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Old 12-05-2010, 04:16 PM #1
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New and need some feedback..

Hi, a few friends of mine and i have decided to get into paintball. some of the guys use to play together alot a few years back. one of the guys has some bunkers and an old shed and a big open field behind his house and they want to play out there when wer not at rec fields. wer trying to come up with some idead to keep things interesting and get more people involved. we have about 8 guys in right now. we though of capture the flag and capture the fort and straight up speed and wood ball, but would realy appreciate some other ideas. alot of us play call of duty and stuff like that, so im trying to think of games like that that can be pulled off.

i had an idea for a bomb type game, where one team would have to attack and try and set the bomb and the other would have to defend and disarm the bomb.
problem im running into is what i can use to work as a stop/start timer. i was thinking a chess clock might work...any other ideas?

thanks for the help.
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The cheapo kitchen timer works.

There are all kinds of games to play. Capture the flag. Do a center flag capture, or where you have to capture your enemies flag and get it back to your base. Escort the VIP, where your trying to get an unarmed person to a location with out him getting waisted. Attack and defend a base like that shed. We did that once in an old barn this one field I use to play at had. Lots of fun there. I always liked every man for them self.
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Old 12-10-2010, 02:54 PM #3
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How many players on average? I assume you want missions for a small number of players but how small? Do you want to play the day for points for braggin rights - a mini scenario or just game to game missions?

One of my rec fields did this scenario mission usually in about an hour or less. Terrorists had to have TWO people carry a 72 quart Cooler full of water jugs for weight. About 50 pounds worth. It was a tactical Nuke. All they had to do was get it across the road (tapeline or other landmark at your field) and hollar BOOM! It would destroy the Marine Base. The tapeline was about 2/3rds-3/4 ths the way up the field towards the Marine base. The twist was the terrorists could place 2 players/snipers anywhere on the field before game on. Their job was to delay the Marines Search and Destroy mission. All they had to do was break a ball on that cooler to win. It was played with 35-40 players. My boy decided to be one of the snipers. He just stayed in their base as we walked out to our base and they didn't notice. They left and he followed. When they got to the firefight, he just moved up behind them and starting shooting. Put a big hole in their flank and his team mates filled it and it quickly turned into an elimination game with the Marines fighting the Alamo... He has always been a sneaky little s%$#@^&**. He turns 30 today. With tag up and go automatic insertions, you can avoid the elimination games and force the mission to be accomplished or defeated.

Rescue the downed pilot. Place a player on the enemy's third of the field with a marker. The pilot. He tells the Marines the area he will be in before the start. The Vietcong just know a pilot bailed out somewhere on their third of the field. They have to Search and Capture/Kill. The Marines has to rescue the pilot. The pilot is, of course, injured and can only crawl unassisted. If assisted by ONE person, he can WALK. If assisted by TWO, they can run as fast as they can manage... The pilot can defend himself of course. If the pilot gets back to HQ alive, the marines win. A varient is the Cong capturing the pilot. They have to Wound him with a paintball. Marker, leg or arm to capture him and he can't fire after that. He has to be assisted by TWO people to WALK him back to their HQ. That would double their mission points.

If playing for points, either side can always kill the pilot to deny the other side points.
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Old 07-05-2011, 07:19 PM #4
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Thanks for all those ideas, me and my friends really liked all the different game types. Keep em coming.
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Old 12-21-2011, 10:52 AM #5
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If you want to do a "test of manhood", we played a fun game on my local woodsball field every so often, called "Terminator"

One man is "The Terminator" and much like the movie, he cannot be stopped. The player can be shot as many times as he likes, while everyone else is a "human" and can only be shot once. The point is to make the terminator submit until he is tired of getting shot. The terminator tries to eliminate all the others. It's fun for small groups, but even if you get more people, you can change up the ratio (We play 5 humans to 1 terminator)
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Old 12-21-2011, 11:04 AM #6
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i use INTERMATIC timers..but they can't be stopped. To dis-arm them you have to remove the power/voltage to prevent the "explosion" (lights/sounds) from happening. Check out EBAY for some digital timers, you maybe able to cut their voltage to stop the timer. EBAY is a great place
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Red infinity
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attack and defend house/village/area of your choice

you set up a town/area with cover and half your players defend a landmark the other players attack a cone or barrel in the town if they touch it they win they have 10 minutes and unlimited respawn and the defenders cant leave the area or at 5-2 minutes they can leave.
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Old 12-30-2011, 03:20 PM #8
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That sounds like 'grudge match' You're not out when your hit. You're out when you don't want to be hit anymore.

That used to be the last game of the day at a rec field so everyone could burn up all their paint at somebody. But it got out of hand and decended into some hand to hand combat on occasion. Usuallly people that got pissed off because they didn't understand the rules and felt they were being overshot.

We've done a Cyborg / Terminator. Invunerable to paintballs. Starts mid field and neutral with the gun up. It is a 'damaged' cyborg. So it has the be 'reprogrammed'. You touch the shoulder and tell it what to do. It will do that for 3 minutes and then go neutral again. If someone that is alive touches it's shoulder before the 3 minutes are up, THEY can reprogram it. Essentially capture it.

But the language processor is damaged too. It will only do the first step of multiple step commands. Ignores anything after the word "and"

You say, "Go kill everyone in that bunker and come back here." It will go kill everyone in that bunker and stay there until it goes neutral.

Computers are quite LITERAL.. You say, "Go Kill everyone in that bunker." It goes and kills everyone in the bunker and when your guys occupy it, It kills YOU TOO because you are in the bunker as well... So you have to wait for it to go neutral before you occupy it or specify to kill only RED players.

You can say, 'come back here after you kill all the red players in that bunker'

My favorite is, "Come back to me after walking a 25 foot circle around me while killing all the red players."

Trouble is people forget and the word 'and' slips out between their lips. They say go shoot 'everybody' which includes your team.

Capturing it can be tricky as it is standing out in the open, usually in the middle of a bunch of players on both sides. You can't poke around out there thinking about what to say to it. You'll be dead. Most likely dead anyway so automatic insertions are handy for a small number of players. I run up, touch the shoulder and say, "go to the nearest BLUE player" or "follow me". If you get shot, it will follow you to the insertion point until the 3 minutes are up or someone reprograms it.

You have to play a few games for everyone to get stupid out of the way and learn how to play with it. It requires some fast thinking on the fly. Good practice for scenario players. It becomes a valuable tactical tool.

It can be part of any scenario mission or recball game such as capture the flag, elimination, etc.
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