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Old 11-20-2010, 04:14 PM #1
Join Date: Nov 2010
When to buy used?

I'm checking out the market for my first marker. I will be buying used. Do prices on used markers drop at certain times of the year? Like post Christmas.
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Old 11-20-2010, 04:20 PM #2
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Well if you are buying your first marker, you should buy used. Its not that the prices drop at certain times, its the resale value and if theres a newer version out or how "good of a gun" it is. My recommendation for a first gun, or even your only gun, would be the dangerous power g3. you can get them used from $150-300 depending on how many upgrades the marker comes with. Before you go and buy a marker, make sure you have this key equipment first:

Mask: always buy new, and put up the extra cash because protection is the most important thing

Hopper & Tank: No matter what gun you use this on, these will still work so make sure you get a good tank and a good hopper
(Cheaper Setup: Halo V35 and a 48/3000)
(Best setup: Rotor or Pinokio and a 68/4500 ninja tank)

Also make sure you have the right clothing and protection:

-Do you have a good pair of cleats?
-Do you want a chest protector?
-Do you want knee pads for kneeling down on god knows what?
-Do you need elbow pads for diving?
-What about your jersey and a good pair of paintball pants?
-Do you need a pod pack and pods?
-Gun maintenance equipment like a squeegee, orings, etc.?

Try to create a budget of what you want for your entire setup before you start to look at guns
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don't buy a used marker, just don't. i've learned that the hard way once again

1. first marker bought, needed a new capacitor
2. bought another marker, it was fine, but chopped paint (best bought used)
3. let's just say it needed a new solenoid, reg, and more
4. needed a new fitting and macroline, and needed some adjusting
5. and once again, i bought what's suppose to be my final gun used, i did buy it for $100 cheaper then it is new, but it has been about a month and still needs to be sent in (needed a new relief valve, and the company sent me it) i put it in but putting the marker back together is hard (not a standard paintball marker)

5 for 5 with problems, all bought used


just don't buy used if you haven't owned a marker before

i've lost plenty of money buying used, i don't want you to too

oh and i know there will be a lot of people replying to me saying that that doesn't happen often, but the fact that it does and my luck is THIS BAD, I just don't recommend buying used

ps. I wasn't going to buy used on my last marker, but it "would have" saved me $95, so i took the risk

And all you need to start:
- marker
- new mask (a pretty good one)
- hopper (halo recommended as you can get them for pretty cheap, i have the invert halo too and i like it)
- tank (if you have the money, get a nice 60/45, else get a 48/30)
- pod pack and pods

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buying used markers is fine if you follow the BST rules and precautions to make sure you're safe. They usually drop in price around world cup in october.
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Depends on how old you go. If you go "last year"/current years model the prices drop at the final events of the year for the main 2 series, due to the release of the newest models, both of which have already past. If you go a couple years old then the price changes are less substantial.

I will support 7usabball's stance on not buying used unless you have a close friend that is willing and capable to help should any problems arise. It's kinda like buying a used car, you have to ask yourself "is the savings worth the risk"? Granted the is a large difference in prices between a car and paintball marker,(most of the time) but the idea is the same. I have only bought new once, and it was because I got a great deal from a business going under. Everything else was used, because I was able to fix them all, or I knew someone else that could.

If you're set on used, but don't have support I would look to a local store to see if they have anything used.
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the only gun ive bought brand new was my first ion...every other of my 17 guns ive bought used. ive never had a problem, i know how to deal with deals online IE: shipping, paypal, taking info down stuff like that.

used imo is the best way to go if your on a budget. you can find top of the line guns (1200+ dollars) just a few years old for dirt cheap.

these are all the guns ive owned which were either traded or bought used.

nxt shocker
2- 2k6 timmys
sft shocker
alias timmy
dynasty shocker
marq victory
dye nt
2010 ego
3-2008 egos
angel a1 fly

back to the OPs question, its best to buy after world cup (now). usually at world cup prices down alot because all the new guns come out. examples such as a dm10 can be seen for 600, luxes 700, nt's 800.

EDIT: i just read the above post and agree 100%. you cannot alwasy expect used guns to be along the lines of your standard. if a gun comes with a leak, leaking macroline etc. you have to be able to fix it. this is where learning about all of the different types of gun comes into play. im pretty confident i can fix most guns out there, which is another reason im not too worried about buying used. like the above post, if you dont know much about how to fix guns, i suggest asking a local store or friends for help.
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I've never bought a new marker myself... maybe a like-new or barely used marker but never spanking new from the local store. Way too much for me

I've used fleabay, local craigslist, and BST. Just make sure you are buying from a trusted seller with plenty of feedback. Don't be afraid to ask questions like additional pics, maybe even a short video of it shooting.
If they don't want to go through the trouble of sending you more info, look somewhere else.

Good luck!
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Old 11-24-2010, 06:17 PM #8
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Prices of guns that come out annually usually drop in price after the next years model comes out.

Obviously over time the price will keep going down, but some time you need to make a choice, because in 6 months it will be some $50 cheaper, but you had to wait so long.
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I've never bought a marker new. Used on ebay, and thru BST.
Only stuff I've bought new were my tanks, orings and some jerseys/pants.
Gonna buy something in BST? search in the theft report forum for scammers first.
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Old 11-26-2010, 09:55 AM #10
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I've also never bought a new marker. It makes even less sense than buying a car new. After the first year (for both), the price drops by 50-60%.

The downside is you have to be able to "tinker". For younger players, you gotta be real careful that everything works well. But you shouldn't let that stop you because tinkering is something you'll have to learn eventually. You have to be able to clean and maintain your marker so the best way to learn is to get a marker that isn't quite "perfect" and learn.

So, Used all the way. Buying new is a waste of money and will make you lazy. You'll end up at the field a few months in with the most expensive broke gun that you can't fix.
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