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Old 04-22-2012, 01:01 PM #1
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All Points Bulletin: Reloaded. Where everyone is a hacker.

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded (from here on out APB:R) is a MMO shooter game thing that involves you mousing over the bad guys and clicking until they die. Since the genre of mousing over bad guys and clicking until they die is popular, I thought some of you guys would enjoy this game.

Seriously, what is this game about? What is it like?

APB:R is a faction based MMO third-person-shooter thing. It is also free to play and PC exclusive. You pick to be an Enforcer (a sort of legal vigilante) or a criminal (self explanatory). There is also insane amounts of customization available. You are able to buy clothes, cars, make decals, and apply those decals on your cars and clothes.

It is important to know the difference

APB has two main district types. Action Districts (which provide you with contacts to level up your rep, which unlocks new weapons, clothing and cars) and Fight Club Districts (a game mode for unlocking weekly rewards, but wont let you level up contacts.)

'Aight, this game looks pretty cool. What should I do as a new guy?

Pick the right faction for you
Criminals can mug civilians and ram raid shop-fronts for money. Enforcers can use LTL (Less Than lethal) weaponry to stun enemy crims and arrest them. Arrests give more money than kills. Enforcers can put cool police-lights on their cars. Crims can sulk in the corner, wishing they could. Crims have 3 exclusive cars: the Mikro, Bishada and Espacio:

Enforcers get the Jericho, Vaquero and Nulander:

Do the tutorial
Seriously, just do it. It only takes about 5-10 minutes. Read what it tells you, as well.

Check your key binds
Check which key allows you switch which shoulder you look over. This is very important in APB. Pick a key you are fine with clicking a lot. You will be.

Join an action district.
You wont progress through the games unlock system if you join Fight Club. FC is mainly endgame for max level players.

Check if you are ready or not
The default key for readying or unreadying is K. Upon joining a district or completing a mission, you will automatically ready up if you dont double click K. You can check your ready status in the top left corner. Do NOT let yourself go into ready status if you have not pledged to a contact.

Choose contacts that unlock what you want
Some contacts unlock car related things. Some only give you clothes. Some will shower you in guns. The first contact you level up should be a gun giver. Simply open up the map with M, click not he contacts icon twice and click "Pledge to this Contact" in the bottom right corner of the window. If you are a criminal, talk to Veronika Lee in Financial or Britney Bloodrose in Waterfront. Enforcers should talk to Chung-Hee in waterfront or Ty Durrant in Financial.

What are good guns for newbies?
The OCA is an extremely easy to use weapon for medium-close range.
The NFAS dominates in close range, but lacks any real luster past 10/15 meters.
If you enjoy ****ting lots of bullets very fast at the expense of high recoil and slow run speed, try the SHAW.
The Joker Rifle is good semi-auto close/mid range gun if you can click fast enough.
The STAR (the weapon you begin with) is a good all-round weapon, but doesn't excel in any category.
The N-TEC is like the star, but with slightly more damage, higher recoil and is not as accurate.

For the pistols, you will have to try them out yourself. It is a very good idea to change your pistol ASAP. the starter pistol, the SNR, is really really bad. Most people enjoy the Joker pistol (3-round-burst all rounder), PDW (CQB machine pistol), FBW (good all round semi-auto pistol) or the ACT44 (long range, decent damage, slow ROF and low mag capacity). The ACT44 takes a while to unlock though.

Someone called me a hacker! Now what?!
A large portion of the APB community cant accept defeat, and will call anyone that murders them a hacker. Wear that hackusation as a medal of honor. You are so kicking rad at APB that someone thought you are hacking. Oh no they said they reported me now what?! There is no way to report hackers in APB. All hacker bans are done automatically. No one has been banned from being reported for hacking.

The correct way to handle a hackusation

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Old 04-23-2012, 12:53 PM #2
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Played this game for a bit when it first came out. It was pretty fun for a bit, but it seemed pay to win to me.
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Old 03-01-2014, 07:58 AM #3
sucka T.
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I love this game. I'm bringing it back.
1st Annual ST Friendship BBQ

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