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Old 01-14-2013, 11:02 AM #22
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I play at other fields all the time, if i see a player hit, ill say it and let them know, i dont call them out i just advise that player and the refs dont care when your helping out.

When i goto a other field i advise them i am a manager/head ref at a other field and there very please to have a ref thats off the clock or what, cause it a other pair of eyes out on the field but i dont mask calls, its there job. Im there to have fun not work.

There has been a few times ive been asked to ref at a other field ive went to just to play just to lend a hand. I also give refs tips on things and such. Even if you are right and there wrong, never argue with a ref, you will be on there bad side and you dont want that
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Lysdexia (Banned)
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Is it hard to become a ref
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I've played 20 years. Mostly scenario now but occasionally rec to burn up some left over scenario paint or introduce the Sport to someone. Two comments.

There is a fundamental rule of life that is so hard for everyone to learn:

The next time you are at school or work or playing paintball and you receive an injustice, think of this Rule of LIFE before you open your mouth....

"It is not who is right or wrong. It is simply who gets to decide."

Then pick your words carefully.

Where do kids get taught that Life should be Fair. It should be but it isn't. The best we can do is have RULES so people know how to expect other people to behave. Ever read the rule book at work? Nothing in it for YOU. It sure isn't in the Bible. Talks about one injustice after another. My theory is kindergarden teachers.

On more than one occasion, I have gone to the owner of the field and complained about a ref. They should do their job and I am a paying customer.

Most recently it was a scenario game. Just attacked enemy HQ and was eliminated. Hands up over my head and walking in a direct line towards our insertion point. Right within 30 feet of their HQ. Yeah, I was doing a little recon of the HQ. but I was already PAST their HQ when I was shot again by another player from about 6 feet away. I wouldn't have objected to 1 or 2 "Bonus Balls" but he just lit me up with about 10 rounds. I objected to the HQ ref for receiving 10 balls with both hands over my head and demanded he punch that players card for unsportsmanlike conduct. He said it was "field justice" for walking through their base.

No ref should let any player administer "field justice".

Defeats the purpose of having refs in the first place and if it is OK at a given field, then the gloves come off and it turns into a realy ugly game that will never see another dime of mine.

I went directly to the owner, told him the story above and my opinion about field justice. Afterwards I noticed we had a new ref at the enemys HQ and the one that was there was filling air tanks.

Still, in scenario play it is not unusal for the refs to not be familiar with scenario play. They are used to reffing rec and tournament ball. They are not used to interacting with bazookas, Nerf rounds, tanks, etc. They may not know the RULES of the game for those things. But when that happens, I accept the ruling on the field and advise the Head Ref that some of the refs seem to be unaware of this or that rule. He has a radio and the refs have radios, so the word gets out. Sometimes you can appeal a refs call to clarify by calling the head ref. That works sometimes but never make it advesarial.

For example, I walked into enemy HQ by slipping in behind the last guy coming out of the insertion. Shot the General first (50 points) and then shot the XO and surrendered loudly with both hands up in the air. I still took 50 paintballs at close range. Price you pay for doing something like that. The guys didn't think and just reacted firing on a enemy in their midst. But I asked the HQ ref for double kill points for TWO General kills. Huh? I shot the General FIRST, the XO was then the General in command, then I shot the new General. Two general kills. Call the head ref. Whatever he says is OK with me. Got two general kills.... And that is not printed anywhere in any rule book that I have ever read.

Scenario play has a lot more flexibility than rec or tournament ball. They encourage tactical thinking, improvization, adapting, creativity. But it has to pass the 'giggle test' with the rerfs. If they start snickering, you went too far...

If you play between the lines of the scenario rule book ( aka pushing the envelope, playing creatively, almost cheating) you have to accept the refs ruling no matter what. If you have time, ASK a ref if that is within the rules. 75% he will say OK.

For example, Moonshine Run. I took our money to buy parts for building extra stills and double or triple our moonshine production. I was supposed to buy a 55 gallon drum. I asked the ref / store keeper if I could buy all the copper pipe. He said yes. Does that mean the other side would not be able to complete building a second still? Yes, I guess your right. So I bought all the 'copper condensor' in the store.

My general was not happy that I spent ALL the money came back with condensors for 6 stills that we could not possibly use. I explained that I just eliminated the other teams ability to have more than one still in production unless they came down here and found where we hid all this extra pipe. The other team was furious! Just LIVID! Complained to the producer. Not fair! Part of the game... It is on the field of play. Go get take it back if you want it. We BARELY won the game even with two stills to their one still. We still had to get the shine inside the store to sell it and they did a very good job controlling the access to the store. It was a Must Do for them to have a chance to win the game and they fought rightously. One of the most intense, hard fought games I have ever attended.

The tipping point for the game turned out to be a KID with a STINGRAY marker that snuck/crawled all the way around the firefight and put a ball on their still in the HQ. That blows it up. So they either had to go buy those parts back at the store or after 45 minutes, they got it back for free. That cost them three runs of moonshine production and the KID with the STINGRAY got most valuable player for our side. At the end of the game everyone on both sides could hold their heads high knowing they fought the good fight - win or lose.
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The reff was wrong for letting the player cheat. You were wrong for taking it easy on them. Its not going to make them better and learn from their mistakes if you let them make them.
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You where completely in the right.
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Originally Posted by liquidfiretibby View Post
agreed. just cuz hes the ref doesnt mean hes my local fields the average ref age is like 17
Same where I play most of them are on there phones.... I have told the owners and well I guess they think in kidding just because I know the refs but until some one get seriously hurt they will understand I was telling them the truth
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