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Old 05-16-2012, 11:28 AM #1
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Shooting off hand

My right hand is my dominant hand and I can walk extremely well with my right hand, but not with my left hand. When I'm shooting on the left side of a bunker sometimes I hold the front grip with my left hand and walk with my right hand is this bad technique? I feel as tho I can stay just as tight with this technique.
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Old 09-24-2012, 10:59 PM #2
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its not a bad technique i actually play with a guy that does the same thing. if you want to be fluent with both hands it just takes practice.
Tips that helped me:
-adjust your grip around the trigger frame it might feel a little awkward at first but once you can walk with your left and you start doing it more you will just evolve into holding it the same as with your right.

i actually just sat on my couch while watching tv practicing using both hands and i just kinda picked it up without thinking about it. Really you just gotta work on it. but if your comfortable with your right hand while shooting left and you can still stay tight theres no need to change really unless you want to.
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Old 09-26-2012, 09:58 AM #3
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Like PCBaller said, i too would just sit around while watching tv fiddling with one of my guns, walking the trigger with each hand. It kinda helps more that way because it almost makes it second nature. If you get good at walking the trigger while paying more attention to the TV, then thats a good thing, because i feel in the game of speedball, i'm trying to pay more attention to the surroundings of the field and where the opponents are rather than my ability to keep the trigger constant.

When i first started paintball, i could walk a trigger pretty easily when i sat there focusing on it, but when i got out on the field, i noticed that in order to walk the trigger i had to make it my main focus. Learning to do it as a secondary focus is better so that it becomes something you can do in your "sub-conscience", therefore leaving you to focus on being alert in the game.

As for not switching hands, tons of people do it, and its really not a big deal. It all matters if you can keep your elbows tucked in as good as you would be able to if you had switched hands. If you're leaning out the left side of a bunker with your left hand holding the reg, i've seen many kids that have their elbow sticking out. Whereas if you have your right hand holding the reg and left hand on the trigger, you can tuck them easier. Just takes some practice.

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Old 01-13-2013, 02:43 PM #4
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Thanks for the tip
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Old 01-23-2013, 10:18 PM #5
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It's bad technique because it makes it ungainly to run and gun effectively to the left off the break. Secondly, it makes it awkward to reload with your gun up when shooting offhand, and even if you can you'll be sticking your elbow out to be shot. It basically limits what you can do.

For those two reasons it would be a dealbreaker at most team tryouts. I wouldn't take on a player without a solid offhand when I was coaching, and I doubt that's changed.

Don't give up though - the way I learned was to force myself to *only* shoot with my off hand for a few weeks. Now I'm equal with either - it takes a while but you'll get it.

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Old 01-26-2013, 03:02 AM #6
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I acctually shoot faster offhand because I'm weird, lol. But honestly, being able to walk the trigger FAST is not as important as it is to be CONSISTENT. Practice offhand to where you don't have to focus on walking the trigger, more on field awareness. I agree with vijil, shooting only or mainly offhand for a while will help tremendously. I do, however, disagree with practicing triggerwalking without actually shooting air/paint because the marker and trigger react very differently when paint is actually being cycled (kick etc.)
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Old 02-04-2013, 01:51 AM #7
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I have never believed in the saying “Weak Hand”. I call it Non-dominant or Unnatural. Reason being is paintball guns are easy to shoot with both hands, they are electronic with easy trigger pulls, they are held stable with both arms, and they are no longer heavy metal bricks! However growing up and playing during the time of mechanical guns, heavy solid framed guns, and side fed guns, I was forced to learn how to use my Non-dominate hand quicker than those who are newer to paintball.

The way to make any Unnatural feeling feel natural is by repetition. However while watching divisional paintball matches or up and coming players who still play a lot, I notice they push harder when they are using their Dominate hand, or they are more comfortable diving, or they will initiate more gun battles rather than when they are forced to use their Non-Dominate hand.

The things I did to make using my left hand feel as natural as possible goes much further than just playing paintball left handed more.

**I took an entire week and did everything left handed (My non-dominate hand). I ate left handed, carried things in my left hand, used my phone with my left hand (buy a phone case prior), used my left hand for the remote control, etc..**

When I went out and played that weekend, I took both days and played 100% left handed. Even if I was shooting out of the right side of my bunker I did it cross body. ***I even created a game with my friend called “Shenanigans”. If either of us saw the other person even carrying their gun in their dominant hand, on or off the field, we would yell out “Shenanigans” and they would immediately have to drop and do 30 push ups geared up or not.

After doing this its only instinct for your Non-Dominate hand to feel more natural than before. So when you have a week some extra time (You’ll need it) and a practice or walk on day, give it a shot. Its fun and will make a huge difference in your game. I now shoot real guns both handed, play pool with both hands, play golf both hands, and have a much better shot with my non-dominate hand because I am left eye dominate.
you're welcome.
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Old 02-12-2013, 04:53 PM #8
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Back in the day this was called "serving tea" Though old school, it works well with certain players, Though it is recommended in today's level of competition to become fluid between both hands.
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