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Old 03-01-2013, 10:05 PM #1
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How to Get a R7 Standard mount to Fit on a Bob Long Feedneck. Pix and info Inside :)

I have this posted in the following sections:
Voided Warranty
Bob Long Marq
Bob Long Intimidator
Mods, if there is a problem with this, please let me know. I thought to post it in all of these because it pertains to all.

So i ordered a ReplayXD 1080 "R7 Edition" a couple weeks ago, and found it didn't fit on the gun, and id have to put it on my hopper.
Luckily for me, i didn't mind this, as the BL gun i use, is a MVP, and both my Revvy and
Winchester stick out enough already so that i can do the hopper mount thing.

This Is more for the people with G6rs, Vics, Rippers, and every other variant of BL gun with this style of feedneck.
I happened to have a spare one, and the tech in me said i had to at least attempt it.

As for Modding the feedneck, it was fairly simple.
All you have to do is remove a certain amount of metal from the back
of it where the bottom screw(holds the feedneck to the gun) goes.

Things I used:
Dremel - to remove the metal from the feedneck
Bowl of cold water - the feedneck heats up, so as to cool it down faster
The Feedneck
In case you didn't want to attempt this on your only feedneck, here is a link to spare feednecks:
This is the cheapest price that i found within my bookmarks, this doesn't mean they are the cheapest though.

Approximate time to complete: 10-15 minutes, dependes on tools and how careful youd like to be.

Some Notes:
You will HAVE to use at least the R7 mounting ring to use the gun, as this overtakes the job of the regular screw that hold the feedneck to the gun.

I didnt really try to keep it all looking really pretty, because this was mainly a test to see if it would work.
I knew i could get the r7 ring to fit around, the question to me was if the R7 rings
screw would b able to overtake the job of the stock one and keep the feedneck on the gun.

I have not used this in game yet, so i dont know the FULL effect of the mod.
But i will b using it in a tourney on March 9th, and will report back with info/vids after that.

The feedneck is NOT raised off the gun.
The r7 Mount does have over the side of the Feedneck a little,
but this will also not touch the gun, as it hangs over the gun too.

As from my testing, it does not Effect how the feedneck holds a hopper wither.
Ive tested with: Xboarded Revvy, Virtue Spire, Winchester, and a regular gravity fed hopper.

After using the r7 like this multiple times, im happy so say im having NO problems with it.
The feedneck holds up just as well as the stock way, maybe even better.

I know some of the pix are blurry, they are just the ones i got off before my camera died.

Viewing both a Stock and my modded feednecks side by side:

Another angle:

View front behind:

Left Side View:

Right Side View:

I will be updating the thread as i gather new info.
If you have any questions or thoughts on this, please either post here or send me a private message.

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Old 03-02-2013, 12:17 AM #2
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so now you can only use your gun with the r7 on it? seems a little impractical.
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster... when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you"-Fredrich Nietzche
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Old 03-02-2013, 12:32 AM #3
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Originally Posted by Apollo918 View Post
so now you can only use your gun with the r7 on it? seems a little impractical.
If you don't use the camera that often and just play regularly, yes. But if you always use a camera, then it's not bad.

For me, it goes either way, seeing as I have a spare feedneck that I did it on. But 99% of the time I do play, I do have my camera on.

If it means that big a difference to me, I'll probably get another spare and then do it with the top part. But that raises the problem of, if you have hopper problems in-game, your kinda SOL cuz u can't take your hopper off.
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