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Old 02-06-2011, 06:14 PM #1
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How to convince your parents to let you travel by yourself.

Hey guys, so i'm 14, and anywhere i travel for paintball my parents always have to come. I think im pretty responsible and so are the guys im playing with. Back in September of last year there was a Warm up for world-cup event that i went to play, and my parents and sister came along which i didn't really mind but they were so naggy and got real annoying when i was just trying to chill with the guys. so my question to you is how can i show i'm responsible enough to go there on my own? and i'd have a ride there and back from teamates.
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Actually, if I were you I would let them keep coming. If they go to national events with you, they're more likely to support you and help you out financially as you get older. I'd happily keep my parents entertained at an event if they're paying the bills. Pushing them away and restricting their involvement will make it harder for you to regain their support in the future.

If you truly have your heart set on traveling alone, finding an adult (or mature older player on the team) willing to watch over you at events may be a good start. When I went to my first PSP event my parents wouldn't let me go until they had dinner with one of the older more mature players on my team. If you don't have such a player, parent, or staff member on your team, it may not be what you want to hear but you are 14 years old. Your parents are not being unreasonable by telling you that they don't want you traveling alone. They just want you safe. If this is the case, my only other suggestion to you would be to work out an agreement with them in which you meet set goals (such as getting good grades, doing chores around the house, or performing well in school athletics/extracurriculars) to earn the privilege to travel alone.

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You're 14. They're just being parents and you can't blame them for that. You may think that you're responsible enough you never know. I can understand if you were 16 or 17 but being 14...i don't know.

Like eforce said...they might be more inclined to help you financially with the game unlike my parents. Just keep being responsible and don't give them a reason to believe otherwise. Maybe next year or something they'll let you go off on your own.
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You think you're pretty responsible? Ask your parents if they think you're responsible enough to travel and attend events alone. It may not be that though, it may be that they want to see how responsible others are. At 14 you're still a kid. you may not think so, but you are, especially in your parents eyes. What ever you do, do not fight/ yell with them about it, have calm concise discussions. And if they wont let you go alone, Id say its not the worst thing. 1) you're still going, and 2) there is a greater chance they'll support you.
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man the bad part is your 14. good part is you have parents thy seem very supportive of an expensive sport you like to play. don't ruin it by pushing them away from it. best thing I think is let them come to your tourneys with you but try to talk to them before about some possible boundaries. like when y'all are done with a game and go back to the pit area they let you go there with the team and they stay away giving you your bro time. this way they also get to know your not running around being stupid or something(not dating you would). then as time goes by they will learn to trust you and start to give you more freedom.

mainly just talk to them about it and let them know how you feel and don't get pissed off if they say no.

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Old 02-08-2011, 01:06 AM #6
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honestly man i would also suggest keeping your family with you for when you go. Not only because of financial sponsorship from your parents but also they can watch your guyses gear when your playing which would make sure your stuff doesnt get stolen. Also im assuming you dont have a job yet and if you do its at mcdonalds. So if you do push them away and they say hey we are not gonna pay for your paint or gear or anything pay for it yourself. Then your SOL because you don't have a job to support your habbit. It's happened to a few of my younger team mates.

If they will support you the same I would suggest following what eforce said.
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Also, look who you went to Galveston with and the level of responsibility that was present. It is probably best they went with you. Try to just ask for more space when they go. Like, instead of staying in the room with you or you riding with them, ask if you can spend time with the team and they will know you are close by

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Dude I would try to have maybe just one of your parents...maybe just your dad. so you dont have to bring the whole family along I am also 14 and thats what I do I just ask my dad to come and no one else and my mom brothers and sisters want to come but then i just tell my dad that it will just distract me more so he says they stay. But your parents can be very supportive like these guys above said.
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Yeah. I have figured out that's it best for me too have my parents with me. Shawn, you were right, they were good dudes but had poor actions sometimes. And I thank everyone for your guys responses.
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Old 06-23-2011, 02:44 AM #10
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I just say later, Im going to a tounament. That might not work for you so I would try maybe just your Dad
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