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Old 04-05-2011, 10:00 AM #43
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I had a thought after seeing a video of some guys messing around with car airbags. I was thinking of putting and airbag in the base of a pvc pipe capped on the bottom with some type of paint mixture above the airbag. The top could also be capped with a spray pattern drilled around the pipe to cover a large area. The airbag itself might not even be necessary and dangerous to put inside a pvc pipe. All you would really need is the part that gives the large blast of air. What do you guys think?
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I have been thinking about maybe toliet paper rolls or something as a sabot. I have nothing to do this weekend so I'm actually going to work on a mortar system. Operated by 1 maybe 2 people.
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Originally Posted by stevebski View Post
For artillery rounds, would moulding a sabot out of paper machet work? Something to come apart down the length once it exits the barrel but leaves the cluster of 3" balloons to take flight? I'm thinking like a 2 liter bottle with a line of 5 or 6 balloons. Launch it, the sabot separates and the balloons leave evenly spaced.

it would take a massive cannon to fire multiple 3inch balloons at a time. I dont thinkthe balloons would survive the blast of air.

It takes a very good cannon to fire one 3 inch balloon
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Old 04-14-2011, 12:57 PM #46
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Was brainstorming. Saw a thread about putting a wire in the barrel of a marker to break a PB and the paint would be a flamethrower.
So it got me thinking. Dangerous I know. What about a marker firing special colored paint. The marker has a 10 rd stock feed tube (no wire) and the field sells a special color (i.e. red for flamethrowers field paint is white) If the PB breaks and sprays someone they are out. This would do several things:
1. End the whining that they were covered in paint. (Not that I cared, but an issue for fields to keep eveyone happy).
2. Fields make money selling the special paint at $2-5 per 10 rds. This also eliminates players from filling hoppers with it.
3. The markers must have a shroud to at least look like a flamethrower and to make it easy for refs to see and call people with spray out. Now refs will still need to id players, but no diff than with a grenade/ mortar/ etc. But honest players will see their mask covered in red and know they are eliminated.
open to suggestions.
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Supersoaker flour and water. Garden sprayer flour and water. Fire Extinguisher flour and water.

Advertises 40 foot range....
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Old 04-15-2011, 10:07 AM #48
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They have some with plain water going 50-60 feet. Look at APH or CPS systems. Only problem is getting more distance requires either a bigger stream or more velocity. Both end up near a fire hose level which won't work when hitting people. Safety and all. But all very do-able ideas. Main thing to look at with pumps is leakage. Don't want to carry it all day and end up with half the paint on my back. I made a waterzooka and get 40 feet with a 4-5 sec shot time. cost under $8. Working on a refill system.
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