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Due to the overwhelming demand(and complaints) about the loss of the GDT we are now reinstating it WITH a new set of rules. Please be aware, If this iteration of the GDT is abused and closed/lost there will be NO more chances...Once it is gone, it will be gone forever. That being said, the following rules have been put in place for the GDT specifically.

Rules, 2/10/2010:
1- No accusations OR posts directed at or accusing other users relating to Reporting their post or that they are Trolling/Instigating. Instead, it should be understood that the "Report this post to Moderator" button will be the ONLY acceptable reaction/response to a post that violates the Rules. Users will not be warned of this and offending posts will be removed immediately upon their discovery and the user(s) infracted accordingly.
- 1a - Do not Quote another users post and use the Response "Reported" This will be considered Trolling/Instigating as it is much easier to use the "Report this post to Moderator" button and not alert the user of your actions.
- 1b - Excessive use of the "dodgy", sarcastic responses constantly directed at a single user, or obvious insulting/making fun of another user will not be Tolerated.

2- No Illegal drug discussion, Zero tolerance. No discussion that is Hinting at drug use, is poking fun at drug use, or that is making fun of the rules pertaining to drug use. Discussion of illegally using Prescription or Over the counter drugs will fall into the same category of Drug Discussion. Once again, this is zero tolerance and will result in immediate Infraction and/or a Ban.

3- Asking another user, or demanding they leave the GDT will not fly...the GDT is open to all users on PBNation and if you wish to not see a post by that particular user it is advised you add them to your Ignore list. Asking/demanding a user leave the GDT will be infracted for accordingly and can/could lead to a Temporary Ban. The GDT does not belong to a certain user, the GDT belongs to PBNation. Do not refrence the GDT by referring to it as "My GDT".

4- Thread titles for the GDT(and infact, all OT discussion threads) will be reviewed by a Moderator to deem them acceptable and within PBNation rules/guidelines. The thread title(if not auto-created by "SYSTEM") can be created by a user and will be granted to the user with the "2000th" post in the given GDT. Do not delete your prior posts to attain the 2000th poster spot, this will be noted and the GDT title will be removed and reinstated by the rightful owner. We reserve the right to change the title of the GDT at any time for any reason, Do not repeat the same title over and over and over again...we're trying to make this interesting. Not Boring or 'Relentless'.

5- No posts poking fun at the rules or strategically and purposefully dancing on the edge of the rules, this will not be tolerated on any level.

6- No B/S/T Or B/S/T Related posts, B/S/T is not allowed outside of the B/S/T Forum.

7- Anyone trying to purposefully Troll/Flame/Spam or otherwise cause havoc in the current open GDT to attempt to have it closed will be dealt with accordingly, this is not appropriate behavior.

8- Finally and of course, all normal PBNation rules still apply. - PBNation Rules:

All rules are subject to change and/or subject to additions and clarifications as seen fit.

GDT threads from this point on will be linked below.
v.235 - (2005 Posts, Closed)
v.236 - (1982 Posts, Closed)*
v.237 - (2002 Posts, Closed)
v.238 - (2010 Posts, Closed)
v.239 - (2008 Posts, Closed)
v.240 - (2000 Posts, Closed)
v.241 - (2010 Posts, Closed)
v.242 - (2000 Posts, Closed)
v.243 - (2002 Posts, Closed)
v.244 - (2003 Posts, Closed)
v.245 - (2000 Posts, Closed)
v.246 - (2004 Posts, Closed)
v.247 - (2001 Posts, Closed)
v.248 - (2004 Posts, Closed)
v.249 - (2010 Posts, Closed)
v.250 - (2002 Posts, Closed)
v.251 - (2009 Posts, Closed)
v.252 - (2022 Posts, Closed)
v.253 - (2008 Posts, Closed)
v.254 - (2002 Posts, Closed)
v.255 - (1994 Posts, Closed)*
v.256 - (2006 Posts, Closed)
v.257 - (2006 Posts, Closed)
v.258 - (2003 Posts, Closed)
v.259 - (2006 Posts, Closed)
v.260 - (2018 Posts, Closed)
v.261 - (2005 Posts, Closed)
v.262 - (2023 Posts, Closed)
v.263 - (2003 Posts, Closed)
v.264 - (2010 Posts, Closed)
v.265 - (2006 Posts, Closed)
v.266 - (2000 Posts, Closed)
v.267 - (2000 Posts, Closed)
v.268 - (Current open GDT)

*Posts were deleted/removed after the creation of the new GDT to preserve the quality of the GDT. This explains sub-2000 post Closed GDT's

Thank you for reading.
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