

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Old 10-22-2013, 06:08 PM #12
do you even lift bruh
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not a good idea. if someone is messing with you, why take a chance on using that when THEY could have something lethal? do you want it to be you, or him? I live in Indiana also. we still have our gun rights here, so bear yourself a real firearm
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Old 01-20-2014, 10:25 PM #13
I can help
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It depends on your state's and city's laws. What state an city are you in?

--California Lawyer
My Old feedback thread
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Old 11-16-2015, 06:46 AM #14
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Red face Carrying a paintball marker in public

I am a 50 (to be soon) year old male. as a Left leg above the amputee. I decided to modify my Spyder MR3 Paintball marker. Of the four markers I have that met my requirements I attached my Socket/Liner to the shoulder Stock and Began walking on my marker as tho is was my leg. It began as a Halloween costume contest challenge. Needless to say it worked but not so well.
After a few modifications to my Spyder MR3 I have begun wearing the The "Prosthetic Gun Leg" everywhere I went. No police has approached me, I went into stores, Social security office, were everyone that comes into the satellite office is asked if I am carrying I have any dangerous weapons, knives, or firearms on my person. How could I answer? After seeing the amount of reactions, positive mostly tho some negative, but the security of knowing I wouldn't get shot on sight. Well at least not yet. Here in West Virgina I have went to the State Capital no distractions during my travels. As a Disability Advocate it is my intent to wear my prosthesis and proudly show individuality and serious passion for my sport. As I stand on rights to bear my "arms" on my leg.

Also I am Going for an upgrade to MilSim decked with all the right function goodies,and still maintain function so I'm going for the Spyder MRX for now and can make more so I'll be around. Hopefully

Quote "I stand on My 2nd Amendment rights to bear Arms ....and Leg. Donald Woods
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