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Sherwood Forest
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Sherwood Forest supports Sherwood Forest
Scenario Game Rules

General Scenario Game Rules

Game rules made for a specific game will take precedence over the General Game Rules

Game Materials:
There is absolutely no copying of any game materials. This includes but is not limited to ID Badges, Character cards, Special Role Cards, cash, mission sheets, arm band tape of any color, and props brought by the game producer. You must have permission from the game producer to use any props other then what is being provided.

In your packet that you will receive at registration it should contain:
1- ID Badge that will have your number on it. You will have to have this to get your marker chono’d and punched by the referee. You will not be allowed on the field without having had a referee verify that your marker has been checked and cleared for play. This is required for each segment of the game.

The number is also what will be called for the prize package giveaway.
If you lose your ID badge you must see the game producer before you will be allowed back on the field.

1- Colored Character card. This card will verify what side you are playing for. It will have a space to write your ID badge number on.

Insertions will be at the top of the hour for 5 min. Twenty after the hour for 5 min. and 20 till the hour for 5 min. Clocks will be at the insertion points for your convenience. When the insertion window is open you may tag up at your base and go back in the game. If the window is closed you must go to your insertion point and wait for the window to open.
When inserting you must go within 50 ft. of your base before you are a live player and then you may remove your barrel sock.

Hot insertions: means that the enemy is at or near your base. You will enter play with your barrel sock off and may begin firing as soon as you are on the other side of the net. You do not have to go within 50 ft. of your base with a hot insertion. Hot insertions can only be called by a referee.

You may only insert from your insertion point. Inserting anywhere other then at your insertion point will be considered cheating and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the game with no refund.

Each side will have a Commander that will be in charge of building his/her own leadership group. They have complete control of their side. They are in charge of assigning Special Roles for their side. The Commander may go anywhere on the field that they choose to. They may be required to lead missions, to hold meetings with Role Players, or to sacrifice their life for the good of the cause. The only time Commanders are worth points will be when they are included in a mission.
If the Commander is going to be off the field longer than 1 insertion they must appoint someone to take the Command.
Commanders must have both of their arms taped with their side colored arm band tape. Only the Commander (or designated appointee) is allowed to tape both arms with their colored arm band tape.
To eliminate a Commander in his/her base, put your foot next to the netting and call “All dead”, this will eliminate anyone inside the Command base. It will not destroy the base.
Do not point or bring any markers into the Command Base.

If you are wearing your arm band tape and are within 50 ft of your Command Post you are safe from elimination by any player wearing the same color as you are. You may only be eliminated by a player wearing the enemy arm band tape or no tape at all.
At no time are you allowed in the enemies Command Post.

Under no circumstances will a player or team switch sides without the approval of the game producer. If approved they must give up their character card and arm band tape.
Giving your arm band tape or character cards to other players is strictly forbidden.

Will have the final say about any disputes on the field. Do not argue with a referee. If your problem cannot be settled on the field you should see the game producer. The game producer will have the final say about any problems that may arise.

Player refs:
There will be player refs on the field. These players will be chosen by the game producer. The player refs can answer questions about the game and rules; they will be watching for any unsportsmanlike behavior and will report any such behavior to the ultimate ref and/or game producer. Player refs cannot sign off on any mission.

Different colored tape will be provided for each side. It is up to your Commander whether their troops must wear the tape.
Special Roles will be required to wear special designated colored arm band tape along with their side colored tape. Both colored tapes must be worn on the same arm, above the elbow, and both colors must be clearly visible.
The only legal way to obtain the enemies arm band tape is for them to give it to you!
You may NOT:
Pick it up off the ground
Bring your own
Use Velcro or any colored tape to deceive the enemy
Falsify role cards to get the enemy arm band tape

All lights brought on the field must have an on/off switch. If the light is hit by a paintball or blown up it is the responsibility of the owner of the light to turn it off until the next insertion. The light should be turned off immediately.

Search the body:
After you have been eliminated someone from the opposing force may yell “search the body”. At that time you must stop and wait for ~ 1 minute and give them time to reach you. If in that time they can get to you then you must immediately surrender any props, cash, supply cards, bullets, etc. that you have on your person. You do not have to surrender your ID Badge or Special Role Card. You cannot yell “search the body” at a group of people, you must single one individual out.


Anti-aircraft/tank gunners:
These players have the ability to use LAW rocket launchers. Laws can be used to blow up command bunkers, bridges and buildings (it may take more then 1 rocket) and groups of people within or on these structures, to down aircraft and take out tanks.
You must have a rocket card before you can shoot a rocket. Prior to launching a rocket you must have a ref present to confirm a hit or miss and to either sign or punch your rocket card. Once you have used up your 6 shots on the rocket card you must see your Commander for a new card.
Only Anti-aircraft/tank gunners can carry nerf rockets. They may borrow rockets from other Anti-aircraft/tank gunners but they can not borrow a rocket card.

Can use C4 with smoke attached. The C4 must have the smoke attached to be operational. A stick of C4 or just smoke will not work - it must be attached together. The smoke must be set off to be effective. Only a Demolition can handle C4, it must be placed on the ground and then set off. C4 cannot be thrown. The demo will then have a few seconds to remove themselves from the immediate area of the charge anyone else in the 20 foot radius when the smoke is set off is eliminated. Anyone in a 20 foot radius of the exploded charge is considered eliminated.

These players have the ability to rebuild structures which have been previously blown up. These players are the only ones who may tow a downed aircraft back to their command bunker. Aircraft are considered props.

MEDIC: Must wear side color arm band tape along with white arm band tape on the same arm above the elbow and both must be clearly visible for all to see.
Medics are able to heal players on the field. They must reach the player within one minute, wipe the paint from the player and write down the player's ID badge number on their Bandage Card. At this point, the player is again a live player and can resume play. Head shots are not healable! All hits are fatal at night! Medics do not work at night.

Will have to carry a sniper gun. They will have special bullets. They will tell a referee who they would like to snipe. The object or person must be within 300 ft and easily identifiable by the sniper and referee. Once the object or person has been sniped they must give their bullet to the referee. 1 Snipe 1 Bullet. The sniped player must immediately leave the field of play at their insertion point.
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Sherwood Forest
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Sherwood Forest supports Sherwood Forest
General Rules 2nd part


Transport Planes:
Has the ability to fly a simulated aircraft for up to a
20-minute time period each flight. The aircraft can carry one pilot and normally up to four additional passengers.
If the transport plane wishes to land the pilot must have one knee on the ground and count to 5 before anyone can disembark or start shooting.
Transport pilot and passengers can not shoot from a flying aircraft at ground troops. They may engage with other aircraft.
Should a passenger let go of the aircraft's rope while in flight, he is eliminated. If the pilot lets go of the rope all are eliminated.

A helicopter is a simulated aircraft that has a fly time of 5 minutes for each flight. It may be an attack helicopter or a recon helicopter.
This player must use a pump gun only. Pump gun must be chrono’d at no more than 250 fps.
They may engage other aircraft.
Ground troops can not fire at a helicopter
Helicopters are forbidden to land their aircraft to engage the enemy.

For both aircrafts:
If either aircraft stay out longer then their fuel allows they will crash.
Only a law rocket can take out a flying aircraft. It must hit pilot, plane or passenger. If the law breaks the plane between anyone on the aircraft it will down the plane.
The following of any aircraft by ground troops is strictly forbidden. You may radio that you have seen an aircraft to set up an ambush by an anti-aircraft gunner but you cannot follow it. Doing so will get you a judge punch and be eliminated.

Missions: Missions will normally come with 3 parts. Unless specified you may choose which part you want to start with. You will have one hour to complete as many parts of the mission as possible.

Assault: Means you must either shoot the objective more then once with a marker, law or blow the objective up. If there is a time period of the assault you must then continue to assault for that length of time.

Defend: You must keep the objective out of the enemy’s hands for a length of time.

Demolition: You will have a specific mission where you need to destroy the objective within a time frame. It must be blown up with C4 with smoke attached. You must set the smoke off to complete the mission. A Demo expert must complete this mission. Once the objective has been destroyed the Demo or referee will tape it off. You must present your role card to a referee before taping the objective off. A Demo will be considered neutral while taping and given time to retreat back before considered live.

Repair/Rebuild: You will have a specific objective which you need to repair/rebuild within a specific time frame. An Engineer must go on this mission to the specified structure and remove the Demo tape from the destroyed objective. An Engineer must present his/her role card to a referee before removing the tape and take tape off with them.

Patrol: You must be actively patrolling from one objective or point to another objective or point to complete this mission. You may only have to do it once or it may be for a specified time.

Ambush: You must go to the objective and set up an ambush. You then must actively engage the enemy if possible. This may be for specified length of time.

Sweep: You must go to the objective and clear out the entire enemy in the area.

Take and Hold: You must go to the objective, clear out the enemy and hold the objective for a specified time.

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Sherwood Forest
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Sherwood Forest supports Sherwood Forest
continude rules

Listening Post: You must be within hearing distance of the objective with a referee in presence to verify what you are hearing and report back to your base what you hear.

Recon and Report: You must physically view what is going on. You will need a referee to verify the information you will report back to your base.

Retrieve: You must go to the objective, find the object and bring it to where you are instructed to bring it.

Snipe: You must find the objective or the person to be sniped. You must put 1 paintball on the objective or person. You may use a sniper bullet to complete this mission.

Meet and Greet: You must go out and meet someone, or have a meeting with someone coming to see you.

Cash for missions:
Completed missions will earn cash from the referee signing off on your completion. The amount will vary according to the mission. The game producer will decide on how much you will initially get, the referee at his/her discretion may give you more depending on how hard you had to fight to complete your mission. Do not forget to collect from the referee at the time the mission was completed, they may not remember that they did not pay you later. It is your responsibility to collect your earnings at the proper time not the referee’s.

Props can only be taken off field for 1 insertion. They cannot be buried and they cannot be kept in the CP. All props should be kept within a 50 ft radius of the base.

No one is allowed to monitor, jam or talk on the referee channel. Channel 1 will be reserved for referees only. Anyone caught monitoring; jamming or talking on the referee channel will be ejected from the game immediately with no refund.

Dead men do not talk!!!! If you have been eliminated you must wait until you are in the dead box to either talk or use your radio. If you are walking back to the camping area and see something you may still radio that in. Please do not stand at the netting and call in if you are out of the game. Spectators are not to yell to players on field. Dead players taking will receive a hole punch. Players responding to dead man will be eliminated.

Completing missions and holding territory is what earns points for your side. Points are what win the game. Cash to purchase extra supplies, missions, props etc. can make a big difference in the game. Interacting with Role Players may get you props, cash or information.
The side with the most points will win the game
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