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Old 06-17-2014, 08:29 PM #1
Join Date: May 2014
Worr Games (WGP) MG7 Project

What's up pbnation, just thought i'd share some information I have learned about the WGP MG7, aka Air Challenger MG7, and a new rebuild on ebay Viper electronic spool gun.

I picked one of these up from another member on here, and have been building since, the only problem so far is that it did not include eyes when I purchased, so I have yet to solve the problem as the laser eyes I ordered did not function although they fit correctly on the board, and the eye holes in the gun.

Barrel: The MG7 has auto cocker threaded barrels, which are easy and cheap to come by.

Feedneck: The original feedneck is cheap and hardly works, but it accepts Dye Proto threaded necks, and I believe DP g3 necks as well.

ASA/Bottomline: It is standard threaded hole spacing, so almost any asa/drop will fit. (I did have to buy custom machine screws from local hardware store)

Regulator:: The regulator threading is standard ASA threading, male ended HPR (thanks tacxplosion)

Circuit Board: The board seems to be a standard pancake solenoid, cross compatible boards seem to be the Diablo Wrath series, and also most Sypder circuit boards. Both Virtue and Tadao make boards for a good price. *I've done some researching and the Spyder boards are the correct size, etc, but the mounting screws are in reverse positions. I'm going to try and fab some small metal brackets so I can use a spyder upgrade.

All in all I think its a decent marker, I haven't had a chance to test its true potential as i'm still hunting down eyes. I found a board online with eyes included that I'm going to try out, i'll update once I do.

To change the firing modes on this gun, once you turn the gun on, with the bottom button, press the small button above with the allen key, the modes I have found so far on stock board(I think):
1 flashing light = Semi
2 flashing light = ?
3 flashing light = Ramping
4 flashing light = 3 shot burst

The light color changes based on what firing mode the gun is. To change firing mode use the bottom button and hold (3-4 seconds, longer turns the gun off). Once the gun registers a change of mode the light will flash for a second and then you can release the button.
Green = Gun ready, safety on
Red = Gun ready, safety off eyes on
Orange = Gun ready, eyes off

To turn the eyes off, press both the top and bottom button simultaneously until it flashes. To turn them back on, turn the gun off and back on.

So far I haven't ordered a new barrel as the stock seems to do fine atm, but i've put some time and a few upgrades and by the end I think the overall price will still be under $200 for a fast 15+ bps gun. Too bad its ugly as all hell, but it's what inside that counts.

MG7 Project

Drop with ASA

Air Challenger logo MG7 Plus

Laser eyes installed but not working

Dye Proto feedneck

Hope you enjoyed the information, feel free to contact me with questions. More updates on the board/eyes to come.

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Old 06-17-2014, 08:58 PM #2
Broke but never broken
tacxplosion's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Guatemala (for real)
The regulator is regular ASA threaded, not necessarily 'cocker threaded (though 'cockers also share this threading, as do most markers with a male ended HPR).
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Old 06-17-2014, 09:37 PM #3
Join Date: May 2014
Ahh gotcha, thanks for the input tacxplosion.
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Old 06-19-2014, 10:10 PM #4
The Inflicted
.detcilfnI ehT
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You're probably going to want a different input regulator on that gun.
Those older WGP 'cocker regs can only be adjusted by removing the air fitting at the bottom and sticking a flat-bladed screwdriver up the hole, which was fine for the guns they came on, but on your gun that's the only method of adjusting the velocity, which will probably be a tremendous pain.
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Old 06-21-2014, 09:58 PM #5
Join Date: May 2014
I hear you, thanks for the info Inflicted, I'll keep an eye out for a new regulator that's easier to adjust.
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Old 06-30-2014, 01:39 AM #6
Join Date: May 2012
I have two of these....were in pieces for several years. Put one back together a couple days ago after a huge solenoid pin leak sent them both down almost simultaneously. Got it to fire up and work again. I don't know if you have used yours yet but they are fun little ugly bastards. Super smooth shooters. Actually used it for some speedball practice. I found myself alone with 3 players on the other team remaining (with super high end markers luxe, ego 8, DM) and the ugly turd managed to get me the win. It managed to intrigue those guys with comments such as "what gun is that?" Etc.
Anyway good luck with it and if you need any help I have made myself familiar with them. I also have tuning info with original manuals.
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