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Empyre09 supports Team VICIOUS
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Vicious OT #107: Property of "The Night Crew"

New added rules (please read these and understand them, the future of the Vicious OT depends on them):
1. Keep this thread to Off Topic discussion only, meaning keep stuff like BST out. If you see stuff that you don't think is appropriate, please report it.
2. This probably doesn't need to be said but... No "raiding" or conspiring against other sections or forums.
3. All of PbNation's rules apply to this section, not just the ones that are posted here, so watch the flaming, trolling, spamming, etc...[/b]
(Edited theses down in thread 100. Mods feel free to update if needed)

Vicious OT: The Time has come (Oct 30 to Nov 19)
Vicious OT: Julie has gotta play Chi-Town (Nov 18 to Nov 25)
VICIOUS OT V.3: No dodgy faces here! (ABANDONED)
Vicious OT: Find Tommy's DM9!!! (Nov 24 to Dec 3)
Vicious OT: Where the kool kids are (Dec 2 to Dec 9) (Deleted by Tommy)
VICIOUS OT: Come say HI! (Dec 8 to Dec 15)
VICIOUS OT: as seen on ETV (Dec 14 to Dec 23)
Vicious OT: It's cold outside and you have nothing better to do anyway (Dec 22 to Dec 24)
Vicious OT: We Went Through 74 Pages and Got Tommy Banned All On X-Mas Eve! (Dec 24 to Dec 31)
VICIOUS OT: Yeah we have GEOS now (Dec 30 to Jan 11)
Vicious OT: Also unrecognized by Facefull (Jan 10 to Jan 21)
Vicious OT #12: Tommy wants his Geo (Jan 20 to Jan 26)
Vicious OT #13: WiILLIZ - Bin - Laden (Jan 25 to Jan 30)
VICIOUS OT #14: Rocking walls at Air Assault Paintball (Jan 29 to Feb 4)
VICIOUS OT #15: Awesomeness Inside! (Feb 3 to Feb 7)
VICIOUS OT#16: Now Open 24/7!!!! (Feb 7 to Feb 8)
VICIOUS OT #17: Storming the Castle With An Army of Unicorns (Feb 8 to Feb 12)
VICIOUS OT#18: The Splashes Have Arrived (Feb 12 to Feb 15)
VICIOUS OT#19: The Amazing Race (Start Time 9:19PM Centra Feb 15 - End Time 12:00 AM Feb 16th )
VICIOUS OT#20: Rolling Threads Just Like Semi-Pro at PHX and All Without Tommy!! (Feb 16th - Feb 17th)
VICIOUS OT #21: I Want Jake As a Topping On My Pizza! (Feb 17th -21st)
Vicious OT #22: We're spending saturday watching the webcast!!! (Feb 21-Feb 24th)
Vicious OT #23: Karen we need posters and hats (Feb 24th-Feb 27th)
Vicious OT #24: Congratulations Chris, Now Get Back To Posting (Feb 27th-March 2nd)
VICIOUS OT #25: Yeah we have a Nerf Army.....what?!? (March 2nd-March 6th)
VICIOUS OT #26: Karen p-p-pplease let Julie have a booth at HB (March 6th-March 8)
VICIOUS OT 27: Amazing Race 2-Get Julie to HB Start Time 9:00PM Centra March 8th - End Time 9:54PM March 8th
VICIOUS OT #28: OT first, real life last... So where is Julies booth gonna be? (March 6th- March 11th)
VICIOUS OT #29: Carl & Karen, Hope Your Mom's Get Better (March 11th - March 16th)
VICIOUS OT #30: Karen, We Want Posters! (March 16th - March 20th)
Vicious OT #31: In-N-Out Here We Come! (March 20th - March 24th)
VICIOUS OT #32: Happy Birthday Greg and Royce!! (March 24th - March 29th)
VICIOUS OT #33: Boobies Running Wild!(March 29th - April 3rd)
VICIOUS OT #34: Greg Pauely's Vicious Support Boobys Are In!(April 3rd - April 9th.)
Vicious OT #35: Get Tommy D a REAL life. (April 9th - April 14th)
Vicious OT # 36:.... (April 14th - April 20th)
Vicious OT #37: Happy Boobys and Angry Bears (April 20th - April 29th )
Vicious OT #38: We're in MAO kicking ***, please leave a message after the beep (April 29th - May 7th)
VICIOUS OT #39: Kickin' it old school, going back to the woods (May 7th - May 13th)
VICIOUS OT #40: Happy 40th Anniversary! (May 13th - May 18th)
Vicious OT #41: Karen and Carl are Awesome! (May 18th - May 22nd)
Vicious OT #42: praying for no Monsoon (May 22nd-May 27th)
Vicious OT #43: "Shhh, Matt's Mom is Watching" (May 27th - June 2nd)
VICIOUS OT #44: We miss Karen, Carl and Julie! No so much Bryan (June 2nd - June 9th)
VICIOUS OT #45: Happy Birthday Karen and Julie (June 9th - June15th)
VICIOUS OT #46: Were S.M.R.T. and cant count! (June 15th - June 20th)
VICIOUS OT #47: Invading Chicago with an OT army
VICIOUS OT #48: OT ARMY MOVE OUT! We'll Cody Lane teams in Chicago!
VICIOUS OT #49: VICIOUS is the only thriller we need (June 26 - Present)
VICIOUS OT #50 50 Threads and counting.. Happy anniversary! (July 1 - July 5)
VICIOUS OT #51: Zak got more glory when Matty Marshall thought he was Parker! (July 5 - July 9)
VICIOUS OT #52:Karen bans Curly/Moe and Larry from know who you are (July 9 - July 14)
VICIOUS OT #53: Miller is a teddy bear..... he loves the hugs (July 14 - July16)
VICIOUS OT #54: Come to the Big Game or Miller dies (July 16 - July22)
VICIOUS OT #55: Greg screwed up the first post (July 21st - July 23rd)
Vicious OT #56: No more screwing with the first post (July 23rd - July 28th)
VICIOUS OT #57: We Have Eff'n Germans (July 28th - July 30th
Vicious OT #59: Hooker! Clean the Sticky Buns off the keyboard and start posting! (August 3rd - August 5th)
VICIOUS OT #60: It's all Jake Topping's fault (August 5th - August 7th)
VICIOUS OT# 61: If Todd were here now, I'd hit him with my hammer and take his donuts (August 7th - Aug 11th)
VICIOUS OT #62: 8/11/09 R.I.P. Carmel "Truly a Man's Best Friend" we miss you girl (August 11- August 13th)
VICIOUS OT #69: Professional Paintball Players can't do anything right (August 13- August 18th)
VICIOUS OT #64: Volcano Tacos. It changes a man (August 18- August 20th)
VICIOUS OT #65: Sparkling water is for cool kats. (August 20th-August 25th)
VICIOUS OT #66: Karen cares about us as if we're her own (August 25th-August 28th)
VICIOUS OT #67: Help support Jamie's doggie fund! (August 28th-September 2nd)
VICIOUS OT #68: We're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue (September 2nd-September 4th)
VICIOUS OT #69 2.0: PBCulture.TV is BA!!! (September 4th-September 8th)
VICIOUS OT #70: Now we're back on track (September 8th-September 13th)
VICIOUS OT #71: BLT's <3 (September 13th-Septeber 17th)
VICIOUS OT #72: Love one another (September 17th-September 22nd)
VICIOUS OT #73: Get them boobies ready, WORLD CUP HERE WE COME! (September 22nd-September 29)
VICIOUS OT #74: Countdown for Cup begins! (September 29-October 6)
VICIOUS OT #75: World Cup is too cool for Disney World! (October 6 - October 13)
VICIOUS OT #76: Welcome to the BIG leagues! (October 13 - October 16)
VICIOUS OT #77: Vicious plays dirty at cup..with a Hooker (October 16 October 20)
VICIOUS OT #78: The OT is pulling for you Peyton (October 20-October 23)
VICIOUS OT #80: We Dont Get Angry We Get Furious (October 27- October 30)
VICIOUS OT #81: 1st where are our paper gifts?(October 30 - November 4)
VICIOUS OT #82: Bryan better post or no new car....the OT says so! (November 4 - November 8)
VICIOUS OT #83: Gettin out our winter coats (November 8 - November 11)
VICIOUS OT #84: Slicin and Dicin the red. Good luck to all! (November 11 - November 19)
VICIOUS OT #85: Hoping the USPS doesn't steal our red. (November 19 - November 25)
VICIOUS OT #86: Its Turkey Time! (November 25 - December 3)
Vicious OT #87: Husker Power (December 3 - December 7)
VICIOUS OT #88: OH NOH! EES GOHZIRRA! (December 7 - December 10)
VICIOUS OT #89: As Awesome as Omaha's Plowing (December 10 - December 14)
VICIOUS OT #90: Bigman loves hats (December 14 - December 20)
VICIOUS OT #91: Happy Holidays Everyone! (December 20 - December 25)
VICIOUS OT #92: We need Mr. Heat Miser...Mr. Snow Miser is too much! (December 25 - December 31)
Vicious OT #93: Have A Suh-per New Year! (December 31 - January 5)
VICIOUS OT #94: STOP the SNOW!!!!!!! (January 5 - January 9)
VICIOUS OT #√9025: School's in Session! (January 9 - January 15)
VICIOUS OT #e^4.56434819: Where oh where is GP at???????????? (January 15 - January 21)
VICIOUS OT #97: ...We found Greg! And this guy named Billy? (January 20 - January 26)
VICIOUS Ot #98: 200,000 POSTS... OUR FANS ARE FREAKING AWESOME (January 26th 9pm - January 26th 9:45pm)
VICIOUS OT #99: Kill it! Kill it! The silver bullets are not working!!! (January 26 - February 1st)
THE VICIOUS OT #100: We are now rockin 3 figures! Next hundie here we come! (February 1st - February 4th)
VICIOUS OT: 101 Clinic time everyone (February 4th - February 10th)
VICIOUS OT: 102 Brrr its cold in here must be some VEGO's in the atmosphere (February 10th - February 15th)
Vicious OT #103: Become a Vicious fan on Facebook (February 15th - February 18th)
Vicious OT #104: Greg likes to make the OT jump through hoops (February 18th - February 23rd)
Vicious OT #105: tearin up the D with team guns (February 23rd - February 27th)
Vicious OT #106: Something about a pants party...(February 27th - March 4th)

VICIOUS Fans of the Month
Mr. October---------jmorisaki "Jimi Morisaki"
Mr. November------snkp360 "Patrick Wyatt"
Mr. December------robs45 "Rob Santini"
Mr. January---------cp kid "Tim Barnard"
Mr. February ------trip2006 "Scott Alton"
Mr. March---------spyder_013 "Josh Pruden"

VICIOUS Fan of the Year
Mr. 2009----------TommyDiablo "Tommy"

Heart and soul of DSS/Vicious
iheartpaintball13-----Julie Bortol
mercedes0001-------Karen Bortol
DSSPaintball-------Carl Bortol

VICIOUS Pro Team Members
**GP** -----------Greg
Hooker ------------Hooker
Numberone --------Zak
Vicious B ----------Bryan
#1onkawgslist -----Parker
BiLLy BerNaCChiA---Billy Bernachia
PatR44-------------Pat Roberts
Drewbie613--------Drew Templeton
littlekid19----------Tyler Spiece

DSS Team members
Patty Melt-----------Patrick
Russ 80--------------Ross

Our Mods
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there is a 108...
Please PM me back on offers i have made on your sales or anything, i don't chack back on them. thanks!
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