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Old 10-04-2012, 02:45 PM #43
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How about writing a speech for one of the presidential electives. Write out their speech for the nation to hear and wave your arms in the air, like you just don't care.

When wrote my last speech in school, I made everyone fold paper airplanes while I spoke. People came up with some gnarly **** because my speech was lame as ****. About half way through I pulled out this bad *** ****in' five foot wingspan of a paper airplane and chucked it across the room. People ****ing loved it.

Or, you could write a speech about how social networking giants have changed the way people live their daily lives.

OR! You could write a speech about writing a speech. The dedication it takes, the bored mentality you maintain, the way anything else you could possibly be doing is a much better way to spend time, the pressure you feel before standing in front of people you despise.

Tl;dr: Speak the first words you come up with. Then show the teacher a blank piece of paper. When she asks where your work is, point at your incredibly powerful brain and walk out of the room like a ****ing bad *** in slow motion.
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Old 10-04-2012, 09:29 PM #44
I'll bring the pizzas.
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I changed my topic and wrote this
How many of you drive a car with a manual transmission? I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t a single person in this room, myself included, whose car is a manual. The fact that even I don’t drive a car with a manual transmission isn’t by my choice; I still have to share a car with my mom. Ever since the invention of the automatic transmission, the sale of manual cars has declined at a steady rate, and within recent years, the number has plummeted. The last time that the production of manual cars was greater than the production of automatic cars was in the 1950s and since the 1970s, more than 80% of vehicles sold in the U.S. have been automatics, and only 9% have stick shifts. The other 11% is made up of cars with continuously variable transmissions and semi-automatic transmissions which is something I’m not going to get into explaining now. The reason why the sale of manual transmission cars has decreased so drastically is quite obvious. Automatic cars are produced and sold so much more than manual cars that mostly everyone learns to drive in an automatic car. In America, we are required to take drivers ed and our road tests in automatic cars as well. The result of this is that fewer and fewer people even know the first thing about driving a manual, let alone getting in a car and actually doing so. Most people don’t even consider a manual transmission to be an option when they are shopping for a car. If they can get the car with an automatic transmission, that’s the choice they go with and if the car doesn’t come with an automatic transmission, they just abandon the car altogether. Considering I’m speaking to people who, like myself, have recently or will soon be acquiring there drivers license, I see it only fit to use our age group as a prime example here. To most teenagers, manual transmissions are seen as “stupid, useless, inconvenient, annoying” and everything in between. Well actually, if you like saving your money rather than spending it on gas which let’s all face it, is pretty damn expensive, a manual transmission may actually be helpful to you and your wallet because they tend to have better gas mileage than automatic cars. Cars with manual transmissions are also almost always cheaper than one’s with automatic transmissions. For example, the optional automatic transmission for a Honda Civic costs an extra $800. To those of us who see a car as more than just transportation, manual transmissions are even enjoyable to use. When driving fast (let’s just say this is on a racetrack so I sound like a responsible person) nailing a perfect heel-toe downshift is quite fun. Using only two feet, to repeatedly press three pedals while downshifting through the gears is something I can only describe as a great feeling. For those of you play sports like basketball, football, or play an instrument, you can relate it to the feeling of hitting a perfect 3pointer, making the big tackle during the last drive of the game, or finishing an entire song without making a single mistake. Driving a manual takes practice and dedication to learn all the little techniques that go along with it, which leads me to my next point. Would you guys rather write a paper by hand, or type and print it using a computer? The computer, right? Well that’s because technology has made things easier and as a society, we generally see easier as better. Even parents who are always nervous wrecks when their children first start driving can have some consolation that their children will be less inclined to text and drive if they have a manual car because in most cases they won’t have a free hand to text with. Also, what if you were in an emergency and the only vehicle available to you had a manual transmission? Most importantly, in order to drift your car must have a manual transmission because an automatic will change gears and the car won’t have enough torque to keep the wheels spinning. And speaking from personal experience, scaring the crap out of whoever is in your passenger seat by going sideways is priceless and well worth the “inconvenience” of driving a manual every day. So in conclusion, I encourage you all to at the very least learn to drive a manual car. It’s fun, it costs less, and people will be surprised that you know how to drive a stick.
"Originally posted by The_Hawk: I was really hoping this would be a thread about women on fire."
"Originally posted by XSVterror16 V.4: Alright, let me break this down for you. Subaru is a company with stars and a blue background in it's symbol. The national color of Australia is blue and their nights have lots of stars in the sky. Subaru uses bockster motors from Porches. Subaru is Australian and uses Porche motors in their cars. Understand?"
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