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Tiberius T9.1 Sniper Frustrations

I purchased the Tiberius T9.1 Sniper and have been very disappointed with it. I bought it specifically for its precision and accuracy with the first strike rounds. However, nothing on the gun seems to be precise or accurate. Let me list the issues I've had with it so far...

1. Bipod - It is loose and wobbly. I have taken it back to the proshop where I bought it and they filed it down and put some shims in there, but for the instument that is specifically designed to stablize the gun, it falls short.

2. Foregrip - Similar problem, I assumed the 5-point grip would lock into place and be rigid. However there this a lot of play left in the position of the grip. Overall, not a huge deal.

3. Adjustable Stock - I try to tighten the bolt as much as possible without stripping it and the hold attachment still wiggles.

4. Adjustable Riser - Now this is where it gets to be a major issue. The riser...that holds the scope...wiggles back and forth. So any attempt to zero in my scope is worthless. Anytime I lean in to use the scope, especially with my goggles, it moves the riser. Not a lot, but enough to make the scope inaccurate. And I haven't been able to find a way to tighten it. Because it is loose between the top and bottom portions of the riser.

5. Barrel - The first time I used it and had to clean it, the rubber pads started to fall off the barrel and got all mangled while trying to get the barrel in and out.

6. Hopper Adapter - I think this is a great feature, and I put it on to help zero in my scope without wasting a bunch of First Strike rounds. Unfortunately I was not able to attach any hopper to it without completely moving the scope and riser. And even then is was kind of rigged to work.

7. Pressure Pads for Laser/Light - I must have misunderstood. I was under the impression that the pressure pads would fit snuggly under the removable plates on the forgrip and hold them nicely in place. This is definitely not the case. You have to rig something else up it you want to use that feature.

8. Case - I know I'm getting a little nit-picky here, but the case that the gun comes in, besides being disappointingly flimsy, it is too small for the gun to be stored assembled. So even if I were to get the gun and scope zeroed in, I would have to remove it all just to pack it away. Then it would need to be adjusted all over again.

9. Documentation - I think I had 1 maybe 2 sheets of paper that looked like they had been photocopied and folded in fourths.

10. Customer Service - I emailed them about several of these issues and never heard anything back.

Now I know a lot of that stuff isn't a huge deal, especially by itself. But when you add them all together, it gets really frustrating. And considering the price I paid for the gun, I certainly had higher expectations. So am I the one with these problems? Did I just get a lemon? Please let me know if you have had any issues and what you did to resolve them.
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Sounds like a used gun.Hard to say your nit picky but I see where your coming from when you pay for something.My best advice I give players asking about buying a t9.1 is get it used and put what you want on it.Also gives you time to figure the gun out .I have worked on them going on 2 years and have a great working knowledge of the whole tiberius line.I can tell you don't run a squeege through the barrel tip to the back the detents face that direction.Go from the back to the tip.I never run a hopper but a force feed is needed to get past the detents.I run mags only, you should think about it too.Get rid of the shroud what does it do ??Nothing !! same with the laser/flash light think about it will you use them ?The riser is solid figure a way to lock it in ,my knobs are wobbly other than that it's solid.Most cheap fore grips are wobbly.Basically sell off what sucks and get your own stuff.I trust it works (the gun )??
Winchester hoppers with flip top lids for sale!!!

Originally Posted by warbeak2099(on .50 cal)
It gets 1k shots more per fill because of the lazering. Don't worry about it making sense, Chris Lasoya says it's true so that's good enough for me...

Seriously though, his shampoo has got to have ****ing heroine in it
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