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Old 03-11-2009, 02:10 AM #1
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: SunnY CaLi
phantomette plays in the USPL
phantomette owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
phantomette plays in the APPA D5 division
The K.G.B. Mob" <> KUSTOM GUNSLINGERs BOYz v21 <> Rockin the ILLEST Kustoms

THE KGB MoB SPONSORS (PM me for KGB sponsor information)
*T&C mask painting




If you found this club it means one thing and one thing only.......that you want to join one of the BEST of the BEST in Kustoms on the nation The K.G.B. aka......The Kustom Gunslingers Boyz are a unique and kustom gunz club. Only here is where you will begin to see some of the most sickest creations put together, that seperate of from them, If your interested in joining please all of the following below, and then PM me w your APP

Qualifications for application:
1. Kustom anno (not factory) limiting your standard gun to 1 of 20 or better
2. Kustom (not factory) laser Engraving (O.D.D. markers and CK lasering as an example)
3. Kustom Rare limited edition 1 of 20 or 1 of 12 Team editions or PL markers (Infamous, Impact, HK, Dark, PL labels etc.)
4 . I accept applications for qualification between the 1st and 5th which is when I review for the best two members guns, per month, again I only allow 2 members per month

Example of a qualifying gun for KGB:


1. In this club I strive to see excellance and ellagance shown, this shall be a place where we as a club, will post and list some of the most amazing Kustom gats in paintball. Here also we will discuss our unique creations, annoing, upgrades, gun values, trade ideas, and anything and everything that pertains to paintball and non paintball. The KGB MoBsters now have the support of local sponsor as listed above in PBN who work w the KGB to aid in the customizing of our gats with special KGB discount that go THRU ME ONLY!


3. Any posting of B/S/T for the purpose of trying to sell something in here CAN result in the thread being closed if this occurs do to your non-sense you will be have earned loss of membership and benefits. SO TO NOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN, TAKE ALL B/S/T SALES TO PM's & B/S/T forums.

4. "NO" Fighting, flaming or out of control arguments shall be tolerated, if this happens, depending on the extremity, you will be deleted from the club, or put on my ignore list for 3 days temporarily!
Posting RUDE or racial comments in here or if you are found to be flaming or posting rude comments in other members or peoples BST threads as well, to affect sales or trades you will be kicked out or temporarily on the ignore list!!
NO NON members that are not on the list shall be allowed to post randomly just to post!

5. Once and if accepted by me only and after you submit your photo application w a picture of your name next to it, and submitted it to me in a PM will you then be allowed to post once approved by me. Council members will be are allowed to approve new members to post temporarily, in the event that I or my Co-founder are not available, and even then upon my return, will it be up to I or my Co-Founder to add you to the club list. Your Kustom gat for application will be required to be in hand, and current.

**Only Myself, Co-Founder and approved Council members will be allowed to reinvent the thread for a new one to begin!

Procedure for Application
6.To become a club member you must post to me 1 (not 100) recent (img code) photo of your gun no bigger than 640x480 and a brief description of your rarity w your name next to it of your unique gat to prove ownership!

Your day to day responsibilities for posting:
You also must actively post on a day to day basis, (meaning 2-3 post per day or every other day or equal a total of a minimum 10 post per thread whatever is necessary) By doing so, you get to know your fellow club members and to remain a active KGB member on the list, as well you will be required to represent the KGB MoB by using the BANNERZ in all BST gun threads, if you cannot do this then move on to the next club

331 aka Big G
HIGH COUNCIL MEMBERs (Regulaters & Peacekeepers)
"You will respect and abide by their authority in this club at all times in line with the rules!!"

1. Mosites
2. AceofSpades iO
3. CP kid
4. NK707
5. E-Techy

Klick either link below to UTILIZE the KGB MoB bannerz oe explore the KGB MoBs Kustom Gunz gallery or Explore the custom annodizing and lasering samples....PM me for all anno and lasering INQUIRIES


Laser Engraving and Anodizing examples

phantomette (James) - 1 of 5 GOLD LUXE/DC Monstars Droid/ Kustom web splash GEO
331 (Gabe) - Ice cuba SL8r / 1 of 20 DC Monstars Droid
Mosites (alex) - Kustom RAZA luxe / White Luxe
TommyDiablo - 1 of 1 O.D.D. Aurora SL74
Iwasa2k6er v2 - Kustom splash DM9
Myth720 (Martin) - Kustom anno & laser Joker SL8r
Maxmoore457v2 - Kustom Vicious red/gold ego 8
E-Techy (Patrick) -1 & 25 White Knight SL8r (High "CS4 Master" Kustom laser and gun designer)
YourUglyBuddy (Chan) - CK lasered Ice Cuba DM7 & custom anno Ego 7
neverfiguremeout - ?
Protorail777 - 1 of 24 Hurricanes SL8r
AceofSpades iO - Kustom HK Droid & Kustom lasered gold RX
paintballstud69 - Ken Griffey Ego 8
Dyeballer610 - Ego 8 flag edition
NYC Mixed Nutz 1 (Adrian) - (club photoshop designer)
NK707 - Kustom anno & lasered Geo
posessed5 V.2 (Dillon) - Kustom Anno Geo splash
cp kid (Tim) - British Flag Ego 8
mace13 - Icon SL74
Dbran (Don) - L.E. Hurricanes SL8r
Teambiohazard88 - Kustom white/gold RX
DirectPB Supply - Kustom anno & lasered Closer
Twig2008 - Kustom anno purple/black DM7
Ishy_27 (Hamish) - 1 OF 10 Exalt Droid
ApolloAnton -
baLlIn CdUb (Cebastian) - ?
JVPark (Jeff) - Kustom anno & lasered Marq Edge!
Steelrain82 (Richard) - cream & sugar SL8r
Strobe (Shaun) - limited edition War Machine Droid
1stGenRex - Kustom Ego 5
gpcsux052 (AL) - black/hot pink Lanche SL74
F.E.Pballer2772 (Steve) - Custom lasered and anno'd SL8r
Yungiceflip - pending a custom
Rectalshank (CJ) - Kustom Red/black Luxe
iphonekiller - ?
Hell-Intimidator - Kustom Hell Intimidator Closer
CP killer - silver & aurora SL74
VAMP1RE - 1 of 1 of 5 custom sponge anno Marq
gpo kid - Kustom anno Vampire Geo
POT HEAD (Pat) - Kustom anno Pink anno Avalanche SL74
CSpaintball (Eric) - Kustom anno white/purple Exalt Droid
Your0President (Grant) - ?
ptballer57 - ?
iowaprodigypaintball (Conner) - Vampire Luxe
EgOmAnFtW96 (christian) - 1 of 1 Pink/black RX
acidic01 (Ryan) - Kustom anno & lasered Geo 1 of 1
Bullet111 - Kustom Splash Luxe
Paintball$niper - Kustom tan/green Luxe
Team_Element - Kustom milled & anno'd DM6
H3rEye51nRoam (John) - Rusty Glaze Owned Infamous SL74
karfreakz (Cody) - Kustom lasered Luxe
Painfaction (Joe) - Kustom Droid (club photoshop designer)
Welsh Mob - L.E. Team Impact SL8r
redangeleyes (Justin) - Kustom anno and lasered Vampire Ego7
1 of 2 INFAMOUS SL74

KGB MoB v51/DaLuxe MoB Founder/CSpaintball/LaserMyGun/MVPpaintball128 productions
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Old 03-24-2009, 09:20 PM #2
I'm on a boat
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: New York
new thread, woooo hoo. How's everyone doin?
Pure Sl8R w a 70/45 crossy
Red Bandana Dynasty'd Vlocity

Pure Sl8R F/S/T
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Old 03-18-2015, 02:12 AM #3
OG killa
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Location: Lakewood, CO
 has been a member for 10 years
Ello boys

Mind if I contribute?

-Insight Owners Group-
*Old Feedback*

I wish people were better at paintball than talking sheeat.
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Old 03-21-2015, 05:43 AM #4
Will B/S/T Souls
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Location: Connecticut
Annual Supporting Member
Tabris17 is a Moderator
Tabris17 is BST Legit
Tabris17 is playing at Living Legends VIII
Tabris17 supports our troops
Tabris17 is one of the top 250 posters on PbNation
Tabris17 is Boss
You found a six year old dead thread.
Here's the current thread.
Owner of the Silent Hill Cyborg... the most evil marker in paintball.

"Only the foolish believe suffering is just wages for being different. Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth. Only the insane equate pain with success."

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