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Old 02-08-2012, 11:52 PM #1
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what are the best paintballs to buy?
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This really depends on your wallet, your local weather, your marker.

How long does it take you to shoot 2000 rounds? Some paint is meant to be used quickly, other paint will last a bit longer if you take care of it.
If it's hot out different paint works better than when it's cold out.

Cheap paint is cheap for a reason - it often has a really big seam between the two shell halfs, this catches the air while in flight and will spin the paintball making it un-predictable on where it lands / flys to.
More expensive paint is generally higher-quality. Higher quality means it'll break on the target more often, not in your marker, and fly straighter/more consistently. This doesn't mean you have to spend 70+ dollars on 2000 rounds to have a good day at the field. If you're just playing with friends I wouldn't spend the money.

I'd highly recommend PMI / RPS Premium - it's a great mid-grade paintball that won't break the bank, and has a pretty durable shell for mid-low grade markers, and has a decent shelf life if you have it sitting around for longer than a month or two.
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thank you for the feedback, i live in southern california so it is mostly hot weather all the time and I have a pmr just getting back into paintball which i dont know how fast i would go through 2000 rounds
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Can't go wrong with premium...dxs rec sport is a decent paint for thenprice as well. Just for the love of Mary don't buy paint at wal mart and expect it to be top notch...or even decent for that matter!
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dxs is definitely going to be the most consistent regardless of what type you get from them. They're more expensive than the Dick's brands you'll find out there, but you won't be running a squeegee through your barrel as much, either.
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Not sure what the rules are at your home field, but mine does not allow Brass Eagle or JT paint.

Wal-mart and Academy sell a lot of JT branded paintballs. Be careful with what you buy or you might have just wasted money.
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thats ery day
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like axe said it depends on weather, gun and your wallet. Some paint shoots really well in colder weather and not so well in warmer weather. you just have to test the paint that day. dxs is very good paint along with premium if your looking for a name but they are more expensive.
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I live in Colorado, which means that much of the paint is bigger bore than that at lower altitudes. I'm fine with the JT Elites at Wal-Mart, which run cheap at $30 a case. I'm a rec player, though, so paint really doesn't matter as much as in a tourney. I've played with Draxxus, and they're very nice. I've also played with Visible Impact, which were actually the best balls I've ever played with, as far as breaking on impact, flying straight, and maintaining shell shape through storage. As most of the others said, it depends on what you play and where you live!
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Danny N. Bergman
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Honestly with all the years I've played, I can tell you that any paint is fine as long as it's round (no dimples) and breaks when you drop it from the waste (give or take a bounce or two and then break). Fill quality only really matters if you are playing tournaments, other than that any paint is fine.
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There are HUGE debates on which paintball is the best. If you shoot pump and want ever shot to count, I would suggest premium paint at your local field. If you go out guns blazin', I would suggest cheaper paint because you will use a lot of it fast and that is money flying out of you barrel
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