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Old 05-28-2001, 08:33 PM #1
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Cool NorCal Fields Reviews...

Everyone in Northern Cali/Bay Area...

post your reviews on different fields in the area...

Which ones are best to play at? Best deals?
Are they friendly? a**holes? Etc....

Give pros and well as an overall rating.

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Old 05-29-2001, 10:08 AM #2
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Sunol outdoors - speedball fields, little pricey, only 2 tables for a staging area. Staff is pretty kewl. Big on saftey. Games start fast, usually play 2 games back to back than a 5min break. Also they usually run a novice and an advance game at the same time on different fields. Fun place to play.

Fairgrounds indoors- Fun airball field. Indoor speed ball is not fun considering the small area of play with 20-30 players on each team. Playing field too dark and the place smells like horse poo. Large staging area with many tables. Refs don't do to good of a job. Paint is $100 a case. I wouldn't go back.

Paintball Jungle outdoors - good for a woods game. Paint price is average. Large staging area. People complain about the home field team (Hornets) of cheating a lot. Fun place to play woodsball.

SHerwood outdoors - speedball and woods combined. medium staging area. Ok place to play. Some of refs have big power trips for a 13yr old.
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Old 06-01-2001, 03:33 AM #3
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paintball sams- (pros)good people,speedball,sup air, woods, ok staging area,soon to have a hyperball, knowageable airsmiths (CONS) long walk to each field, some refs just suck, pricey, long breaks..

xtream paintball- (pros)honest players, nice people, good refs, nice prices, quick breaks, hyperball!!, fields right next to each other huge netted staging area, pros go there and give you tips all the time...(cons) sup air not big enough(there going to make it bigger i think),not enough fields(4), no woods(if you like that sort of thing)

my 2 cents

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Old 06-03-2001, 02:59 AM #4
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xtream paintball?

i was wondering where xtream paintball field is? never heard of it.. sounds like a small place.. but a fun one..

hook me up with some details.. directions.. etc.. thanks
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Old 06-05-2001, 02:23 AM #5
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I'll put good votes in for sherwood and sunol. Sunol is all speedball, and sherwood is "combo".

If you live further south, Bear Creek Paintball near Los Gatos is also very good. for phone number and some basic information.

They play combo woods/speed, depending on how you play the field basically. Great refs, well run.
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Old 06-05-2001, 02:28 AM #6
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thanks matt.. i've played at bearcreek a few times its pretty cool. the thing i dont like about it . is the time it takes to get a new game on if u have more than 10 people per team.. otherwise its a fun place to play..

was there couple weeks ago.. maybe we shot at each other..

only angel at the field.. silver..

got any other info on more fields?
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Old 07-26-2001, 02:23 AM #7
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The Adventure Game: good field, nice people (and refs), i think its 3 or 4 woods and one speedball. And they're building new fields in the back

They try to put renters with renters and self equipped against self equipped... So you won't have any newbies playing their first day against a guy with an angel. TAG is also the only field in the west (that they know of) which runs its rentals on nitro

I've been to bear creek, hated it, the refs were jackholes and the field sucked

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Old 07-26-2001, 08:33 AM #8
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I heard some bad reviews about Tag, saftey owners a butt, etc.
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Old 08-02-2001, 07:03 PM #9
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Here's my list and how I rated them...

(+) Reccommended
(0) Worth going
(-) Save the money

Bear Creek (+) *(I haven't been there in a couple of years)
Pros: Big field; reasonably clean field ; varied terrain; allow(ed) BYOP
Cons: Only one field (may be different now); No speedball;
Overall : Pretty good place to play, I'd go there again if it weren't a long drive (3+ hours).

Fairgrounds (+)
Pros: Sup'air and Hyperball fields, Good competition; spectators can watch; the staff was pretty cool to me (but I've only gone with people that know them, so that explains why); Allows BYOP (white fill only)
Cons: (if you like woods) Sup'air and Hyperball fields only (1 of each); usually pretty packed for public games; Sup'air bunkers tend to deflate;
Overall : Haven't played there in a while because I had been going to a field (since closed) that was a lot closer to where I live. I plan on going back on a more often.

Sherwood Forrest (0)
Pros: Reasonable Prices; Decent staff; Good sized fields (at least 3); Allows BYOP
Cons: Saw occassional cheating; and sometimes poor safety(people on the field chrono'd in at 300+ fps with the ref watching, people taking their masks off on the field); Fields need to be maintained better (lots of saplings and things to trip over if you're not carefull)
Overall : Decent place, I'm not crazy with it, but I'll play there occassionally, when I'm in the mood for some wooded fields.

The Paintball Jungle (-)
Pros: Big (really big) fields (at least 4); lots of people.
Cons: too many trees- in rows, like an orchard; some fields don't have any boundries; a little pricey; BYOP allowed if you pay extra (I don't like having to pay to buy paint, and then pay again to use it); Reffing is almost non existant; The cheating that goes on there is simply horrendous.
Overall : I wouldn't play there again unless I get paid to.

Wild West Paintball (+)
Pros: Field is clean and well maintained; Management is great; Reffing is solid; High level of safety; reasonable prices; allows BYOP
Cons: Only one field; Location; No shade off the field & very little on the field.
Overall : a small operation that's a little out of the way, but well worth it if you live north of Vallejo.
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Old 08-30-2001, 01:07 AM #10
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The Adventure Game(TAG): Well operated, good turn outs on saturdays but tend to always have big groups of rentals. Good competition occasionally but usually a rec environment. one speedball field and three small wooded ones. BIG plus: the field operation sometimes allows unnofficial games to go on during breaks or at the end of the day(2on2s 1on1s!!!) Usually no nitro fills. ***** 5/5

Bear Creek(North Field): Small sized wood field, can be cramped when busy but draws a good rec crowd, mostly cockers and spyders with occasional electros. Well run, but long breaks between games(about 8 games/day). Usually no nitro fills. no bunkering. Currently CLOSED due to an errosion problem. **** 4/5

Bear Creek(South Field): Heavily wooded field filled with trees and branches. Mostly good for rec play and attracts about 30 ppl for the day. In my opinion, better than BC north because south is a bit larger and offers a lot of slops and hills to have fun on. I have seen nitro available, no bunkering. NOTE: The BC fields are the absolutely best run fields I have ever been to. If you want the ultimate recball woods experience, go here. ***** 5/5

Action Zone: I believed it was recently shut down but just for fun, this is one of the worst "fields"(if it deserves that term) I've visited. It serves as mainly a wherehouse for newbs to run around and spend all their cash. About $8 per 100rnds, poorly operated and unsafe, undermanned and disorganized. 0/5

Sunol: If you live in the area, go here. Offers an extremely competetive environment for the field. If you go on the right day, or wrong, you will find nothing but angels and "wannabe" tournament players. Nonetheless, they have the best equipment and can ruin a day for people looking for a hold hands bonding woods ball experience(you know what I mean). NOTE: On some days the players split of into an experienced group when there are enough players, usually this is beneficial for all. Sharply contrasts with that of BC and TAG. **** 4/5

If you guys have any questions feel free to fire them off, I like to give the heads up(or at least my opinion) on what to look out for, good and bad.

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