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Old 05-07-2010, 04:11 PM #1
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Snake player with experence.

Hey guys Im just looking for a snake player with some experence that can help me out. Im playing d3, i would like to show you the lay out for my first event and se what you think should be done.. If you got the time, that be awesome. here is the layout.

thanks once again.
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Originally Posted by Ekyness View Post
Hey guys Im just looking for a snake player with some experence that can help me out. Im playing d3, i would like to show you the lay out for my first event and se what you think should be done.. If you got the time, that be awesome. here is the layout.

thanks once again.
Well the snake is strong on this feild however it is xball so you have to play aggresive always. Basically you have to change up your breakout every game, so some time go snake 2 off break, run and gun to the god off break shooting at their corner or potential snake player then fill into snake, go back corner shoot your spots then fill in the snake. Basically is what im trying to say is that if you just go s1 off break every game like in 7 will get laned almost every game, so keep them guessing and play the snake as aggresive as you can, cause that is a demanding snake. One more tip if your up on bodies go bunker people/trade out expecially if they are in your mirror in the snake. Good luck hope this helps you.
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That is chicago layout!

Lots of people got stuck in the crack pipe last week in that snake - and then got nailed. So just watch out.

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Old 05-09-2010, 02:53 PM #4
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lol crack pipe? do you mean s1? but alright thanks for your input guys.. keep it comeing
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Thats NOT the chicago layout.

Figure out which bunkers a team needs. then figure out how to control them, and keep them out. Hit S1 on the break. make them prove they can lane you out. Watch teams, if they arent shooting people out OTB, make them eat it. if they are, pull up into the brick and keep them out unitl you can make the smart bump in. Though in that scenario its more likely that corner player fills forward, and the brick out.
Once your in S1, the back center is your most immediate threat, if the Center D is filler then its that. best to stay patient, keep your head down. You can blind shoot the D side corner and the back can on the D side, so if you hear those postions called sling some paint that way. It doesnt look like S2 is significantly better than s1, to most obvious gain is the ability to shoot the D side stand up. So don't push too hard if posted on. If you can take s2, you may as well take the 50. You are protected from a mirror player by the temple there. SO take it if they don't beat you there. has the same shots, PLUS a few others. once your there stay small and tight keep you gun inside, and head check the corner. dhoot him if you can, but don't gunfight him. if hes shooting inside, post up, and take him out when he decides to shoot tape again. If there is no tape, turn the field. and take the other team down one by one.

If they get to the 50, you need to bunker them out, or game over. go tape and dive as you do him, rather than just running down the field. doing that and living would nearly guarantee a win.

you need to work with your corner player so that he can get the guys who are posted on you to not be, so your able to shoot someone. Because of how strong the snake is you're presence there is just as important as actually shooting someone. It swings guns. so sticking your head up into a gun gives up a lot more than just one body.

Playing a snake effectively mean you need to play more than just the nook by the knuckles. Not only shooting people, but harassing players you cant. Sometimes your jib is not to shoot people, but rather be a distraction to open up the D side. Also knowing how to defend a plyer in the s2/3 area is pretty big the easiest of which is to get the back center into the center D/tall cake or Can, post up small and pick him off when he pops something out.

I think that committing 3 players to that side of the field is your best bet. only sending one wide. so corner OR s1. the other taking the brick then shooting back to center. At which point Back center evaluates the situation, and can fill where necessary. There aren't too many great lanes here, so smart secondary bunkers will win the game. Brick fills into S1 or corner, Home lanes left, then see what needs to happe. into Tall cake, can or Center D to support the snake, OR filling out to the can if you loose guys on D side (which he should see because hes laning that way). create a couple variations on that, and you should be good to go. it would come down to execution at that point.

The path to D2 looks fairly safe. make the corner, then block out your mirror with the tall cake, then get into D2. the other D side guy should hit the can, post up between the pins, and be focused with containing that side. When he gets the chance move into the inside pin. it is more protected from the snake, and X. creat a cross with D2, and only break it for a guaranteed G. D2 prevents the moves through the center, and the Pin prevents the move down the tape...

All of this is best case scenario.
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