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Old 12-06-2015, 01:15 PM #1
building a monster
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Offbeat programs for January?

Hey guys,

Just wondered if anyone else is considering trying a new, different approach for 2016. I'm playing around with a few ideas to try for 4-8 weeks, just to get a fresh start and break things up again.

I started 2015 with the same old bodybuilding five day split I've done forever: back and biceps / legs/ chest and triceps/ shoulders/ deadlifts. Around May or June I changed my program, adding in 100 kb swings to every workout, eliminating most of my isolation movements, and also adding periodic additional kb work such as kb snatches or cleans, Turkish get ups, etc. Typically my workouts now only contain a compound barbell movement, kb swings, and whatever accessory work I am feeling on a given day (sometimes this means HEAVY sled pushes, etc). I have noticed the following about this routine: My squat, bench, row, and overhead press have all climbed steadily. My DL tanked ( related to a back injury last spring), began to approach normal weight, and has now dropped slightly and stalled. I feel much more stable and immovable ( like in crowds people bump me and bounce off) and although I feel leaner, I don't look as aesthetic as I used to. My arms have definitely shrunk a little as well. Despite all this, I feel like my overall level of fitness is higher, but I want to experiment more in 2016 with some novel approaches.

I have a few ideas:
1) a similar program to my current one, but with a much stricter format and time constraint. Thinking six weeks of 5x5 working sets in which I'd immediately perform 20 swings after my barbell movement, then rest two minutes and repeat. This would be followed by 20 minutes of cardio, either rowing, stairmaster, or using our Sup-ergo (stand up paddleboard machine). After cardio I would perform 5-10 sets of either Turkish get ups, bent presses, snatches, push ups, or pull ups. The idea behind this program would be to develop athleticism and muscular endurance. The bent press is one exercise that interests me for developing mobility and thoracic stability.

2) 4-6 week deadlift program. Eliminate the kb for a time, and follow this split: Monday: deadlift/ push press Tuesday: cardio/ bw movements Wednesday: bench/ rack pulls Thursday: cardio/ bw movements Friday: sumo/ bent row. This program would also be for athleticism, the idea being to create high muscle density. Due to CNS strain and overall work involved, I believe this program would necessitate a very high calorie diet to sustain my body. Also, I eliminated squats, although I have given thought to using them as an assistance movement on Mondays.

3). See above, except 5 days a week alternating sumo and standard deads, with no other movements. Purely thinking strength and mass. Doubt I could maintain this for more than a few weeks.

So anyway, those are just a few ideas I had. Feel free to add your own or give me any advice. I am looking to turn myself into an absolute monster. Also considering taking up MMA as it would benefit me in my career, so although I enjoy looking fit, many of my thoughts pertain to getting into excellent shape for when I hopefully enter the police academy this coming year.
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