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Old 06-11-2011, 02:10 AM #1
Death is Coming...
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SL Owners Group v.25: Orvis is protecting us from the Sky (well not yet)

Anyone who wishes to apply, please post a picture and serial number of your SL in the thread, LIKE SO:

This makes life much easier
(What gun and color you have)(Serial Number) - (PbNation Username)
Ex. Custom anno'd black SL8R #RO146 - paintballer35


The purpose for this club is to keep track of who owns what Ego SL66/74/8r/94s/SLs' and Geo SL91's to just talk about resale, talk about the guns, and anything else that comes to mind dealing with SL's! This is an Elite club and to maintain membership you must abide by the rules. Anyone can post, but only those that abide by the rules will be members.

-You must have pictures of your gun to join NO LINKS to pictures.
-You must own an SL66/74/8r/94/91/s
-You must take pride in your SL
-You must have pictures of your SL
-You must not flame another persons SL(s)
-You must include the full serial # of your gun, so we can keep track of who has what.
-If you trade or get rid of your SL(s) or get a new one, you must post pictures and the full serial number of the gun so we can keep track.
-You MUST post actively in the thread or you'll get taken out
- Less than 20 posts in a complete thread will result in removal from the group, and you must re-apply
-I will add you when i see your pictures and I see that you post actively
-No BST!!!!!


Honorary Council Members
- WinterGS - Seńor Twatwaffle del Mexican Chair People
- msonic - tEh hEdgehog
- Orvis09 - Grenadier
- viperashes - Deppidy Sherruf

Council Members
-BananaJacksonthe 3rd
- trainerKEN - Ken the Azn Guido

1.) sniper314 - Christian
2.) snyper780
3.) Soul06 - Larnel
4.) Stizz - Derek
5.) Aznac872 - John
6.) gt_viper55
7.) 96 Ls lnteg - Mike
8.) webinarwizards
9.) Bobd314 - Ben
10.) bunkerking1994 - Joe
11.) Vicious49 - Farhan
12.) AKAviking14
14.) crazeemanny
15.) alex_d


Currently owned/tracked SL66s:

Ninja XSV SL66 #X0716 - TonTonWoo
Telford XSV SL66 #X0699 - TonTonWoo
ODD Beatdown City SL66 #X0591 - Etfren
Telford SL66 #X0720 - Etfren
XSV SL66 #X0326 - s4l
Ice Cuba SL66 #X0165 - Johnypb
Krypton Ice SL66 #X0544 - $h@key J0nEZ
Bushwackers SL66 #B0074 - LkDn
Tan/Gold SL66 #X0130 - georgeboumrad
Telford XSV SL66 #X0717 - Jrmiller
Bushwackers SL66 #B0097 - Nsho
Troll XSV SL66 #X0594 - Pancho's Mafia
Custom anno'd Red/Black XSV SL66 X0083 - BananaJacksonthe 3rd
Ron Phipps 1 of 1 SL66 #X0019 - Jettyboy.
OC Bushwackers SL66 #B0033 - Dover

Currently owned/tracked SL74s:

ODD Aurora SL74 #S0233 - alex_d
Avalanche Black/Tan SL74 #A011 - DriverJ
XSV White Knight SL74 #X1058 - jrred17
SL74 Green/Black #S0183 - TonTonWoo
SL74 Black/Silver #S0226 - TonTonWoo
XSV SL74 Black/Gold #X1091 - TonTonWoo
Custom White/Tan SL74 #S0166 - TypiCal
Arsenal Black/Khaki #S0597 - laxplayer9352
Infamous SL74 #S0334 - G-Rock33
Custom anno'd Chinese lettering SL74 #S0490 - phantomette
XSV SL74 #X1005 - SNAKE3368
Black/Silver SL74 #S0634 - _GTFO_
Blue/Black SL74 #S0653 - DRIFTER7777
XSV White Knight SL74 #X1066 - paintball addiction
Black/Aurora SL74 #S0688 - bigmm28
White/Aurora SL74 #D1058 - brando78red
Avalanche SL74 #A0028 - anto_pb
Black/Silver SL74 #S0105 - bunkerking1994
Infamous SL74 #S0037 - Kchadwick917
Dark Vampire SL74 #D1041 - Riot mad cow
Dark Cobalt/Black #D1093 - Riot mad cow
Black/Aurora SL74 #S0666- Nsho
Black/Aurora SL74 #S0676 - rawdmon
Black/Gold SL74 #D1007 - Aznac872
Dark Vampire SL74 #D1057 - pinowarrior
Hurricanes SL74 #S0247 - BananaJacksonthe 3rd

Currently owned/tracked SL8rs:

Custom anno'd black SL8R #R0146 - paintballer35
Dark White Knight SL8R #D1201 - E-Techy
Pure SL8R #R0682 - DriverJ
Edmonton Impact team SL8R #R0018 - Welsh mob
White/Blue SL8R #R0697 - Racersnare21
Dark Cream SL8R #R0345 - Pablo21494
Edmonton Impact team SL8R #X0025 - phantomette
Custom anno'd Blue/Gold SL8R #R0288 - smellslikepork
Ocean SL8R #R0336 - Soul06
White/Steel SL8R #R0191 - odst93
Dark Dust Gold/Black SL8R #D1103 - OTTB4LL3Rz
Dark White Knight SL8R #D1184 - DRIFTER7777
Pure SL8R #R0037 - Sbpb69
White/Blue SL8R #R0699 - Vertigo 07
Ocean SL8R #R0897 - NoLimitz_07
Cream/Purple SL8R #R0193 - brando78red
Dark Light Trooper SL8R #D1159 - p8ntballer322
Cold Steel SL8R #R0361 - mwood8103
Hurricanes SL8R #R0153 - ilovedye33
Cold Steel SL8R #R0863 - lax01
Cream/White SL8R #R0782 - Biohaz4rd
Impact SL8R #R0633 - LkDn
Pure SL8R #R0175 - TROGDOR7861
Custom anno'd Orange/Gunmetal SL8R #R0145 - Kaotix
Dark Light Trooper SL8R #D1166 - shadowof
Hurricanes SL8R #R0624 - williecarrillo
Dark Light Trooper SL8R #D1189 - TeamChaos99
Cold Steel SL8R #R0851 - thewaytolite
Dark Pure/Steel SL8R #D1158 - Dannyboy4477
Pure SL8R #R0744 - Godfather_Actual
Black/Steel SL8R #R0731 - TonTonWoo
SL8r Pure Serial #R0108 - alex_d

Currently owned/tracked SL94s

Dark SL94 (Ice Cuba) #D2000 - DriverJ
Dark SL94 #D2028 - bigjohn141
Dark SL94 #D2024 - G-Rock33
Dark SL94 #D2005 - Chris_NAD_21
Dark SL94 #D2016 - POt_H3@D
Jack Frost SL94 #S1017 - murk em out
Graphite SL94 #S1113 - DRIFTER7777
Brown/Black SL94 #S1011 - cp kid
Dark Ninja SL94 #D2032 - webinarwizards
White Envy SL94 #S1118 - viperashes
Storm Trooper SL94 #S1370 - shadowof
Custom polished SL94 #S1388 - Snyper780
Dark Black/Red SL94 #D2078 - mwood8103
G4H SL94 #S1205 - NoLimitz_07
Dark Vampire SL94 #D2009 - webinarwizards
Stealth SL94 #S1241 - wavedanger
Midnight Stealth SL94 #S1345 - niskyhockey20
Jack Frost SL94 #S1393- DaLuxe1400
Vampire SL94 #S1578 - patcom8
Krypton Ice SL94 #S1133 - h0ckeyman
Jack Frost SL94 #S1403- Ragin Cajun
Hurricanes SL94 #S1009 - Sniper314
Midnight Stealth SL94 #S1159 - Lissa
Custom anno'd Black/Gold SL94 #S1451 - Stizz
Dark Ninja SL94 #D2027 - EddieR
Inca SL94 #S1457 - SplatCase
Graphite SL94 #S1213 - TonTonWoo
Light Trooper SL94 #S1792 - TonTonWoo
Granite II Stealth SL94 #S1450 - levesque45
1 of 1 Mantis/Teal SL94 #S1447 - Vicious49
Inca SL94 #S1629 - karasawa
"Dirty Jack Frost" #S1409 - h0bomatic
Granite Stealth SL94 #S1147 - trainerKEN
Pink Lady SL94 #S1746 - Wallace1
Krypton Ice SL94 #S1645 - alex_d
Custom anno'd Black/Purple SL94 #S1112 - Da1stMONSTERSOBE

Currently owned/tracked SL91s

Jack Wood/ Joe Pineapples Custom Graphic SL91 #0001 - Jack Wood
Dust Black/ Dust Blue "hybrid" SL91 #0002 - Ryan Lovato
Dust Blink SL91 #0003 - MVPSteve
"Dark Pooper" Matte Brown/Matte Grey SL91 #0004 - Mike (96 Ls Integ)
Dark Trooper SL91 #0005 - WinterGS
Dust Black/Dust Lime SL91 #0006 - LeGringo
Dust Poison SL91 #0007 - WFPSP
London Calling SL91 #0008 - Alex_d
Matte Burgundy/ Matte Grey SL91 #0009 - Steve Monks (7lash)
Subzero SL91 #0010 - Uziel Gal

Currently owned/tracked SLSs

Swamp SLs #2036 - Bobd314
Polar SLs # S2129 - webinarwizards
Swamp SLs #S2049 - snyper780
Gilver SLs #S2008 - Pin0yPaintballers
Gilver SLs #S2121 - Soul06
Orange/Red "Inferno" SLs #S2134 - Vicious49
Polar SLs # S2014 - Viperashes
Polar SLs #S2062 - alex_d
Polar SLs #S2255 - DriverJ
Dynasty SLS #S2312 - Chungdae


Currently Owned/tracked CSLs

Panther #CS158 - msonic


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Old 06-11-2011, 05:34 AM #2
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What did we decide on for the new thread name? Nobody posted or started a new damn thread yet.
~::aut viam inveniam aut faciam::~

"**** it. You only live once. You can't take your money with you, so spend it on **** you want. You can't take your **** with you, so make sure you break it before you leave." - Me

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