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Ideas for a Star Wars MOBA

Posted this on the League of Legends forum and DOTA2 forum.

If you haven't heard, Lord of the Rings is getting a MOBA style game (if you can call it that) on consoles.

That got the nerd side of me thinking. I think Star Wars would be an excellent backdrop for a MOBA game on the PC. It has a rich and diverse cast of characters who would translate extremely well into a MOBA game like LoL or DOTA2.

Here are the ideas I have so far and am looking for input, additions, and corrections. If you want, feel free to flesh out a character with moves and stats.


It's 5-on-5 and standard MOBA settings (creeps are probably little stormtroopers / rebel soldiers) with towers (can be a ship or something).

Idea is to blow up the enemy base / Nexus.

Teams can be any mixture of Rebel / Imperial / Sith / Jedi so Skywalker can fight with Darth Vader if a team should want it to be so.

Items will be bought at an in-game store. An example of items that can be bought would be enhancements to a lightsaber/blaster or things that boost survivability or ability power.

Gold is accrued from killing minions, enemy champions, jungle creeps, and towers. An example of a jungle creep would be a group of Sandmen, a wampa, etc.

Characters (champs):
1. Darth Vader - Guardian
2. Luke Skywalker - Guardian
3. Emperor Palpatine - Consular
4. Yoda - Consular
5. Darth Maul - Guardian
6. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Guardian
7. Count Dooku - Consular
8. Qui-Gon Jin - Consular
9. Anakin Skywalker - Guardian
10. Mace Windu - Guardian
11. Darth Revan - Consular
12. Plo-Koon - Consular
13. General Grievous - Guardian
14. Ki-Adi-Mundi - Guardian
15. Han Solo - Soldier
16. Boba Fett - Soldier
17. Chewbacca - Soldier
18. Princess Leia - Soldier
19. Greedo - Soldier
20. Jar-Jar Binks - Soldier
21. IG-88 - Soldier
22. Lando Calrissian - Soldier
23. Dengar - Soldier
24. Bossk - Soldier
25. C-3PO - Support
26. Jawa - Support
27. R2-D2 - Support
28. R5-D4 - Support
29. Ewok (Wicket W. Warwick) - Support
30. Padme Amidala- Support


Guardians - Prefer Lightsabers to words, these champions are the bruisers capable of dishing out damage while taking it. (Bruiser AD champions)

Consulates - Masters of the Force, these champions specialize in Force Abilities capable of bursting down enemies quickly. (Magic or AP style champions)

Soldiers - Utilizing blasters and other weaponry these champions attack from a range dealing high damage but are fairly weak. (Ranged AD style champions)

Support - While low in health and damage, these champions make those around them better either through heals or buffs (Support class champions).

Primary Stats:

Hit Points - How much health a character has before dying. Can come from armor/health or from ability to block (i.e. Darth Vader would be hard to kill because he is big but also because he is proficient at blocking blows with his lightsaber).

Attack Damage - Damage delt by lightsaber, blaster, or other "weapons." Primary mode of doing damage for many characters.

Ability Power - Force, mana, whatever you want to call it. Determines potency of a character's spells / abilities and how much of a pool they have to draw from before running out. Can be Force related (think Palpatine's electricity) or not (think a heal repair from R2-D2).

Agility - How fast the character moves around the map. The higher the agility the better the champion is at roaming as well as dodging.

That's about as far as I have gotten, have at it.
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