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Old 10-12-2009, 12:12 AM #1
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Exclamation Before you get up in arms

Before everyone gets up in arms and starts arguing with each other, I think we should stop for a moment and sit back. This idea of .50 cal paintball is new to most of the players at this current time while not new to the sport of paintball. I am not going to sit here and bash the .50 cal nor will I say I'm for it. I think we should all sit back and see where it takes the sport we love. Sitting here divided is not going to help the industry. The economy is already down and paintball for the most part is also on the downswing. We see how tight money is in the industry as some shops and fields close while sponsorships are cut back dramatically even at the highest level. The last thing we need to do is pick sides and argue with each other. Now is the time we have to stick together and go with the flow. We all need to support the industry, especially in times like this! We play the sport cause we love it. For those of you who say "I won't play paintball if it all goes to .50 cal." Can you really call yourself a true paintballer when everyone else around and in the world converts to .50 cal. If .50 cal is what is the norm in paintball in five years, then so be it, I love this sport and the people I have met through it, so why should I stop because the caliber changed of the ball. Once again I am not saying I am for it, but at the same time I'm not saying I'm against it.
Love to know what your guys opinion is, please discuss!
Save the trash talk for another thread, please!
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k i understand what your saying and to be honest i think its a good idea but its not realistic....there are to many people out there with .68 cal guns already and altough there are conversino kits aviable the guns will never be the same....its kinda like a health care system for the US the idea is good but the money just isnt there...well here the idea is good but everyone already has a .68 cal gun and instead of making this drastic of a change they should perfect the .68 many argue the effceinty well make 2003 dragon timy can shoot 8 pods on a 68/45 if you shoot more than that in one game ou have issuses and need to learn the game better....also many say the accuracy well im telling you now the size isnt going to make a differnce is the quality of the paint is low to begin with...
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my response from a different thread.

Originally Posted by gzinthehood View Post
I've been reading these threads all day, and I've come to my own conclusion, and whoever is welcome to comment on it however you want, as long as you can be RESPECTFUL about it.

It's become very apparent to me that paintball has been declining. Based on my own experience, 04-06 seemed like a high point, and paintball as an industry has been declining since. This is likely due to the economy, and with paintball's fairly high cost of playing, it's no suprise we've been seeing the fields get emptier and emptier.

If we switch over to .50 caliber, and the .50 caliber is even CLOSE to the performance of .68 caliber, AND we are able to get double the amount of paintballs at just a slight price increase, this will be a great move for the sport. Here is why:

For the industry to survive, people need to be spending money: new guns, new masks, ect. Right now, current paintball players in general don't need to buy much other than paint, because we already have gear we need to play. The amount of new players coming to the fields, and buying new gear has also slowed down, likely due to the economy as well. No one is buying goods from these paintball companies to keep them alive. Yes, as a current paintball player you will have to buy a conversion kit (if you want), and get used to something you aren't used to. This is how the industry will get money from the current players. At the same time, assuming performance is RELATIVELY the same as a .68 paintball, you will be getting a lot more paint, so potentially more playing for the same price. This more affordable cost of playing will not only help bring new customers in (who see it as more affordable), but also keeps current players at the field week after week, rather than forcing them into putting in extra hours / shifts at work.

I am not reffering to paint sponsored players
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