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Old 11-15-2014, 12:24 PM #1
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: Atlanta, GA
tyronejk plays in the MiLP
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tyronejk's personal gun history

Double-barrel Ion (sold)
This is objectively the best gun in the world. But really, it's my favorite to use in the woods and for recball. The Ion XE body came off the first paintball gun I've ever owned. I still have the parts to separate it into two working guns. It's made up of mostly stock Ion parts except for the CP ASA and rail, clamping feednecks on both bodies, QEVs on both bodies, and the XE body has a Warrior SL V2 bolt and TechT spring detents. It was relatively easy to build, due to the hoses used in Ions. It was just a matter of getting the right tee fittings to connect two bodies to one noid and frame. If anyone wants to build their own and wants more pictures, feel free to pm me.

Shocker NXT (sold)
I found a good deal for this NXT, so I picked it up and threw a Mg Eigenbolt in it when it first came out. I did a few mods to it including drilling out the bolt guide for LP, adding an ARB screw to the bolt guide, drilling the trigger frame for trigger pivot set screws (like a Luxe trigger).

Clone VX'd (traded)
I found this VX'd for a great deal, so I picked it up and sold the Shocker to compensate. I also did the trigger pivot set screw mod on this gun. It makes for a great, no-wiggle trigger pull. The screen went out on this gun, so I picked up a new Type-B screen, which went out after a month. Then I built my own OLED board with a Femtoduino, but didn't trust the reliability and battery life of my custom board.

Drone DX (traded)
I found this Drone with a "blown" noid, which was just an bad oring in the manifold. I only shot this in my backyard, but hated the feel of the frame compared to my Clone, so I didn't hang on to this for very long.

Lasoya Promaster (sold)
I found a great deal for this Promaster and it came with a BL 360 reg and gear drive ASA, so I bought it on impulse. It was my first stacked-tube poppet and I loved the shot, so that led me to pick up a G6R.

2k11 G6R (traded)
I traded the Clone and Drone for this G6R after shooting my Promaster and loving the shot of a stacked-tube poppet. This gun was my main shooter for practices and tourneys and had 4C laser eyes that came with it and a LP poppet that I added. I got a JT Impulse and compared the G6R with the Impulse and decided that the Impulse felt better in my hands, so I traded the G6R for a Resurrection, since I've never owned an Autococker and wanted to try one. I made this decision before shooting the Impulse, which was a very very poor decision (see Impulse post).

Shocker NXT (traded)
I also found this NXT for a pretty good deal, considering it had a RL Virtue board that I wanted just to have. It had a NoX Kilo bolt and shot pretty well and I was gonna keep it as a backup to my G6R, but it was too heavy and uncomfortable for me to want to use it.

Axe (traded)
My teammate has a stock Axe that shoots amazingly well (just like a Clone) so I wanted to pick one up for myself. I traded the green NXT plus the BL 360 reg and gear drive from my Promaster for this Axe. It shot well, but not as well as my teammate's and I could not get it to shoot better. I was considering throwing some Lurker parts into it, but I found a JT Impulse whose owner wanted to trade for an Axe, so I did that.

PM5 (sold)
This was my buddy's and he sold it to me for cheap. It wasn't shooting when he had it, so I rebuilt it from the ground up and now it shoots amazingly smooth, most likely due to the 3lbs of aluminum on this monster. It's blind and has an old Virtue board that doesn't cap any lower than 15bps, but in eye malfunction mode it goes down to 10-11bps, so I can use it in tourneys that way .

Empire Resurrection (still own)
I found someone looking to trade his Resurrection for a G6R and since I already had an Impulse for my tourney gun, I figured I would try out the Resurrection. This gun is the first and only Autococker I've owned and it shoots amazing. It's about as quiet as my old Axe. Plus, there's a ton of little parts to tinker with and fine-tune.

JT Impulse (sold)
I traded my Axe for this gun and it felt amazing in the hands. Good enough that I got rid of my G6R without even shooting the Impulse first, which I should have done since this gun shot much worse than it felt. It was extremely smooth, but also Ego11-loud with a tendency to break paint. I sold this gun quickly after two practices with it.

MacDev Clone VXi (gave to my brother)
I had my eye on this Clone for a few days, so I sold my Impulse ASAP and bought this Clone right after. I had an old VX'd Clone with a burned-out screen and this gun shoots almost as well as my old one. It might be nostalgia, but I think my old Clone shot ever so slightly better than this one. It could be that this new Clone just needs more breaking in (my old Clone had a ton of paint through it). This is currently my go-to gun for tourneys. Clone VX's (I haven't shot any GT's) still have some of the worst gripframes of any high-end, but I don't feel anything when I'm on the field and the shot more than makes up for the boxy frame.

another MacDev Clone VXi (coming soon)
These guns are going pretty cheap these days, but are hard to find with a GTi board. I was planning on getting a new gun and giving my brother my old one to use when I found this one and snagged it almost immediately. The single thing I don't like about this gun is the boxy gripframe. Everything else is awesome.

2k6 Infamous Intimidator (coming soon)
I got this gun just as another tinker gun and in case my Clone doesn't have the efficiency to play back center with. I immediately bought a Lurker Eigenvalve for it (it came with an Eigenram) and I got it tuned up before playing with it. I still haven't played on the field with it yet and it still needs some fine tuning.
Current markers: Clone VX | 2k6 Infamous Intimidator | Empire Resurrection

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Old 11-15-2014, 05:06 PM #2
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That double barrel ion is sick! How did you build that?
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Old 11-17-2014, 10:38 PM #3
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Awesome. That's a clean promaster! Should definitely make a shooting video of the double ions.
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Old 11-21-2014, 12:53 PM #4
Service at its best.
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Nice Ion
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That ion is so cool!!
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