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Old 06-16-2016, 09:31 PM #1
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New to paintball? Read this!

If you're new to paintball whether its woodsball, speedball/airball, or a little of both worlds, this should tell you a lot of what you're wanting to know.

-Speedball Vs Woodsball Gameplay Style:
So whats the difference? First, "speedball" "airball" "xball" are all pretty much the same thing, the main difference being the field layout and rules. This is what the pro's will be playing on. Woodsball is the more traditional type of paintball and as the name implies, its played in a more tactical manner in the woods. Speedball is almost always a faster, more intense, match type while woodsball will usually take longer to play out.

-Speedball Vs Woodsball Equipment:
We will get more into equipment specifics later on. But, when it comes down to gameplay styles, speedball is more of a "low profile" and "quick" setup. The idea is to have the best equipment and have as low of a profile as possible while being fast and agile. This is usually where padding, jerseys and the bright colors come in along with cleats. Woodsball is more "tactical" then speedball. This is where camouflage, vests and boots come in. The guns are different too. With speedball, the colors and designs are usually more vibrant and they shoot at a higher BPS (Balls Per Second). Woodsball guns traditionally look more like real guns in some milsim cases and are most of the time a black or dark color. Woodsball players usually add more attachments as well.

-Overall Equipment and Parts:
Lets start with the loader. Loaders are broken down into gravity fed, or force fed. Gravity fed feeds by allowing gravity to pull the paintballs down into the gun, they are cheaper and easier to use. But if you have a higher end gun, gravity fed loaders cant keep up with the rate of fire. Loaders are also called hoppers, or feeding systems. Next the guns/markers. They, like loaders, are put into two categories. Mechanical and electric. MOST OF THE TIME, speedball uses electric markers, and woodsball uses mechanical markers. Don't assume this is always the case. There are a lot of electric woodsball and recreational markers out there, however, there arent many mechanical "speedball specific" markers due to the decreased rate of fire. Electric markers will be more expensive and require more maintenance, but you get a better shot quality, and a higher rate of fire. But on the flip side, mechanical markers are usually more durable, tougher and cheaper than the others. Air tanks and the whole C02 vs HPA will be its own thing further down. Next up is what players, either woodsball or speedball, will usually wear. Pod packs, harnesses, and vests all do the same thing. Hold extra paint. The difference lies in the size and style. Cleats and boots are the higher end of footwear in the paintball world. Speedball players generally wear more "padding" such as slider shorts, elbow/forearm pads, and knee pads. Woodsball players normally wear camouflage and dark colors, while speedballers wear bright colors and team jerseys.

-Tanks and C02 Vs HPA:
The air tank is what supplies the pressure to fire the marker. There are two means of propulsion. C02 and HPA (High Pressure Air). HPA tanks will cost more but they give you:
-Better shot accuracy
-Consistent pressure and velocity
-Easier and quicker fills
-More options
Therefore, HPA is recommended over C02 if your budget allows for it. C02 is cheaper but as you fire more, your tank will "chill" and start to get cold, which will greatly impact velocity, shot quality and accuracy in a negative way.

-Paint and why it matters:
The paintball is a BIG deal in the paintball community. The main points that are looked at is:
-Shell brittleness or hardness
-Fill quality (Color, thickness)
Lets break it down.
Starting with shell brittleness or hardness. This has to do with how easy it is for the paintball to break apart when it hits something. In woodsball, you generally want a thicker, harder shell. This is because of the leafs, bushes, and sticks that there are. You want the paintball to make it through the bush to hit someone. In the speedball world, its a fine line. You want it to be extremely brittle to always break on contact, but not so brittle that your gun will bust it when fired. Next is fill quality, its the same for both worlds of paintball. The higher end of paint is going to have a thicker, brighter fill. A thick fill means its hard to potentially cheat and brightness will show the hit from further away. Then the shape, you always want a perfectly round, seamless paintball. But this isnt always the case. Sometimes a paintball will be oblong or dented. The higher the quality, the less chance of this happening. Paint can range from 40 dollars to around 70 dollars per case (2000 rounds).

-Getting into it and what to buy:
Lets say you have used a rental a few times and you want to start buying your own gear. If you're lucky, you can buy everything at once. If not, there is a generally recommended order of purchase, this will vary from person to person. This is usually the order:
-HPA tank (If not using HPA already)
-Higher end loader
The style of all the gear will vary company to company so its all about what looks good to you.

-Common slang terms or phrases:
Bunker-Cover to hide behind
Bunkering-To run someone down and shoot them from close up
Case- A box of 2000 paintballs
Loader- The "hopper", its what loads the gun
Ramping- A gun mode that causes the gun to fire faster and faster with more shots. Usually on electric gun.
Marker- The same thing as a gun or weapon as called by some
PSP- An older pro speedball league. Stands for Paintball Sports Promotion
X-Ball- A speedball field layout/gametype
NXL- Stands for National Xball League, Its a pro xball leauge
Laning- In speedball its more commonly used, a player fires a constant stream of paint in one direction, teams use this to lock up movement of other teams
Break- The start of a paintball match
Dorito- The triangular shaped bunker on a speedball field.
Snake- The low laying set of bunkers on a speedball field, opposite side of the dorito
Home- The starting point, usually used in speedball
The 50- You may hear 50 Snake, 50 Dorito, it means they are halfway up the field on the corresponding side.
1, 2 ,3, 4- You may hear S1 or D3, this stands for snake or dorito, and how many of those bunkers up the field they are
Bounce- When a paintball bounces without breaking and a player isnt out

There are many other speedball bunker names and paintball terms but those are the most basic for starting.

Hopefully this cleared up a few questions some of the newer players may have and if any questions didnt get answered feel free to ask below or PM me and i'll be happy to answer.
Stay Toasty
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Old 06-17-2016, 04:46 AM #2
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You left out pump and magfed in types of markers.
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Old 06-17-2016, 10:57 AM #3
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Originally Posted by Hounds33 View Post
You left out pump and magfed in types of markers.
I thought about those but i thought i would just give a super basic breakdown of things
Stay Toasty
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What about recball?
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Da Bomb!
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Pretty good write up. Definitely enough to wet their appetite.
It does not matter the SETUP if the player just SUCKS!
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Originally Posted by NOBLE818 View Post
What about recball?
I figured if they were playing already, they know that rec ball is just recreational paintball which is what they are already doing
Stay Toasty
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Deadpool with Axe
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Good job !
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Originally Posted by vitaliaxe View Post
Good job !
Thanks, just trying to help out the newer players since we were all there at one point
Stay Toasty
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pretty good read...imho i think the speedball vs woodsball equipment may confuse some people since there are more "speedball" setups used in woods ball the "woodsball" setups. New players may tend to read that as you shouldnt/cant be using "speedball" setups in woodsball.
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Old 06-21-2016, 11:35 PM #10
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You did a great job giving some solid advice to newbies. I do think there is a LOT more crossover between speed/woodsball markers than you let on.
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