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Old 01-09-2013, 09:07 AM #22
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There's always some jerk offs. I had a hard time when I first started, now that I've stopped playing for a while, I expect to be looked down upon, but as previously mentioned, these people burn out due to lack of respect.
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Old 01-09-2013, 10:13 AM #23
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Well, be sure to have a discussion with the field owner about HIS team is beating up on the Newbies and say they didn't have fun and are not going to play paintball again. Doesn't seem good for business so you thought you would make him aware of the problem.

Tell him if he is going to provide paint for his field's team, they should practice tournament play with it and not waste it on rec players. est

Maybe suggest you read on PB Nation how the field opens to tournament players from 8-10 and rec play starts at 10. Aspiring tournament players are welcome to improve their skills. The sponsored players should TEACH aspiring tournament player the ropes and EARN their sponsorship. That time slot is for team development, recuiting, and field promotion. They do NOT play rec ball unless they want to use field rentals and split up the tournament players equally to both side. They use field paint and not tournament paint. The rec players need to play with experienced players too so they can learn.

In my area, one of my convenient fields was a problem. The team was also the refs and took turns refing and playing. Well, they were wipers and cheaters and the refs would do nothing about it. Everyone else wiped too following their bad example. Stopped playing there. Went back a year later. Same problem. Went to a scenario game, same problem. Simply just stopped playing there and it finally went out of business. Interestingly the owner runs another field on the other side of the metro area. No problem there, always a good crowd, and the refs discourage wipers. So maybe I should have called the owner and given him a heads up for his pocket book.

Yes, you don't have to be at a rec field to skill build. My boys would go down into the woods. One would set up milk jugs along the trail. The other would have to jog down the trail and shoot on the run. One per jug. Then they would swap and the other shoot. Changed the location and kept score. They would also play quick draw. 20 paces, one shot. Markers pointed at the ground. A third person would say go. You swing up and fire too fast, you miss. Too slow, you get nailed first. They got very good and pointing and shooting. Moved to 30 paces, 40 paces, then back to 20 with head shots only. then 30.

We played pumps against angels when they first came out. We were the ONLY players that would consistently take them out of the rec play. He would empty their hopper and all three of us would run and bunker him while he was reloading. Talk about embarassing a Angel player. Get bunkered by a kid with a pump. We died a lot but it was worth it. When they chose teams they would pick my boys with the pumps FIRST.
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Old 01-12-2013, 05:08 PM #24
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As frustrating as this is, you will learn from it. When you play with people who are better than you, you're game will improve quickly. When I started playing tournaments, I had my *** handed to me over and over again, but I tried my best to correct my mistakes. Maybe practice snap shooting a little bit at home and use this opportunity to find your limits. Try running one bunker further or holding that lane just a little bit longer. If you really feel like this guy is being that big of an ***, I would say talk to the field owner. Surely he/she will understand.
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Old 01-12-2013, 05:20 PM #25
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Best thing to remember is the simple fact that its paintball.... in the grand scheme of things like life it does not mean a damn thing... I started playing in 92.. I have had my share of run ins on the field.. everything from misunderstandings to almost fist fights... 99% of the days are like today... good times sure things frustrate me several times a day but I let it go. Im in a competitive field of work... Paintball is my relaxing time I like you have met some people who I wouldnt piss on if their head was on fire and others that I will have as friends for many years to others have said before the jerk offs dont hang around long.. because no matter how good they think they are someone is always better and their feelings get hurt
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Old 01-24-2013, 11:43 PM #26
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Don't worry young any activity, you get jerks and bullies who think their poop don't stink. Just work on your game and the basics. I've been playing since '93 and I'm 37.

I took a few years off and recently went back to the field and yes, I encountered a few youths who've won some local tournaments and talking crap about me and my stuff (look at all of the old stuff this guy has...he doesn't have a Ego (or whatever gun they were bragging about). Personally I don't think anything is wrong with my 2K2 Angel and Nasty SFT Shocker.

One of the old vets who remembered me from years back took them aside and told them to ease up or learn the hard way...Took a couple of games to get the rust off, but needless to say those youths received a pretty good schooling in paintball 101.

To get better, work on stuff at don't even need paint...just your marker and put your mask on so you get into the right frame of mind. Work on your snap drills - put a chair up and pretend it's bunker. High, low, and really low. Practice sliding so when you stop, your marker is pointed right at the other team...if you can do it can even shoot pretty accurately while still sliding.

As Harley said - guys like the one you dealt with don't last very long. Talk to the owner and if nothing with your wallet and don't play there. Just remember, try to have a good time and try not to let idiots like them bring you down.
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