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Old 07-09-2012, 11:09 PM #1
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How many warnings?

I'm a ref at my local (if you can call it that) field and we always give the rules to everybody before I start running games. Idk how many warnings is too much. It's normally I yell at them, they sit out a game, then you're done for the day. What do you guys think?
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Old 07-11-2012, 09:38 PM #2
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same policy I've seen most of the fields I've been to go with. Unless its grossly stupid or dangerous then its one and done.
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Old 07-18-2012, 11:51 AM #3
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Originally Posted by DoovenHoover View Post
I'm a ref at my local (if you can call it that) field and we always give the rules to everybody before I start running games. Idk how many warnings is too much. It's normally I yell at them, they sit out a game, then you're done for the day. What do you guys think?
At the local field I used to ref at it was a three strike policy, UNLESS the infraction was just plain stupid and dangerous.

Strike 1 - Mark their wristband and give a verbal warning.
Strike 2 - Mark their wristband again and sit them out for a game or two.
Strike 3 - Take their wristband and send them home.

Strikes were given for all sorts of safety violations. Things like removing your mask during play, shooting in a designated safe zone, overshooting, wiping, etc...

Some things are definitely grounds for removal, however, if you've got a group that has never played before you're obviously going to have issues with them.

Kicking a first time player out for doing something stupid is a little extreme. You just have to instill the fear of god into them whenever they do it. Explain to them before they step on the field that if they break rules you will be yelling, and that it isn't personal, you're just trying to keep them safe.
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Old 07-20-2012, 08:35 PM #4
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Each case is different. Your head ref or field manager should clarify with you how he/she would like you to penalize players. Remember that in most cases you do not want to de-humanize players and "yell" at them, unless immediate safety requires it. Treat every customer or guest as if they are your first, last, and only you will ever have and it will gain return business as well as respect and possibly a raise/tips. People love great service, i have sat people out games and even recieved tips from them because of the way i handled the situation.

Remember to always be fair, honest, and respectful!

One more tip- players that come off the field without barrel cover!
-Dont scream at them because they arent in the mind set of listening, most people will wave their marker around (as a hand gesture) thus pointing their barrel in multiple danger directions! If it is pointed at the ground/safe direction, jog over and point it out to them....who knows maybe they just realized they forgot to wear protection with their girl last night and have something else on their mind rather than your field's 30 rules they are suppose to "try" to remember while playing a high stress game! LOL

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Strike 1: Verbal
Strike 2: Sit one game
Strike 3: Done for the day
Total Feedback:
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Old 01-14-2013, 10:56 AM #6
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Our field is very very strict on Saftey, we do not mess around.

As the Manager/Head Ref this what we do:

First Mask offense: Game sit down, surrender of your marker (prevents them from sneaking in)

2nd offense: DONE for the day, wristband taken off, escorted to registration

OVERSHOOTING: Good bye, has to be witnessed by a ref. Overshooting is not the right way to play:

Barrel Bags: Always warned them, if its a several times with the same customer, they sit a game

Heres a tip, if you see a player with there mask off on the field, dont try to get the ref thats near the player to respond to that player. You see it you take care of it.

My rule is if the mask is in the players hand, i get on the radio and yell MASK OFF MASK OFF, blow the siren (all refs respond by ending the game and escorting players off the field) and get that player to the ground as fast as possible and get on top of them, until you get the all clear.

If the mask is on top of the players head, same thing as above but i run to the player and slide that mask down, weather it causes pain or not.

I have had a few players ive done that to and they complain about how i reacted, i advice them would u rather deal with that or be taken by a ambulance cause ur missing a eye
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Old 01-30-2013, 07:01 PM #7
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before every game i tend to warn them that we can and will get ugly if we start see masks on the back of their heads, or worse.. in their hands. depending on how ridiculous the move is on their part is how hard i will tear into them.

typically warnings are given for first time offenders.
if they give me attitude or blatantly lie to me.. immediate sitting a game or two. second time? see ya!

it's no joke.

i've had grown men yell at me for sitting them, while 12 year old girls thank me for sitting them.

if it's near the end of the day and we've had several dozen masks fly off.. we will start sending fools home with no questions asked.
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Old 08-29-2013, 03:08 PM #8
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strike 1 : verbal warning
strike 2 : sit a game
strike 3 : done playing paintball

After strike 2 I usually ask for the name of the person who took their goggles off, then make an announcement to the group why he/she is sitting for the next game. This usually gets the other players to think twice before being put in the same situation.

I've had people come up to me when the day is over and say "thank you for being strict, I understand"
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Old 09-13-2013, 10:18 PM #9
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with kids you typically have to give them a few chances for everything to sink in. they're so excited about whats going on around them, they dont think while on the field.

adults on the other hand tho...maybe give a harsh warning the first time. but the 2nd time means its time to go. you're an adult. you should have enough common sense, and even if not, you're old enough to listen to and understand the rules and reasons behind them. is you so choose to not follow them, then goodbye.

i have had way more adults get ignorant with me about masks. The kids typically say my bad and put it back on. the adults tend to get an attitude right away. like the rules dont apply to them cuz they're "adults", or that I can yell at em cuz they're older (even tho im almost 30 and they think im like 16...). the ones that get an attitude right away, leave right away. simple as that

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Old 11-25-2013, 12:50 PM #10
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If i'm not mistaken, for mask off during play violations, my local field has a zero tolerance policy. It's just too big of a liability, and the field rules actually factor into their insurance rate. The more strict they are, the less they pay, and they have to prove that those rules are posted, explained to all players before they walk on the field, and enforced. 5 college kids got kicked out saturday, no warning, because they were chilling at the back of the field, masks off, facing the field, not behind the box, nothing. Just asking to lose an eye. Usually the refs are more lenient than the owner would like, but certain violations, no warning at all, just gone.
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