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Christian paintballer
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best advice ever. shoot with your left hand
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Jonathan UK Refs
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Originally Posted by stealthninja View Post
So I usually play left front. no matter the side. I feel more comfortable in the snake than dorito's. but left front non-the-less. My team wants me to break free from my comfort zone and learn mid and right side. Is it even feasible to send a lefty to the right side. I cant out snap right handed ( but I guess most righty ppl can't either.) but I could shoot inside really good. anyways the question of the day is which way is the best way for a lefty to go??
You should play whichever side the photographer is on. Make sure you are in his field of vision at all times, to ensure he takes your picture. Shoot your teammates if they get in your way.

Almost forgot, if you have boobies, get them out as well. Every little helps.

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Originally Posted by Coenen View Post
It seems to me like too many players are getting stuck on the idea of specialization lately. Your team is right, you've got to learn to do several jobs out there. If I watch a team at a tourney, and they've got one guy that does the same thing every time, I'm going to have my boys waiting for that easy kill when the time comes. You don't have to be the best mid-guy or back-guy or dorito player ever, BUT you've at least got to be able to do those things with a certain level of competence and confidence.

As for learning to shoot with your off hand; just start at zero and begin the process as if you'd never played ball before in your life. Take it slow, no one expects you to learn over night.

Start with just getting your stance right, and becoming comfortable with holding your marker and switching sides. Like the others have said, you can do that sort of stuff around the house, or on your off days.

At practice maybe you want to start with break-out drills where you lane to the right. Focus on getting off the box and in proper position smoothly, just like you might shooting on your natural side. Then maybe a simple target drill where you have to swap sides in your bunker, but not necessarily snap shoot with your weak side. Follow that with basic, static target, snap shooting. Keep focused on form over speed. As you become more comfortable you should be able to start running faster paced drills, or drill with guys shooting back at you. If you focus on being smooth early on, the speed aspect of it will pretty much come by itself.

As you work through that progression not only will it help your overall basic skills(with both sides) but it will also ease you into a new skill set (off hand shooting) without necessarily throwing you straight into the fire. Just keep it simple at first and be patient with yourself, talk to your mates and make sure they know what you're doing so that they can help you out. Give it a bit of work and a few good practices and you'll wonder why you were ever concerned about this in the first place.
Listen to this guy.

Heres my two cents

I got a friend thats a lefty thats so caught up in using his left hand to shoot with. But i always tell him no matter where you play on the field, theres always a left side and right side of the bunker. So if your super comfortable with only being on the left side. Which throws me off because you still gotta switch off to shoot cross field and not on the tape. Then everytime in practice put your self at the right side of the field, perhaps even the back right corner (i know you said your a front) so that your more focused shooting down the tape with your off hand. Especially since your aware of your left side tendencies every practice should focus on mainly working on your off hand. Thats what practice is for.

EDIT: Just now saw your actual question at the end, my answer would be that there is no best place for a lefty to go since there is no guarantee whether your going to have to shooting cross field or down the tape.(Inside or outside) Paintball matches can go anywhere once the game starts. And when you think "Whats the best place a lefty can go" the retrospect of the question comes along which is "Whats the worst place a lefty can go." Which i would imagine is thinking negatively, which most likely will hinder your paintball skill progression because half the time your thinking of crap, cant go to that bunker. But a great paintball player can play any bunker anywhere on the field. May not be the game winning position but they are still able to play it.

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