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Decay VI: Official Rules Thread

Giant Paintball Rules of Scenario Play (Click here to see the full list of rules)

IMPORTANT RULE TO REMEMBER: Scenario games are not competitions. They are plays in which we are all cast members. Have fun with the concept, play hard, play to win, play fair, and most of all, enjoy yourself. These rules will help you play and enjoy the game. These rules are not written to be a legal document; rather they are guidelines which we use during scenario play. If something is not covered in these rules, assume you cannot do it. If you have a question about a rule, or something you want to do is not explicitly covered in these rules ask the game producer first. Please familiarize yourself with them and most of all, have fun!


REGISTRATION: Pre-registration can be done online at or by visiting one of Giant's many parks in Southern California. If you cannot pre-register, simply bring your field fee to the event and we will accommodate you. All players are required to sign a special event field waiver saying they have read and understood all the rules and regulations for the field and the event. Players over 10 years of age, but under 18, will need a parent to sign that players waiver.

CAMPING: Overnight camping is available at a first come first serve bases. RV sites must be reserved and paid for in advance. Please observe all safety regulations concerning BBQ grills (propane grills are only allowed, no charcoal grills). Camp fires are not allowed at any time!



PAINT: This event is FIELD PAINT ONLY!!! Paint for this event will be determined by the event producer(s) and will be announced.


GOGGLES: Must be worn at all times when you are on the playing field, at the chrono station or at the firing range. ASTM approved full face and ear protection is MANDATORY!!! If you have to remove your goggles due to the lens fogging or removing paint splatter, please find the nearest referee to assist you.

MARKERS: Keep barrel blocking devices (barrel socks or approved plugs) on the barrel at all times except when in play or at the chrono station. No tools of any kind are allowed on the field.

CHRONOGRAPHS AND MARKER SPEEDS: All markers need to chronograph at or under 280 FPS for day play and at or under 240 FPS for night play. It is in the best interest of all players to ensure that their markers are at or below the set FPS for their marker, especially for those players using CO2.
NOTE: Players will be randomly spot checked by refs with handheld chronographs. If players are shown to be shooting between 281 and 320, their player card will be punched and will be sent to have their marker re-chronoed. After three infractions, that player’s ID card and wristband are taken and they are done for the rest of the event with NO REFUND! Any player caught with their marker shooting over 320 FPS will have their player ID card and wristband are taken away immediately and removed from the event with NO REFUND! This is a zero-tolerance policy geared for the safety of the participants and staff. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!
All rocket launchers need to chronograph under 240 FPS.

ELIMINATING MARKS DEFINED: Direct hits making a quarter-size mark during the day is an elimination. Quarter size hits on your body, on the equipment you are carrying and on your marker count as an elimination! Splatter does not count. For players wearing a ghillie suit of any type, all hits count regardless if they break or not. At night all HITS/IMPACTS count; there are no paint checks at night.

Any time you are dead or eliminated, YOU ARE DEAD! Remember: DEAD MEN DO NOT TALK!!! No matter how bad you want to talk to your commander or other players – no passing of information while you are eliminated, this includes hand signals and any other form of communication. The only thing a dead player can do is rapidly exit the field saying “Dead Man Walking,” or give a referee a death card. Once you have re-inserted onto the field of play, it is game-on again.

PAINT CHECKS: If you are unsure if you or your opponent is hit, you may call a referee to check for an eliminating hit. During a paint check, a referee will examine the player and make the determination whether the player is eliminated or still alive.

SURRENDER RULE: At under 20 feet in distance, all players should offer a surrender call. The receiving player also has the option to surrender, try to find cover or attempt to shoot back. If you have out-maneuvered the other player and you are in a position in which you have an easy shot in which they have no chance to take cover or try to shoot back, ask them to, “Surrender!”, “Take the Hit!” If they have not responded by either yelling “Hit!”, “Out!”, “Dead man!” or putting their marker high up in the air. Then give the player a three-count (1-2-3) then you may shoot the player. Since they have done the sportsmanlike thing and surrendered, be equally sportsmanlike and accept the option when it is given to you.

BARREL TAG RULE: Once a player touches you with a barrel and says “barrel tag,” you are eliminated and MUST take the walk. No if's, and's or but's. No point in pulling the trigger when you have a barrel pressed against your side. Do not HIT a player with your barrel! A gentle tap will do! When a game allows off-gun barrel tags, the barrels are to be no shorter than 10 inches in length. The barrels must be in plain sight (not inside pockets, socks, satchels or bags). A barrel tap must be made on one player at a time, with the words “barrel tag” being said each time by the attacker.

NIGHT TIME PLAY: All markers are to be chronoed at 240 FPS or less. THERE ARE NO PAINT CHECKS AT NIGHT!!!. All hits count, regardless if the ball breaks or not. Grenades, rocket launchers, mechs, and tanks are not allowed during night play.
GRENADES: Grenades will be either event grenades or bring your own grenades depending on the field and the event. Any speck of paint from these types of grenades is an elimination. Grenades are not allowed at night.

SRPLs, PACs & LAWs: The following rules apply to all Single Round Projectile Launchers (SRPLs), Personal Air Cannons (PACs), and Law rocket launchers (LAWs). Each and every Projectile Launcher (PL) must be shown to the event directors/coordinators/producers prior to play and must be inspected and tagged to indicate that it has been approved and chronoed. PLs must chronograph under 240 FPS. All PLs must have a system or device for plugging the barrel to stop accidental discharges while in any safe area. These PLs must use 2″ Nerf rockets or JCS F-69 rockets – NO paint can be used in these units!

Clarification on rocket hits:

· When a Nerf round hits a side of a building, anyone in the room behind the wall that was hit by the Nerf rocket is eliminated (provided that it did not bounce off the ground first).

· If a Nerf round hits a bunker, stand-up, or other type of barricade, players using this as cover and are very close to it are eliminated.

· If a Nerf rocket lands on the ground first, out in the open, players near the impact area are not eliminated.

· Use of Nerf rounds on tanks/mechs are defined in the tank/mech section of the rules.

NOTE: Only players carrying the “Demolition” role card or the “Ordinance Specialist” role card are allowed to carry a maximum 3 rockets each, to make up a 2 person LAW team. If any player that does not carry the Demo card or the Ordinance Specialist card, picks up an expended rocket from the ground and immediately gives it to the ref, then that player is NOT eliminated. However, if any player, that does not have a Demolition or Ordinance Specialist role, is caught with a rocket on their possession or picks up a rocket and does not give that rocket to the nearest ref, then that rocket is confiscated and the player is eliminated. A Death Card is not playable in this situation; the player must return to the re-spawn point. NO EXCEPTIONS!

BREAKABLE TRIP WIRE DEVICES (BTWD): All trip wire devices with offensive capabilities: i.e. the ability to eliminate players. These devices use either Green Gas or CO2 cartridges to propel either a power or paintball fill into the air. Just as with paint grenades, any powder or paint that lands on the player(s), the player(s) is eliminated. BTWDs includes paintball land mines that can be stepped on. Each and every Breakable Trip Wire Device (BTWD) must be shown to the event directors/coordinators/producers prior to play and must be inspected and tagged to indicate that it has been approved.
INSERTION POINTS: The Insertion Point (or IP) is the area where you will enter the field of play. It will be strategically located where, as you enter the field of play, you will pass by your team’s command post. There is absolutely no entering the field from any area other than your insertion point. If you see someone entering the field from somewhere else, immediately inform a referee.
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Gadget Soldier
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Just to clarify, please note that at the top of the first post, it says (Click here to see the full list of rules)

Here is the link to the full set of rules:

Any questions in regards to the rules, please post them up here or you can email Giant Sportz.
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Greyknight Jazzious
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Greyknight Jazzious is attending Decay of Nations VII
What if we have any questions about the rules?
Decay of Nation VII
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Gadget Soldier
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Gadget Soldier owns a Planet Eclipse Etek
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Originally Posted by Greyknight Jazzious View Post
What if we have any questions about the rules?
I'm sure that if there are any questions, they would either be posted here or they can email Giant
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