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Originally Posted by GatSplat View Post
Perhaps you need to look at your event timing. Obviously, the vendors are spending money to come to an event like this because they want to reach customers and make money. If they are tearing down early, it means they don't feel the customers dragging in at the end will translate into profits - so why bother stay. Is your event too long?? Are you right, or are the X number of vendors right?? Just asking....
I wouldn't be overly altruistic about it not being "worth their time". In many cases, the guys operating those booths are employees, not owners and, as a result, it isn't their profit to lose. They are there because they were instructed to be there. They are making a personal, rather than company, value judgement. (I understand some are commission based, some are owners, blah blah blah, but you get the idea).
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Paintball Extravaganza
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Events Length

We have had a 2, 3 and 4 day event. The venders are the ones who requested the 3 day event. We have tried shutting down at 1, 2, 4 & 6. We saw venders starting to tear down at each time. The same happens at tournaments. Fo some reason tear down starts for some 2-3 hours before the end of the event.
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It would be nice to keep the vendors until the teardown time (the end). I would have liked to have more time in the show, before it started to be riped down. I was hoping to visit a few more places after the Birthday Class (which was excellent), and we stayed longer to ask questions too. It's hard to keep them, but I would like them there longer, as I did travel a long way. This is my one big paintball "outing" for the year, maybe others need less time, as they see Paintball stuff at other events. I want to see everything, and think about it, and come back to the booths that hold interest. The Birthday class did give me more ideas, so I wanted to see a few more booths.

This show has caused me to change my busniess for the better. The courses were great (the ones I attended), my tech was extremely happy with his courses. The Hall was excellent, with all the vendors. The staff helped out, with everything. Thanks. I will be back.
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I am also not very happy with the Vendors tear down early approach. I have been involved in other industries whereby, if you tore down early, you would lose your priority pick for location for the next year as well as maybe not even invited back. We come to the industry gathering to take opportunity in meeting with vendors that we do not normally see. I have been in the paintball business for 4 years and have had a store and field for 2 years. I can tell you that I have only had one manufacturer representative visit us once in that time (thanks Joey and BW at GI Sports). Where else can we see everyone in a short period of time?

Having said this, there are two problems and it happened at all 3 extravaganzas I have been at.

1. The vendors give us vouchers to use to help offset the cost of coming. I had two people this year and our total cost for travel, hotel etc, was $2000.00. The vouchers are very important for us to recover some of our cost to go. No customers, no vendors so it is a catch 22. I specifically waited to Extravaganza week to put in orders. Okay now here is the problem. Several times I approached vendors that were busy when I tried to use the voucher. Second, often the exhibit hall is closed right after classes let out. But, in reality, the show organizers should look at some things to help.

A) No tear down early. End of story. Put it in their terms, if you remove your mask you will be asked to leave the field! A rule is a rule.
B) Open earlier before first classes. So for example, plan the class times to start at 9:30 and open the show at 7:30. Same on the other end. Last class should end at 5:00 and show ends at 7:00 except for the last day. Same principal there, if the last class ends at 2:00 PM. Minimum tear down should be 4:00 PM.
C) Have a real lunch break. Suggest 1.5 hours. This would allow us more vendor time and be more profitable for the vendors. Honestly speaking I was prepared to put in several purchase orders with vendors during the show. But, we take advantage of the tech classes and other classes being offered. I was not able to put in the orders at the show at all. I simply did not have enough time. This is sad as we want to support the vendors taking the time to be there. After the Birthday University, I went to the Exhibit hall and it was a done deal??

Last one more comment about the early tear down. This comes as past practice and the organizers need to stop it. What happens is one vendor says to another, how long do we have to stay here? The rumors spread like wildfire that oh last time we tore down right after lunch on the last day. Once one tears down, everyone will start. The organizers need to make it perfectly clear that it is not acceptable.

Frankly, I don't see the logic. Many of you reading this are field owners. This is like saying on Sunday at noon, we are going to close the field, because we want to miss the traffic on the freeway. We don't do that because we miss out on the revenue that is coming in. The vendors that did not have any orders from our company at the show did not stick around long enough to get them. End of story. In fact, I have changed my mind and will probably hold off on ordering a little longer as I really did not need the extra inventory right now...but their loss I guess.

And no it is not a two way street. Customers like us need to get back to our stores and fields as weekends are our livelihoods. If we have to leave early due to travel schedules so be it. But the vendors, are the vendors. They need the customers and should be there for the stated show hours. If you plan to be there and schedule accordingly, the least you can do is have your employees stay until the end of the show. Most of them do not work on the weekends and so it is not a valid excuse. Yes there could be flight savings but the cost of the vendor booth is what it is. Plan accordingly. If I was an international customer I would be extremely upset that the show was advertised to end Thursday afternoon and the show actually ended shortly after lunch.
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Boneyard Paintball
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RedDot, I'm sure most, if not all vendors, will honor show specials and vouchers if you called them up. A lot of them had excellent deals you may be interested in.
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Originally Posted by MeŠiCX View Post
RedDot, I'm sure most, if not all vendors, will honor show specials and vouchers if you called them up. A lot of them had excellent deals you may be interested in.
Yes we do that and have been successful.
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I need a username
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How about instead of a rebate for staying till the end you offer a discount for the next year? (Aimed at the early tear-down vendors)
Or you could even do a deposit.. Stay till the end to get your deposit back.
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