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>>>>>>>>>>> Gameplay & Storyline For SplatFest NW ...Aug 6&7th<<<<<<<<<

Ok Gentlemen here is the game storyline, point scoring system, and rules that will be used. This was given countless hours of thought, to try and make this one of the best big games of recent times. It combines having to use your forces for defending, attacking, running missions, and holding key location to gain the upper hand all at the same time. I’ve tried to implement ideas that will keep the game fun,fair,and fresh for all. Hope you like…….

The War of 2013

The year is 2013…….This was the year to follow the demise of the current world as we know it. As predicted on 12/21/2012 the world took a turn for the worse. It didn’t end as many thought it would, however it did start a chain of events that has left our nation divided and in chaos. With the shifting of the earth, all satellites and communication with the outside world is down. With rising sea levels and simultaneous natural disasters happening globally, what used to be simple everyday products, have now become sought after necessities and commodities . In this new day, what people don’t have they fight for. Only the strong survive, the weak along with their possessions perish. Government and law crumbles, as the land divides into sides, North and South. With millions of people and limited resources, the war has begun, the fight for survival. Who will outlast who and rebuild our nation? Only the war of 2013 will decide……..


This Event will be 2 days of fun filled scenario and tactical play. We want to simulate a war of modern days. Each team will be competing for points throughout each day. Each individule person on the winning team with the most points at the end of the two days will receive a prize and a bonus raffle ticket!!! Points will be awarded in many different ways throughout these two days. Main missions, side missions, races to retrieve special items, death matches, general kills, holding neutral bases at set times and home base captures will all be ways to collect points for your team. We will not count individual deaths towards our point tally. The reason for this is, we are assuming that in this war each team has millions of people fighting for survival, and only the strong will survive.


1.)Main missions/ Side missions/ Race to retrieve

Teams will be awarded points for each mission box they accomplish. Points will be preset and vary from mission to mission. You must retrieve current mission box to reveal location of next mission box. Some mission boxes will also have side missions and objectives to be run at the same time as main mission boxs. Keep in mind some side missions will be a race, with points only going to the first team to retrieve. Others will be simply to complete said side mission or retrieve item.

2.)Death Matches

Winning team death matches. There will be two death matches per day. When death match music is heard, each team will have 15min to get there death squad of 10 players to the speedball field. Here they will play an elimination game of speedball with points going to the last man or men standing team. This will give the aspect of an elite forces battle. Refs will be waiting in the safe area by the speedball fields, to start and facilitate these games.

3.)General kills

General kills will get your team awarded a preset amount of points. Simple, kill the other teams general, get point for your team. Generals will have full ability to go anywhere on the field. The will not have to stay in just home base. In fact a mission or two might require the general to go with the team to complete that mission. Also generals will be clearly marked on both arms and on front and back with bright colors/tape. We might even do clearly marked generals jersey. Either way you will know the general when you see them

4.)Holding neutral bases

Upon retrieving your team’s first mission box, inside will be the neutral base/fort locations and the certain times in the day they will need to be held at to collect points for that day. So it will be left to the team and their general to remember what base/fort to hold at what time to collect points

5.)Capturing opponents home base

Teams will be awarded points for the capture of the other teams HOME BASE. There will be a flag to change on the base, to signify defeat of the base. Once defeated, attackers must clear base (HOME BASE ONLY). Each home base will have their own ref stationed there to make sure base gets cleared. Teams will only get points once an hour for base captures. When base is captured a base ref will restart a 60 min stopwatch. If base is attacked and captured before stopwatch has reached 0:00, then no points will be given. This is so teams don’t camp out in front of other team’s base for the points. And so each team has a home base to reincarnate from safely, while still having the aspect of attacking and defending bases


1.) NO WIPING WILL BE TOLORATED, PERIOD. Keep our sport honorable. If caught wiping you will be given no warning, you will receive a one hour penalty in which you may not play. You hopefully will use this time to rethink the bad choice. If caught a second time you will be removed from the event. I know this won’t apply to most if not all of you.

2.) This pertains to rule 1, and will help in all aspects of having a fair and fun event. There will be multiple Secret refs on both teams. These will be official refs that will be playing as players. This is to detour anyone from thinking about cheating and to also give us refs in the gun battles. You’ll just never know if the team mate next to you if a ref of not. If needed, these refs will pull out an official ref card to signify that they are a ref. They will demand the respect of any other ref. So don’t chance it and just play fair and with honor. We want to be known as that game with great reffing and the event that holds players accountable for their choices on the field. Most of you need not worry as your play is honorable, but you may rest assured that we will have eyes everywhere, and we do care.

3.) All guns on field must and will be cronoed (300 fps or lower) first at the start of both days. Any guns found on the field shooting hot will have ONE warning and card punched; SECOND Offense will result in player’s card being taken for the remainder of the event. Hot shots are not cool!

4.) Each team will have their own entrance and exit to the field. This will be located right by your base, yes that’s right no hiking in to your base and reincarnation point. You may not enter field from other team’s entry point, just like in war, you don’t get to start from enemy’s side. This will take away any confusion to home base defenders of if that person walking by is dead or not. If it’s an enemy and there by your base, it will be clear there not dead and live to hit. Remember you must exit through your own team’s entry /exit point

5.) Reincarnation points will be 2 cones you must pass though. Though located at your home base, they will not be in your home base. They will be about 20 feet behind your base. This is to make it so a base may be attacked and captured. In other words, a defender can’t just say ok I just reincarnated back in, without moving from cover within home base.

6.) FIELD PAINT ONLY!!! Simple and Easy, No outside paint allowed. If by some chance you forget and bring some, you must bring it to us and will mark it with your name and hold it for you till the end of the event. If we catch you, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE WITHOUT REFUND. We will also give away free paint to players that turn in others breaking this rule, as a reward. With the paint fills I’m leaning towards it will be easy to tell.

7.) No moving other teams props or main mission ammo cans. They will be cleary marked with team colors. If you happen to come across one of the other teams mission items, PLEASE leave it alone. Thanks

8.) HAVE FUN & PLAY HARD There will be many prizes put on the field during play, so keep your eyes open. These are meant for individuals to find and keep for themselfs. So the more ground you cover the better your chances.

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