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Old 05-03-2010, 02:10 AM #1
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Terrell, TX
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SL Owners Group v.19: much way more better than pics yes!

Alright guys, let's get a nice, clean, fresh start here. Anyone who wishes to apply, please post a picture and serial number of your SL in the thread, LIKE SO:

This makes my life and your life much easier!
(What gun and color you have)(Serial Number) - (PbNation Username)
Ex. Custom anno'd black SL8R #RO146 - paintballer35


The purpose for this club is to keep track of who owns what Ego SL66/74/8r/94s and Geo SL91's to just talk about resale, talk about the guns, and anything else that comes to mind dealing with SL's!

-You must have pictures of your gun to join NO LINKS to pictures.
-You must own an SL66/74/8r/94/91/s
-You must take pride in your SL
-You must have pictures of your SL
-You must not flame another persons SL(s)
-You must include the full serial # of your gun, so we can keep track of who has what.
-If you trade or get rid of your SL(s) or get a new one, you must post pictures and the full serial number of the gun so we my keep track.
-You MUST post actively in the thread or you'll get taken out
- Less than 20 posts in a complete thread will result in removal from the group, and you must re-apply
-I will add you when i see your pictures and I see that you post actively
-No BST!!!!!


Council Members
- Orvis09 - Trey
- viperashes - Dickbutt
- WinterGS - Señor Twatwaffle del Mexican Chair People
- trainerKEN - Ken the Azn Guido
-Council Spot open - voting will be in effect

1.) sniper314 - Christian
2.) snyper780
3.) msonic
4.) Soul06 - Larnel
5.) Stizz
6.) Aznac872 - John
7.) gt_viper55
8.) 96 Ls lnteg - Mike
9.) webinarwizards
10.) Bobd314 - Ben
11.) bunkerking1994
12.) Vicious49 - Farhan
13.) AKAviking14

Currently owned/tracked SL66s:

Red/Black XSV SL66 - PaintedToast
Ninja XSV SL66 #X0716 - TonTonWoo
Telford XSV SL66 #X0699 - TonTonWoo
ODD Beatdown City SL66 #X0591 - Etfren
Telford SL66 #X0720 - Etfren
Krypton Ice SL66 #X0522 - Soul06
XSV SL66 #X0326 - s4l
Ice Cuba SL66 #X0165 - Johnypb
Krypton Ice SL66 #X0544 - $h@key J0nEZ
Ice Cuba SL66 #X0477 - sniper314
Bushwackers SL66 #B0074 - LkDn
Tan/Gold SL66 #X0130 - georgeboumrad
Telford XSV SL66 #X0717 - Jrmiller
Bushwackers SL66 #B0097 - Nsho
Troll XSV SL66 #X0594 - Pancho's Mafia
Custom anno'd Red/Black XSV SL66 X0083 - BananaJacksonthe 3rd

Currently owned/tracked SL74s:

ODD Aurora SL74 #S0233 - alex_d
Avalanche Black/Tan SL74 #A011 - DriverJ
XSV White Knight SL74 #X1058 - jrred17
SL74 Green/Black #S0183 - TonTonWoo
SL74 Black/Silver #S0226 - TonTonWoo
XSV SL74 Black/Gold #X1091 - TonTonWoo
Custom White/Tan SL74 #S0166 - TypiCal
Arsenal Black/Khaki #S0597 - laxplayer9352
Infamous SL74 #S0334 - G-Rock33
Custom anno'd Chinese lettering SL74 #S0490 - phantomette
XSV SL74 #X1005 - SNAKE3368
Black/Silver SL74 #S0634 - _GTFO_
Blue/Black SL74 #S0653 - DRIFTER7777
XSV White Knight SL74 #X1066 - paintball addiction
Hurricanes SL74 #S0457 - sniper314
Black/Aurora SL74 #S0688 - bigmm28
White/Aurora SL74 #D1058 - brando78red
Avalanche SL74 #A0028 - anto_pb
Black/Silver SL74 #S0105 - bunkerking1994
Infamous SL74 #S0037 - Kchadwick917
Dark Vampire SL74 #D1041 - Riot mad cow
Dark Cobalt/Black #D1093 - Riot mad cow
Black/Aurora SL74 #S0666- Nsho
Black/Aurora SL74 #S0676 - rawdmon
Black/Gold SL74 #D1007 - Aznac872

Currently owned/tracked SL8rs:

Custom anno'd black SL8R #R0146 - paintballer35
Dark White Knight SL8R #D1201 - E-Techy
Pure SL8R #R0682 - DriverJ
Edmonton Impact team SL8R #R0018 - Welsh mob
White/Blue SL8R #R0697 - Racersnare21
Dark Cream SL8R #R0345 - Pablo21494
Edmonton Impact team SL8R #X0025 - phantomette
Custom anno'd Blue/Gold SL8R #R0288 - smellslikepork
Ocean SL8R #R0336 - Soul06
White/Steel SL8R #R0191 - odst93
Dark Dust Gold/Black SL8R #D1103 - OTTB4LL3Rz
Dark White Knight SL8R #D1184 - DRIFTER7777
Pure SL8R #R0037 - Sbpb69
White/Blue SL8R #R0699 - Vertigo 07
Ocean SL8R #R0897 - NoLimitz_07
Cream/Purple SL8R #R0193 - brando78red
Dark Light Trooper SL8R #D1159 - p8ntballer322
Cold Steel SL8R #R0361 - mwood8103
White Knight SL8R #R0479 - sniper314
Hurricanes SL8R #R0153 - ilovedye33
Cold Steel SL8R #R0863 - lax01
Cream/White SL8R #R0782 - Biohaz4rd
Impact SL8R #R0633 - LkDn
Pure SL8R #R0175 - TROGDOR7861
Custom anno'd Orange/Gunmetal SL8R #R0145 - Kaotix
Dark Light Trooper SL8R #D1166 - shadowof
Hurricanes SL8R #R0624 - williecarrillo
Dark Light Trooper SL8R #D1189 - TeamChaos99
Cold Steel SL8R #R0851 - thewaytolite
Dark Pure/Steel SL8R #D1158 - Dannyboy4477
Pure SL8R #R0744 - Godfather_Actual
Cold Steel SL8R #R0535 - bchapp1
Black/Steel SL8R #R0731 - TonTonWoo

Currently owned/tracked SL94s

Dark SL94 #D2028 - bigjohn141
Dark SL94 #D2024 - G-Rock33
Dark SL94 #D2005 - Chris_NAD_21
Dark SL94 #D2016 - POt_H3@D
Jack Frost SL94 #S1017 - murk em out
Graphite SL94 #S1113 - DRIFTER7777
Brown/Black SL94 #S1011 - cp kid
Dark Ninja SL94 #D2032 - webinarwizards
White Envy SL94 #S1118 - viperashes
Storm Trooper SL94 #S1370 - shadowof
Custom polished SL94 #S1388 - Snyper780
Dark Black/Red SL94 #D2078 - mwood8103
G4H SL94 #S1205 - NoLimitz_07
Dark Vampire SL94 #D2009 - webinarwizards
Stealth SL94 #S1241 - wavedanger
Midnight Stealth SL94 #S1345 - niskyhockey20
Jack Frost SL94 #S1393- DaLuxe1400
Vampire SL94 #S1578 - patcom8
Krypton Ice SL94 #S1133 - h0ckeyman
Jack Frost SL94 #S1403- Ragin Cajun
Hurricanes SL94 #S1009 - Sniper314
Midnight Stealth SL94 #S1159 - Lissa
Custom anno'd Black/Gold SL94 #S1451 - Stizz
Dark Ninja SL94 #D2027 - EddieR
Inca SL94 #S1457 - SplatCase
Graphite SL94 #S1213 - TonTonWoo
Light Trooper SL94 #S1792 - TonTonWoo
Granite II Stealth SL94 #S1450 - levesque45
1 of 1 Mantis/Teal SL94 #S1447 - Vicious49
Inca SL94 #S1629 - karasawa
"Dirty Jack Frost" #S1409 - h0bomatic
Granite Stealth SL94 #S1147 -trainerKEN

Currently owned/tracked SL91s

Jack Wood/ Joe Pineapples Custom Graphic SL91 #0001 - Jack Wood
Dust Black/ Dust Blue "hybrid" SL91 #0002 - Ryan Lovato
Dust Blink SL91 #0003 - MVPSteve
"Dark Pooper" Matte Brown/Matte Grey SL91 #0004 - Mike (96 Ls Integ)
Dark Trooper SL91 #0005 - WinterGS
Dust Black/Dust Lime SL91 #0006 - CNoddings
Dust Poison SL91 #0007 - WFPSP
London Calling SL91 #0008 - Alex_d
Matte Burgundy/ Matte Grey SL91 #0009 - Steve Monks (7lash)
Subzero SL91 #0010 - Uziel Gal

Currently owned/tracked SLSs

Swamp SLs #2036 - Bobd314
Polar SLs # S2129- webinarwizards
Swamp SLs #S2049 - snyper780
Gilver SLs #S2008 - crazeemanny
Gilver SLs #S2121 - Soul06
Orange/Red "Inferno" SLs #S2134 - Vicious49
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"**** it. You only live once. You can't take your money with you, so spend it on **** you want. You can't take your **** with you, so make sure you break it before you leave." - Me

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Old 05-03-2010, 02:16 AM #2
Egoowner42 (Banned)
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: ST GDT
Good morning!
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Old 07-28-2010, 06:21 AM #3
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Denmark
tri9ty plays in the PSP
tri9ty owns a Planet Eclipse SLS
tri9ty owns a Planet Eclipse Lv1
tri9ty plays in the APPA D4 division
Serial: S2115

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