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Old 10-05-2012, 11:00 AM #1
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New Ion owner... have a problem and question

So before I start I read the utimate sticky, but I wanted to get some clarification before I start doing anything.

I am extremly new to paintball.... I have only played 4 times and this is my first electronic gun.

I did a trade with another member on the board and got this gun at a good deal knowing there were some minor issues.

The gun has a virtue board and virute eyes.... if that makes a difference.

When I recieved the gun I knew it had a possible leak in one of the banjos.(Thank you ultimate guide for explaining what a banjo was!)

First thing I did is that I put my HPA tank in to test it out!
Now to be frank it shoots great! I learned all about how to program the virtue board and ran about 1000 rounds through the gun to see how it shot... I love the gun.

WIth all that being said I can HEAR a leak... it sounds like its coming from 2 parts... one around the ASA, and the other inside the gun somewhere. I am guessing from the rear banjo because it sounds like its more to the rear.

The funny thing about the leaks is as I started to fire the gun they stoped.... or at least I could not longer hear it. But If I took the HPA tank off and put back on, i was able to hear it again.

My knowledge level in this is pretty low, But I was wondering if the on/off asa had anything to do with it...

I plan on taking it apart this weekend to see if I can pinpoint the issue, but I just ideas on possibilities so I can narrow it down, or should I just not worry about?

Edit: Also, the gun came with a freak barrel, with just one plug. The owner told me I need to get a freak kit.... i am really not sure what that is, could somone please let me know.

Thank you.

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Old 10-05-2012, 01:20 PM #2
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If it's a stock Ion there is no On/off ASA. If it has an aftermarket ASA there may or may not be an oring which can leak depending on the brand. With the stock ASA there isn't alot of complexity to it which can leak. It's more likely the leak is in the macro line or the tank oring. You will want to make sure all the bolt and regulator orings are good also. There is also several hoses and banjos where you can be leaking from aswell as the solenoid. I would suggest you break it all down and replace all orings first as that's the most likely problem and the easiest fix. If it requires banjos, hoses or solenoid repair you can find most items at the following:

A Freak kit is your basic Freak Barrel kit containing boring inserts, barrel back and front. That would have nothing to do with your leak issue. Freak kits are available at that link aswell.

If the marker is functioning and the leak sound goes away I can't imagine it's a major issue and you can find all the information for any maintenance you require online and on this site.
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Reason why the leak disappears while firing:
The most likely decreases in volume while firing is because the pressure is decreased after firing and charges back up to the set pressure. I'm pretty sure the leaks reappear if you fire and then let it sit for a couple of seconds.

Anyway, on to the leaks:

The ASA leak is most likely an oring inside your ASA or from the macroline fitting on the front of it. This is most likely fixable depending on the brand.

The rear frame leak is most likely in a couple places.

Banjo oring: the oring sealing the banjo threads may be damaged which would allow air pressure to escape.

Macroline (banjo side): the macroline may not be cut square on the end which can cause a weak seal and let air escape past the hose and out of the banjo.

Macroline (solenoid barb).1: your ion may have been over pressurized at one point causing the hose to stretch and expand causing a weak seal.

Macroline (solenoid barb).2: your macroline between the barb (on the T-fitting connected to the solenoid on the board) and the rear banjo may be too long in length. This will cause a leak when the ion body & internals are fastened to the frame. The force caused by the two parts connecting will cause the macroline to have a pushing force against the barb which will create a weak seal (a stronger seal would be a pulling force on the barb).

Donut/firing can: the orings sealing the donut and the firing can at the rear of the firing assembly (held on by a C-clip) may have damaged static orings (more unlikely than previous examples and wouldn't necessarily disappear while firing).

Bolt: the two small orings at the end of your bolt stem may be damaged. (this can cause the leak you are describing, but would also create problems with cycling).

Freak kit:

The freak kit contains inserts and a two piece barrel.
The inserts give the ability to change the initial control bore of the barrel so you can match it to your paint. A good paint to bore match results in higher efficiency and a tighter paint spread.
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